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November 9, 2007

JAB WE MET – Tab I Cry

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Jab we Cry
It gives me immense pleasure to share my views or rather frustation after watching “JAB WE MEET” movie…
Third class movie hain…I swear..cant say mat dekho..bcos sabne dekhi hogi..

Iss movie ko 4 kya ,main to ek rating bhi nahi dunga…

I literally wasted my 3hrs + brks in between for brushing my teeth..taking bath..break fast.. on a Diwali day…
wat is so wrong wid everyone? wat’s so grt about this movie?

There’s no grt emotional rosy romantic big drama.It doesn’t has anything to offer…its just like any other obvious love-story..

One Rich boy and One hyper active…they travel 2gether(PYAR TO HONA HE THA starring Ajay devgan& kajol)..end main love traingle..(KUCH KUCH HOTA HAIN..) yaad nahi hain kya public ko?

And again the craze with a punjabi family..and their weddings.

In Bollywood , Directors/Producers/writers (are in love wid punjabis) can only think of a plot wid Punjabi family style..Every movie  is composed of only Punjabi Family..with great grandparents, and a big joint family.All healthy ,wealthy and big hearted….Is it that only punjabi families has all fun and grt marriages?

There’s no identity to Indian family on screen  apart from giving a punjabi look and their traditional and super duper fatty marriages..?Or is this just to WOO the NRI’s in the west..Their’s a big market overseas mind you..

Karan johar ke sade hue movies waha pe kafi chalte hain..bcos woh NRI’s ko emotionally leta giving them memories about the sweet punjab and their traditions..

I accept that punjabis are really different and they have  great culture.. NO DOUBT .But viewing the same stuffs like punjabi dances & marriages in every movie by karan Johar..and other’s are making me feel all such film monotonous widout any creativity…

Lets come to the movie..The character played by Kareena can never be related wid real-life..Extra extrovert, still traditional and ready to fix up and run after an unknown stranger… ,blabbering her autobiography , kissing, hugging all free of cost..widout any efforts being put by Shahid to woo her.. are Bhatinda girls really so crazy that they hook up wid any stranger  in real life..(sorry am getting carried away)..
Finally the plot of the two meeting up was totally undigestable.

This movie was just some ordinary love story or a bhelpuri of all other love-stories ; which we have seen 300 times…
The story is so obvious ;If she loves another guy…The third guy  will  make appearance after interval..(same thing happened wid KKHH)..then love triangle..and then the dilemma to go  with which boyfriend.idhar -udhar and finally landing up wid the hero(Shahid)…wat the crap..

The only thing i liked is Kareena Kapoor and her Patiala..she looks grt.. 🙂

It’s sad that even critics have given this movie **** .or I am the only Sucker who didn’t like this movie even for a free download…???

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