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October 28, 2008

Media vs Media

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A vibrant media is a sign of a progressing democracy.It reflects the true picture of the state and helps people identify and relate with day to day problems and progress of the state.However, it’s a sad tale for Indian media which not only blows things out of proportion, but also acts as a catalyst for spreading wide spread hatred and disturbing the peace of the nation.

Sensitive issues are made “Masala episodes”. Too much and tooo many examples can be cited for this truth and allegation ūüôā . At times, I desire to cut throat of some of these reporter’s or hang or smother the 24*7 news channel Director’s to death for their cheap language and disgusting news .¬† My anger and frustration is well justified and it must be the same for many others.The latest fucking point which I will narrate is related to RAJ vs Rahul episode.

This is something observed for the first time where(for me at least) Indian media gets divided on language and region.The “North Indian channels” are portraying “Raj Thackeray” as the mother of all problems and raising questions over the encounter of the so called” Innocent terrorist”. Rahul, the guy who terrified the Mumbai BEST passenger’s with his lovely country made revolver is no more alive and
political parties are battling it out for his cause of death. They¬† are making aggravated comments and Bihar is getting heated up.The guy wanted to have a conversation with RAJ and therefore he hijacked the BEST bus and fired 3 rounds of bullet ,¬† which cannot be justified on any account.The police reaction can be justified and more information will be out when CID officials will try to peek their nose in other state matters¬† .Mr Nitish Kumar claims that he was not terrorist and he had a clean record.I ask “where was that fucking time to go to his history ? Should the Police have waited for someone to become his victim? and any man with a gun is not a saint. This act gives strong message and¬† lesson to all those who create law and order problems. RR Patil has backed the Mumbai Police and therefore, there is mounting tension betweens leaders from the north and west of India.

The Story from AAj TAK..( the most hated channel): They have flashed TV screens with details of Nitish Kumar, Lalu and Paswan’s converstation with the PM of India.Inummerable questions are raised over Mumbai police’s execution of Rahul. RR Patil¬† has responded to the north Indian ministers with a wacky reply.But this is not shown or heard for common public on these channels.

The Story from Marathi/Mumbai channels:(Sahara TV, Zee marathi):These channels are showing the story from the Mumbai police perspective.It’s focussing on how and why Mumbai Police carried out this operation.Some MNS activist were interviewed. MNS side of the story is told and the overall look and feel is exactly opposite to the one shown on channels like NDTV,Aaj Tak.

To conclude, these channels are biased and no one is trying to show both the sides of the coin.The exact nature of truth or the real picture is missing from both these channels.They are bind by their ideologies and pressure. However , I found that AAj TAK and NDTV are the giving the wrong picture and trying to run a parallel case for Rahul’s case.They are trying to prove his innocence and targeting the Mumbai police. If Media trials becomes the fashion and it does happens, then why the fuck we need court rooms and judiciary ? . It’s time for every citizen of India to analyze the news channels and don’t go by the flow of the hour.They all have hidden agenda and dirty politics behind every news read.Trying to view the news from every angle is the job left to us. For the common man , if the news is crude like “crude oil”¬† it may act as a catalyst for hatred and discomfort. “Distillation” of news is the need of the hour.

October 31, 2007

Interview with Inzy

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¬†This one is an old joke….but just found in my archive mails and wanted to share this funny stuff out here. I saw one advertisment on MULUND Station (Mumbai) of an English Speaking Coaching classes. They had put a model looking fat,having beard and looking exactly like Inzamam.That was really funny…

Here goes an interview with Inzi after losing to India in one day match.

Rameez: So Inzy, disappointed with your performance today?

Inzy: Bismilla-e-rehman-e-rahim. Thank you allah.ya the indian batsman is play very good today. we is try very hard but is not win the game.

Rameez: Any words for Dhoni?

Inzy: Ya dhoni is play very well. He is hit his shot very hard in our gaps. In start, we is protect our gaps very well. the grass is also thick.. but dhoni is split our gaps with his bat.

Rameez: Another ordinary bowling performance?

Inzy: Ya our balls is loose. the bowler is went for many run. Asif is bowled well. Also, after some shots the ball is out of shape. umpire is not give another ball.. it is tough to play with one ball.

Rameez: Dropped catches.. did that prove costly?

Inzy: ya the ball is not stick to our hands. we is practice a lot sticking our bat in our hands.. but now we is more practice sticking balls in our hands.

Rameez: Any plans for the next match?

Inzy: ya India is on top but we is try to bounce on our back. Insha allah we is play better.

Rameez: All the best Inzy

Inzy: Thank is you

Our Indian Team and Pakistani Team both have faced such situations before.But they are improving now..

October 26, 2007

Break up ke side effects ……..

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Aaj ghar pe kuch kaam Dhanda nahi tha…i saw some Eng movies..then took a brk…found PKSE CD lying in a dusted condition…wiped it carefully..and there it goes in my DVD ROM..(i had only 2nd part…1st part CD is broken in two symmetric pieces….)

I love this movie so much.For me ,its¬† the craziest and most special movie¬† ..its an ever green movie;more evergreen than Dev-Anand matter how many times I watch it..i still feels¬†the freshness of the dialogues¬†.. am not going to give a lecture/review…I only remember few¬† break up ke side effects..and wanna share wid you(they are so damn cool)…
And who say’s Mallika only has figure…I think she’s better than most of the Hindi heroines out there….fatka hai woh…!!!

Breakup Ke Side effect no.1
AApko bahut rona padega…ya jitna rooenge utna breakup se bahar aaenge..i knw hame rona nahi aata…but then..we have to listen to sad songs…

Breakup Ka Side effect no.2
Ex girlfriend ko bhulne ke liye bhaut sari shopping karni really helps..maine 15 hazar ki ghadi lee hai aur 25 hazar ke speaker’s…Offcourse on installments..but i feel AWESOME!!!

Breakup Ka  Side effect no.3
Brkup ke baad aap har raat apne dosto ke saath ..ghumne, peene aur party karne jaaoge…as for me, Freedom!!!!…AM BACK

Breakup Ka Side effect no.4
AApko suddenyl doosri ladkiyo main zaada interest aane lagega..and why not ?Loha he Lohe ko kaata hain.. hehehe

Breakup Ka Side effect no.5
AApko sari anniversaries yaad rehti hai..
Rahul“AAj trish ka bday hain aur muje pehle baar yaad hain.”

I really like how the movie shapes with some short scenes revolving arnd the side effects.. whenever their’s a mention of CoFFee¬† in offcie..i dig out the scene from PKSE..and we have a good laugh…(Coffee with Baby Girl vol. 3)

Also my hatsoff to Nanu(Ranvir Sheorey) he was a total freak man…(the dance in the pub…”we are the robots”) I¬†have¬†such crazy friends..but to see someone on the screen like him….thats good cinema…he’s totally different from the typical comedians in Hindi movies..

All in all a must watch for those who must have missed this one..some ppl like me watch it the 9th time.widout getting bored.It gets more happening everytime…yaaaahhooo

‚ÄėPyar Ke Side Effects‚Äô is directed by Saket Chaudhary.Where is he?? we need him for more such flicks ….

October 24, 2007

Our Health conscious India (Beer Vs Country/IMFL liquor)

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¬†One joke…to start with..

Some usual phrases/dialogues which people mutter after they get drunk..

Are tuje to chad gayi..(you got high 2day)
“agar chadani nahi hoti to peeta he kyo?”

Aaj gaddi/bike main chalaunga..(2day i will ride the car/bike)
“tremendous confidence”

Tu mera sabse accha dost hain…(you are my best friend)
“Right time to show friendship”

Main kisi se nahi darta..(i dont fear anyone)
“Bold and Beautiful”

Aaj tuje meri baat sunni he padegi..(I will have the final word)
“Autocracy starts…”

coming back..i wanna share my thinking of how people,youngsters switch from Beers to Hard liquor.
An excise department circular of April 13 says that “the duty on mild beer has been increased to Rs 15 per bulk litre or 100 per cent of the manufacturing cost, whichever is higher. Previously, it was Rs 12 per bulk litre or 75 per cent of the manufacturing cost.

The Beer consumption in Maharashtra is about 160 lakh (12-bottle) cases with Mumbai accounting for 40 per cent of beer sales in the State.

As you may be knowing ,people drink to get High..It usually starts with a beer for a college going youth/Men. Initially 1 Bottle/Glass¬†is enough to get him High..slowly his capacity increases.Now he needs 2 bottles and then finally he won’t budge even after having 2 bottles of beer.

Then¬†his clever mind thinks, why am i wasting 300 rupees on 2 beer bottles which don’t give me the kick.Instead i will go for a hard liquor which can easily charge me up in just¬†2 pegs.Well a very practical solution for keeping the expenses short..considering Hard liquor is cheaply priced¬† than a Beer.So such tendency starts the journey of switching from¬† Beer to Country/IMFL liquor(Indian Manufactured Foreign Liquor).

Wat’s the government role in this whole transition of a Beer drinker to a Hard Drinker?

You may think, its a personal decision of the subject,but bro…all decisions are based on some enivironment/ surroundings..and government has the charge of this decision making factors and surroundings.

As per the  statistics ,Govn thinks beer is still the choice of the riches and the affluents..and therefore they are exhorbitantly charged.Youths,IT public, knowing the ill effects of hard drinks still prefer Beers paying heavily.

Why are they pricing Beer so heavily even if their alcohol contents are marginal ? A hard drink instead has 80 % more alcohol.So health wise drinking beer is less harmful compared to Hard Drinks.

In western nations people prefer mild and soft beers,Lagers and therefore its cheap out there.Suppose the govn makes Liquor highly priced and beer cheap..then ppl will find beer more viable as a drinking option concerning health hazards of hard drinks.

Interestingly, Indian’s preferred strong beer, unlike their counterparts elsewhere, and it accounted for more than 70 per cent of the total volume in the country.Which means this 70 percent ppl will soon opt for hard drinks in the near future,as they are cheap and effective.So clearly ..its the government policy which is driving this stream by pricing such products just to make profits and keeping the health concerns of the state at stake.
I may not be updated but some states have taken this problem in to consideration and wine rates has been slashed.

So why not price Hard Liquor heavily and subsidise Beers.?

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October 23, 2007

How to avoid Bomb blast

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Bombblast is such a common thing in India…These days, bomb blasts at Jammu- Kashmir has become a page 4 news.We are so used to it, i always feel…its a daily routine…nothing new..but whenever their is a bombblast in some inside city¬†…news channels portray Police as not competent enough in tracking down the Bombers. can they find out so easily?Do they have a magic lamp?…The media should ask from where did the bombers got the weapons or explosives..?? thats the real question thats needs attention..If someone implants a bomb in a bag in a¬† crowded mumbai local how the fuck can any one can find the installer so easily..its so easy to plant a bomb in a city with so much chaos and so less survelliance cameras..

One cannot stop blast activity if RDX and Timer bombs finds its way in to the country and then inside the cities..The real problem is curbing the entry of such harmful explosives in to the country.
We saw how in 1993 blast, RDX was brought inside india from Raigad coastal area..Some corrupt NAVY and police officials had given a helping hand in this act.If we check our borders and our coast for entry of AK 56,RDX,gelatin and timer bombs..we can say that the chances of malice explosion will be less.

We never try to figure out the root cause of the problem.We rather try to find out the culprits..and then arrest someone..and speculate the hand of the terrorist organization behind the attack.What will that do ? we can finally punish or sentence the accussed,but does that stop future more blasts??

Its our luck that India is blessed with highly inaccessible mountain terrains in the north and coastal border towards the cape.But still, we are not able to protect our borders. Kargil,1971..enroachments during china war…also the state of¬† POK…all these results are evidence of India as a state which has recurringly failed to protect its borders.

Its our luck that the natural borders of mountains and water has helped us till date…otherwise there wud have been a small India swallowed by every other neighbouring nation now..

¬†We Still have illegal Bangladeshi immigrants entering India.Sab india¬† ko noch noch ke kha rahe hain…

Its high time now that we shud freeze our border to such as extent that  even a migrant bird shud find it difficult to sway her wings over Indian land.
All bomblast raw materials are brought from the neighbouring nations ..if we can’t control in checking them on borders..we can never avoid bomblasts,attack on innocent civilians.
I blame the Indian Army,Navy and also the city police for their inability to maintain a check for such stuffs,which they can certainly do…which is their main job..rather they are more interested in doing post-mortem of an attack finding out who carried out the blast …which shud come per my thinking.

One of my friend told why their is no blast in Bangalore? I think Bangalore police are working on checking such stuffs entering the city by keeping an eye on every check post,check nakas…every entry and exit of the city.(just my guess)..any way Bangalore will be a hot target..but still its untouched..

why can’t every state-police beef up secuirty on their city limits…if the army and coast guard are sleeping.(i knw am harsh)
Alarm should be ringing for all those who are still not doing their job seriously…
“wake up INDIA

September 27, 2007

Democracy in Pakistan not good for US and India

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We recently saw, how Ousted Pakistani Prime minister was sent back to Saudi from the Pakistan International Airport.There was one editorial in “Times of India” putting the views , how Nawaz’s return to Pakistan would help India and the Subcontinent in different ways.But,¬†I am not of the opinion that a democracy in Pakistan will be good for India /America.

Now that Mussharaf is being held as the hot target of the terrorist,it becomes so clear that if terrorism is to end ,they need a leader like Mussharaf who can carry out the operations like “LAL MASJIDS “.(or like Indira Gandhi’s operation “Blue Star“)

Assume, Pakistan gets a democracy.What can be the future impact on India and US ?

Mussharaf is being hated for his act against terrorism in Pakistan.People are not liking him as he is dancing to US tunes.If democracy sets in Pakistan,the government will be as usual lousy and under pressure from the Pakistani People.The PAK Citizens will be against US,this will certainly impact the fight against the Bin Ladens,which in turn will be a threat not only to india ,but many asian countries.Also ,¬†a democratic government will always be in a pressure to behave softly on certain critical issues where Musharaf is daring to go a one step ahead.He is playing a Key Role with the Bush Govt to curb terrorism influenced inside Pakistan.Also, India is long suffering from the terrorism supported by Pakistan from late 90’s for Kashmir and now in the interiors of India.

The US interest will be always Keeping Mush as the President;they will help Mush in all their power to retain him as the PAK president.A new government will shake all the anti – terror agreements between Mush and Bush… ¬†ūüôā¬† (nice rhyme).A democracy of an islamic country with large group of fundamentalist will never allow action against the hardliners.The hands of the Pakistani police will be tied under corrupt Politicians.This can’t be the best option for India as even he has given us KARGIL,but only a dictator like Mush can control Pakistan and the mayhem arnd it.

A strong , adamant and fierce leader like Mush can handle the islamic terrorist not a democratic government.

(This story is not based on any facts and figures.This is totally a story of my mind with influence from different sources.I may not be able to  justify every statement made. If you feel its a joke ,then laugh loud and if it seems like a product of an unconscious mind..then wake me up!!!)

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July 4, 2007

Sunita william’s Syndrome

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Me and my roomie were having a conversation one morning,just casual.Then we heard in the radio abt sunit’a safe landling and her thanking to all the indians..who were lighting candles,doing “pooja”,praying and maybe sacrificing some animal just for her safe return.¬†

I asked my friend “why is there so much hype arnd her”, after all she’s an American and we have no contribution in her success, we are not in any way responsible for her achievment except the fact that she is of indian origin”.

I never heard of her.I didnt knew if she existed and no one else.she has an indian name “sunita” thats it.she even has an American accent.
what have we(indians) contributed to her success?
why the news channels,media and people of indian try to grab every opportunity to show how grt we are,by showing how she was an indian .we shudn’t take her success in our belt.

The news channels had shown sunita’s home,her dog..her relatives ..what school she went ..what toothpaste she used ..and wat not..etc..why the hell??

As if she went from india …went from ISRO (Indian Space Research organisation)…gaining all the knowledge from Indian Universities..
she’s just indian by her origin.Don’t count her achievment as our achievment..We should not take any credit …bcos there is remotely any thing india has done or contributed to her success.

What have we done for our women to reach the heights acheived by sunita in America.Our 24 hrs news channels are again a pain in the ass.First they blow the thing out of proportion and again realising the mistake a debate as to why are we wooing her.Utterly shameful and stupid act by the Indian media.

Bcos of some Such news channels and some crazy indians who are blindly glorifying Sunita success story , shows how we are behave like a third grade colonised defeated people and also our inferiority complex;which is certainly not the case.

I congratulate Sunita for her marvellous feat of achievment.Still its the Americans who should take her victory as their country’s victory.America is a country where she got the opportunity to excel.America is the country where our students run’s for Higher Education.

India has and had tremendous potential and no doubts regarding that.We are what we are…regardless of what the west does or will do.We have our own achievments which doesn’t need any pat from Uncle SAM.
So we shud stop looking for our achievments outside india unless it is genuine.

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