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April 2, 2008

Hyderabadi Bakra and The Angrez

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Arre aap log kidar the itne din.. how can i miss you guys.. you guys are awesome and i have no words to describe you all.. simply fabulous.How sick of me to miss you for such a long time.Salim tussi cha gaye ho… tere jaise tapori main dekhe hain..but, tu to unka bhi baap nikla.Am talking about ajju, mujju , saleem, Nawab saheb who are actors from the hyderabadi small budgets films named “The angrez” and “Hyderabadi Bakra”.


One of my Hyderabadi friend(chellapalli) told me about these movies and i was imatient to watch it.I desperately downloaded both the movies through TORRENTS within no time.As soon as the movie started, I knew that its really my kinda movie..wid Some taporigiri,some silly cracks,the usual braggers of the moholla,the pan ki tapri,dhaachegiri and the usual chores of any average mumbaikar or hyderabad.The typical Hyderabadi at par to our mumbai slang…This movie is unlike other “C” grade flicks..The entertainment is 100% guranteeed only if you can understand or rather try to understand Hyderabadi slang.The hyderabadi slang itself is so comic that jokes are not needed.The dialogue delivery with tones of karech..jaaarech..nakko.. sounds so much original and spicy.

“The angrez” is the best one, but Hyderabadi bakra is also funnier and awesome.I won’t like to narrate the story here or throw a review.All you gotta do is, if you trust my taste of movies and really like some crazy stuff then grab a DVD/CD or become a pirate like me and download these movies via torrents for free.Both these movies are worth a watch for the surprised package and fresh performances…

I never expected such kind of acting from the fellow new comers that too in a low budget film.However , 2 NRI’s from “The angrez” movie were pathetic in acting..they overacted at times…but,apart from them,no one will dissapoint you. be it the “NANA” or the maid or the naukar of NRI’s..every single actor has played a crucial role and contributed to the film.Selected actors like salim in “Angrez” and ajju in “Hyderabadi bakra acted effortlessly..I really donno their real names..but these new guys are rocking..The side hero in “Hyderabadi bakra” is indeed talented and also our bakra”the nawab” who’s famous dialogues”Pachiss saala se main charminar main baitha hoon” and “maa ki kirkiri” are hilarious is also fantastic.

Dhimpartipar gang.. ek baar yeh movie dekhlo..”Keechad main bhi Kamal khilte hain”.

Rating is a must:

The Angrez             ****

Hyderabadi Bakra  ***

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