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July 11, 2007

Aatif Aslam is “THE MAN”

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    aatif aslam


DJ: WBCN who’s this?

Nitin: Hey this is Nitin (this is Nitin this is)

DJ: Now uh who’s your favorite artist, who

do you want to hear?

Nitin: Well m my favorite artist right now is

Aatif Aslam, that guy kicks ass.

DJ: How tremendous is Aatif Aslam?

Nitin: The band of the 07’s, if you want to call

it a band because it’s a one man name.

DJ: Wow…Aatif, and you want to hear that

new aaaatif song?

Nitin: Absolutely.

DJ: Which one?

Nitin: Doorieeee Doorie …..

DJ: Sing it, I don’t know which one.

Nitin: Doorieeee Doorieeeeee  ,sahi jaye naaaaa aaahh
sahi jaye naaaaa.

Those who must have heard “The Funk soul brother ” by FatboySlim wud laugh at me(they will understand the relation to the  above conversation which plays at the end of this song)..But yeah..this one is a real dude..and so am I..  🙂

Some singers come in, glow dazzle and disappear. Others get complacent, stagnate vocally and go into professional avroha. Finally there are those for whom evolution is a continuous process, like Atif Aslam, the latest singing sensation from Pakistan.
Just listen to his songs and u will  knw that this guy has a fantastic voice,his voice will experience us pain,grief and nirvana.He is exceptionlly talented and what more to say..his songs speaks for himselfvery LOUD and CLEAR .

In a short span he has stormed into Hindi film industry with three super duper hits

  • Woh Lamhe…… song in Zeher
  • Aadat… in Kalyug and
  • Tere Bin…. in Bas Ek Pal

When Kalyug’s music got released ,I was in Nagpur ,my home town.Whereever i went like in bday’s party,social party,bar,wedding and even funeral ;his number “Ab to Adat se hai mujko” was being played back to back…certainly a big hit and so was TereBin..mindblowing again.

His Album Doorie is exceptional….

Usually when ever a pop solo singer releases his album,there wud be 1 or max 2 hits.But this guy has all hits numbers under his belt as far as Doorie is concerned.(KK’s PAL was also my favourite as i liked other tracks of his album, but the ppl dumped them except for PAL and YAARO DOSTI).

Heard of the song “Ham kis gali ja rahe hai“?To dare sing the song in that  voice and still make it rocking to hear is a big achievement.The rock genre feel which I get by his shouting,crying and guitar makes me relate to him and his songs much more easily than by any other(hindi song) singer.

His melody is sharp,soothing and crisp to its place and the guitar is perfect for the tune(like the one in “Main ek Fard hoon-Doorie“).He is definietly a “Lambi race ka ghoda” (winner in a long race).

I hope he keeps on giving such rocking hits one after the other..
Finally, he is  “THE MAN” and i am “HIS FAN” 😉 .

June 16, 2007

Street Fights 1 man vs 4

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