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June 12, 2008

Language no bar

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Guys.. its been years am not blogging.. but yeah even now am not ready to be back..

am posting today my friend GADE’s  experience of his interview for a MBA seat…

Here it goes as told by him in his own words..

Hey Folks !!
Actually have nothing to do,even the markets have become Volatile and am loosing interest in them too,so getting back to my old habit of writing and flooding ur Inbox.I know ur first reaction would be—we don’t give a shit abt u,but Pls bear with these for few days.

Got a admit frm Symbiosis college- Bangalore,but i m not that keen on spending my hard earned money(7-8 lacs) on my MBA,so i m showing them the middle finger.Am going to write abt my GD Experience,now u will wonder whats there to write something abt a GD,u will surely come to know in a moment.

My centre was  MIT college,Kothrud ,Pune.
Firstly I would like to Thanks Anup for giving me free pick and drop facility everywhere in pune .
I entered the hall 15 minutes earlier,with no pen in my pocket,so i got to borrow a pen frm the supervisor who lectured me for almost 2minutes for being careless.and then he persisted that i return the pen as he has only one pen,i mean thats first dose of meeting a Punekar.i just felt that i got a miserable day ahead,and I was really happy that there was no girl in my batch,bcos if these girls start talking they wont  stop ,but my happiness was short lived at the last moment she entered and I said ALLAH ,Yeh Na-INsaafi Kyun .
Well ,we 8 ppl entered the GD room to face the panel of 3 oldies,i mean they were really old.the panel gave us 2 topics to choose from
1.Gr8 deeds r done by ordinary PPl
2.Mistakes r the stepping stone to success,but Repeating the same mistake is a crime.
I raised my hand for the first topic along with other  three and remaining  4 were in favour  of the second one.but the girl convinced the guy sitting next to her and soon we were in minority.i say these boys fall prey to chikni chupdi talks of girls and get their fingers burnt,but still dont learn the against my will,i have to discuss the second topic.i mean there’s not much content to i thought of speaking first.

I started the discussion ,with anexample of bicycle riding,how the child learns after falling and all that sooner i finished than the girl started talking,i just kept looking at her,Not that she Was Beautiful but she actually started talking in MARATHI—-“Chuka karoon manoos shikto,navin goshti shikayla miltat,aatmavishwas vadhto and some hi-fi Marathi words that only Pradeep can Understand.I looked at the panel,  instead of objecting they were enjoying wat she was saying.I Mean How caN U TALK in MARATHI In GD.???
I never heard that RAJ THACKERAY made GD compulsory in MARATHI.Following  her footsteps another guy started in HINDI.i can understand that we r discussing a idiot topic,but it doesn’t mean that we should discuss it in our MoTHER TONGUE.if thats the case I should have discussed in my VATREN  language,and i am damn sure that no body would have understood a single word.

It was a no language barrier discussion.putting that behind,i decided to move guy started talking abt corruption,politics and jaipur bomb blast,i mean howz that topic  by any means related to MISTAKES.On top of that i cant get over my habit of pulling peoples leg even if its a professional environment.i just raised my hand and said “HEY GRP,we R Straying away Frm our Topic and This is a MISTAKE,so lets stick to our topic of discussion and never repeat the MISTAKE  again”.after this even the panel started laughing.

I mean the girl was sure an Raj Thackeray fan she was just playing with words,now she makes an entry again and discusses the same point again but this time she uses Self Confidence instead of ATMAVISHWAS and Emotional Disturbance  instead of Mansik thats really SMART u put the same point again one time in MARATHI and second time in ENGLISH.Thats Typical  SMART  PUNERI GIRL.

Now this is really FUNNY,one guy spoke very little,so the panel  asked him to put forth his point of view so he starts——“NOT  ONLY  HUMAN  BEINGs  MAKE  Mistakes But  Politicians  Also Make Mistakes “—LOL–I am not going to comment on this,just laugh.
After this the panel asked everyone to conclude and said FO !!
My Interview went OK,the panel  asked me on college life, MY Girl friend,sports,and Why i want to do MBA ?
This is the most hilarious discussion i had, i just wanted it to share this with u all so u could also have ur share of laughter.


July 21, 2007

A City changes life… Mumbai to Pune

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 This post is a toast to my struggle to adjust in a new city like pune.After living in mumbai for 22 yrs becomes difficult to cope with a new city…here’s a  small tale of  my past and present..

I got a job in pune after my graduation(B.E)..So decided to move to explore the Oxford of the east,with hopes and excitment abt the happening place called pune.

As per the was 1 Aug 2005( rem the 26th July floods..ya i faced that too like many others…) ..i am a hardcore mumbaikar..I mean, i loved  mumbai and its life.Anyway…the first thing i shud tell abt pune is  the climate.Yeah…the climate is cool and not at all humid like the mumbai .But problems started..with the new city soon…

The city was like a quiet place with only limited options to hangout and enjoy…(if u r not a party animal and dont like to spend each nights at pubs)
Three roads are the heart and soul of this city(considered)
1)MG Road
2)FC Road
3)JM Road
…but i tell u…u can find such places even in mumbai suburbs..take mulund, ghatkopar , chembur…i mean Mumbai and pune shudn’t be compared..

PUNE GIRLS..They are notoriously famous for their hip – hop lifestyle,mostly hailing from northern states…(As a student ,living away from family gives them extra wings to fly…and they are flying high…very high  😉

As soon as i landed in this city ,i noticed girls had scarf on their face; hiding their face completely…I had wondered why they dressed like a sucide bomber?

My friend’s comment:
“They think they are so beautiful that ppl will keep on staring they hide themselves.we have better girls in mumbai than such bank robbers..”

Even i passed similar comments…felt like the city is taking away the most  valuable thing; we heard it has got to offer…girlssss

Getting in to the root of the problem..we learned following reasons…

“The atmosphere is very polluted affecting hairloss and skin complexion”.

“Too hot to face the sun burn”.

“pollution again”

“no one can make out if I roam on bikes (pillion rider) or smoke”

This gave him some satisfaction ,poor soul still cursing them for their veil…


I found the RICKSHAW wala’s to be the center of attraction in pune..I almost like to knock them out for their kind of helpful behaviour.

They like to lay on grass,play cards,chitchat but not work and earn.Comparing the Autowala from mumbai ,i must say they dont even knw the city well and the places…They charge extra for nothing extra.Yeah..I have succumbed to such events where i was ready  to pay fare widout looking at the  METER.And if such is the treatment to a mumbaikar (who is street smart) then wat abt the Goras…Ya (rajnis’s followers frm outside india)they are the No. 1 bakras (scapegoat).
Ideal scene is the monday morning at pune station.Commuter’s who spend a lovely weekend in mumbai are back to pune to reach office by the  morning train .But wat they get outside pune station……..?

People are in running  to catch a Rickshaw but the “landlords“(i really feel so) dont bother to budge from their place..They will go to places of their own choice and many commuters are strangled to catch an AUTO.Suddenly mumbai comes in front of my eyes..Imagine a  smilar scene in mumbai and you could be in an AUTO,BUS or a CAB within no time,feeling like a king.But in pune..u become a beggar asking each Auto Wala, are they ready to drop you to you are destination…I felt like cursing this city for wat i was getting from it…

The shops shutter goes down as early as 8:45 or 9 pm.The people are well knw for their misery and cost cutting.You take a pani puri shop in old pune..he will use only a pinch of “ragda“(bolied pulses) for the puri ….i can really smell “chingoosi“.

The beauty of roads is also at par..u will find many small “crater’s”  formed on pune roads.They some how managed to fill it up this summer..big acheivement for a punekar…


After facing many such small problems ,i finally got accustomed to pune’s life style..Life is so slow here..I get up late..sleep late..break signals..

I got a bike…so that i dont need to face the “kings“(auto Drivers)..

Monday morning is still the same as change…I wish if i could get a pickup from my company bus…

The climate is very well suited to me…I enjoy the winter..can’t enjoy winter in mumbai(unlucky fellas)…The chilling nights and roaming on bike…you will be smoking  without a cigarette…its awesome…

Finally I stopped grunting on things which i don’t find done in a mumbai way..

Even Mumbai has so many problems which only got highlighted in my head as i was getting imbibed to pune’s lifestyle..
The stink starting from the Mumbai train LOCAL RUSH…the beads of sweat rolling down to unreachable places ,the rush during office hour,the crowds fitting in trains like match-sticks in a matchbox…the floods,the heat..the killing humidity..the bombblast’s.I tell you..if u have survived in mumbai…its a marathon won..

Pune…. A grt place to spend your bachelor life..easy daily problems…sometimes traffic bcoms headache ,but if u have experience of  travelling from Borivali to Mulund ..u will understand wat traffic is!!!! Especially near the Powai area.

I learnt one thing thou…The human brain..never welcome’s changes and also conversly it has an uncanny adaptation abilities.A surviver is the one who adapts to the changes quickly.
I can’t be a pakka punekar ..mumbai is in my blood it seems…i haven’t changed my mumbai frnds often tease me  on that 🙂 …but I will never change it..thats my identity and that’s my style….

Still loads of things to write…but i need a brk now…wooo…it got so big,No matter how hard i try to keep it small…..

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