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December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto is killed

Is it shocking?

No way..she was going to get killed anyhow?dont you knw? How dare she challenge the Extreimist that too in pakistan..Bcos in pakistan, there is no value for human life.

Suicide bomber’s are available like cracker’s during Diwali.Just pickup an idiot ..give him holy lessons and he will be ready to torch himself and along wid him some 20 -25 ppl….No protection to common man as such.

She(Bhutto) felt, she writes in her book, no fear of violence — not because of the presence of the police and army, but because of the sheltering presence of the crowd itself. ‘Though I was totally exposed on the truck,’ Bhutto wrote, ‘I felt no danger. Only someone who was willing to be torn apart by the crowd could harm me. There was no threat either from the police or the army. Overwhelmed by the crowds, some of our former enemies stayed behind the locked gates of their barracks, while many others came out to join in the celebration.’

But maam ..that was 1986 when you returned like a Queen..This is 2007 are now trying to act like a free bird in Pakistan where there are big hunters with sniper’s…What you think of pakistan?A bird sanctuary?

You thought if one attempt fails..there won’t be another? Why you challenged the already challenged “Merchant of Deaths”..You were better in a good life with all those money which you made in your tenure.

“Woh kehte hain na jab gheedhad ki maut aati hain woh sahar ke tarf bhagta hain”.. May be she lost her mind.For hell sake why you wanted to be a superwomen..trying to change the face of pakistan .You insisted that the weight of whole pakistan be put on your shoulders..But you failed miserably..It’s not that I love terrorist..But understand this..Pakistan is not a a place where people live in harmony..killing ,bombing .. beheading,strike,curfew.. military goondagiri is a everyday chores .

I remember those days when everyday..there were news of ppl getting killed in the valley(Jammu)..Got used to such news and my presumption is that even Newsbroker are bored enough of reporting the same stuff about violence in that part of the country.

She was shot with a sniper with the bullet piercing through her neck, then our bomber man wanted to confirm her death and so blew himself up.Body parts were thrown across the blast site.One channel found the head of the bomber lying 70 feet from the site of the blast.
Earlier also her convoy was attacked where 180 were dead.Even now another 30-40 are queuing for Heaven/Hell without a ticket.

Does anybody care?Its too late now..A state which perpretated Terrorism is now itself on the mercy of terrorist .”What you sow is what you Reap” ain’ t it right?
US is  having nightmares because of Osama..So Mush still time is there..Join hands to curb terorism.May her soul rest in peace.. Nawaz Sharif is on the list???no-no..Musharraf is the hot target now..Lets wait and see..

I am worried about common man like you and me in that country..what’s there fault? Being a citizen of such a nation not only brings shame ..but also repercussions of a failed state.

December 5, 2007

A Rat Knocking on my Door

Rats are the most intelligent animals I have seen but not read.This impression is not the result of the HollyWood flick “Ratatoullie”.Sanjay dutt had a Major saab visting him everynight at sharp 12:30 or 1 am in his 10*10 ka flat.The Major knew the inmate ,the various entry,exit and all the konakopcha of his terriotry ;also never missed its duty to make rounds every midnight.

I occupy a falt on 3rd floor of a 40 -50 yr’ s old building built by the CentralGovernment of India.The place is clean on 3 sides baring the west side of the building facing railway station which has some good filth surrounding it.On a perfect night sharp at 1:30 am ..we have a major from the westzone visiting us.I never thought that he was capable of climbing Everest.The bastard is an uninvited guest breaking to my home when the whole world sleeps.He was a casual visitor until his fingerprints was noticed by my Mom.My computer cable was churned like a bubblegum.The last possible target was the rice bag which was untouched as he was well behaved and gave us that much privacy to keep away from my bedroom.

Does he has a timex watch and a direction compass gifted by Jack Sparrow?
The little bastard has won my faith surely that he is clever than my class five teacher.
The approximate distance to climb 3rd floor will be arnd 20 meters or so..Also our windows are all protected by old net grill fashion.But the ventilator were always open.He exactly new the place ,the window and the time for arrival and departure.
Day before yest ,my dad blocked the ventilator with a woodden board also the opening in the kitchen next to the exhaust fan.That night i was awake and  was desperatley waiting for my Major Saab.Exactly at 1:30am he knocked the now blocked ventilator board.He wasn’t aware that …i was waiting for him,but as a casual observer.”Main kanoon ko apne haath main nahi leta” .
And yes..I fear rats.they are so quick and dirty,difficult to trace and blackish.My sis almost had an eyelock wid him once and she screamed even when no one was at home.Coming back..He kept knocking as if i will welcome him in.Later he desperately tried the entry from the kitchen which was again in vain.I kept marvelling at his judgement about directions of all entry and exits.We offered him poison inside wheat floor but again he was not a local havaldar..he was after all a well trained Major.He could smell and reject the tasteless ball.

So much for the him ,that we informed other residents about the adventure of Majorsaab and how we succeeded in  making him helpless to cross the laxman rekha.
Is there nothing to eat out there on indian roads that these scum are approaching the terrace floor?What wud be the condition of our grnd floor families.?
That day i felt like buying a sniper and making a kill out of all those underground goons.Even cats fear them as i dont see them making a move in their area.We have some stray dogs who are good for nothing.I wish they some how evolve to eat rats.
I will wait 2night for Majorsaab again .Lets see how many days he keeps on trying to break in my apartment.(2day is the 3rd day)

He should understand that getting a visa for my apartment is not a cake walk.Am not sure wether he will give up.He is a true fighter thou.We need such people with same determination and accuracy to run our nation.Anyway..ppl running the nation are also Rats.They eat eat eat till they die.They reproduce,reproduce and churn the legs of every table standing.A politician is a bigger rat who fears no one.One can close all the ventilators but he can still smother you.we are like cockroaches for them.Ample in size and quantity.Ready to eat like 2 minute noodles.We make a healthy diet and we choose them after all.That rat and this rat.Rats everywhere!!!

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November 24, 2007

Third Division merits a cry

The following post is not to justify reservation or start a debate again  but its kind of a counter argument and some  cynical facts ; just to share some knowledge with you guys.

Lets start with a real story.

It was around 1856 when the Madras College came into being. But, from the start, it faced a peculiar problem – the college building had come up with all other infrastructural facilities, and professors from England, but not enough students to make the college viable.
India has a big pool of historians who know every detail of the modern history, and many have mastered even the world history. What they know not, or don’t like to know, is the story of the College, and the history of modern education. They took no pains in explaining as why the College had shortage of students, and how that problem was to be resolved. They would also not tell as to when, why and for whom was Third Class considered as pass.
Till the Madras college came into being some where in 1850s, the pass marks required at Intermediate level was a minimum of 40 per cent, and First and Second were the only divisions. 
On the insistence of the Indians (read Brahmans), the pass percentage requirement was brought down to 33 per cent, and Third Division introduced. The College soon got enough students to justify its existence. By all accounts, this was the first victory the merit lobby had won in the past one millennium. We can understand, and sympathise with them.
As said by an author:

“While I have begun my research in procuring those crucial documents from archives, the Report of the Indian Universities Commission (1902) gives an idea. While discussing the results of the Matriculation examination for the year 1901, the report (page 45) says: “We were told that at Calcutta 1,400 more candidates would have failed had the standard in English been 40 percent of the marks instead of 33 per cent.” 
Many a merit theorists cite failure rate of Dalit/Adivasi students at Medical/Engineering/Management Colleges, which is often less than a percent, as a reason to scrap reservations. 
The meritorious historians however, would not tell the failure rate of their own people. According to Progress of Education in India (1922-1927), Vol. 1, Page 40, the failure rate of students in MBBS stood at 47 per cent, and in Engineering, at 34 per cent.
They would also not tell us as how during 1860s’, their ancestors were afraid of taking science and mathematics as subjects of studies, and were in fact, bribed to study sciences and medicine. Despite huge failure rates, the British government continued promoting science education amongst them.
Despite being victims of social segregation, and economic deprivation, and as the newest entrant in the world of learning, Dalit/Adivasis never demanded bringing down pass marks to, say, 20 per cent? 
Did Dalits/Adivasis demand adding a Fourth division?
Or, did Dalits/Adivasis demand any reservation in examination for getting degrees?
What all Dalits have insisted is reservation during admissions, and many of them do better than those students who had higher percentage of marks at the time of admissions.what difference it would make between 70 per cent and 90 per cent at plus two level, or similar situation in an entrance test.
Can any one say with certainty that the 70 per cent mark sheet holder is superior to the 50 per cent mark sheet holder in intelligence?  
Can any one say with certainty that those who pass with first class are necessarily better than the second class degree holders at work places?
So in short when  our grandparents(not dalits) were struggling from maths and science and were getting passed  with atleast 33 percent and they made up build the nation (note the dalits were out of sight)the britisher’s no matter wat gave them education and brought them up. So can one say why did they struggled?Bco’s if u pull out a child from slum and start teaching him maths and science ,IN GENERAL he will struggle and not score 90% or so.So u r grandparents struggled so u r comfortable now. 

October 23, 2007

How to avoid Bomb blast

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Bombblast is such a common thing in India…These days, bomb blasts at Jammu- Kashmir has become a page 4 news.We are so used to it, i always feel…its a daily routine…nothing new..but whenever their is a bombblast in some inside city …news channels portray Police as not competent enough in tracking down the Bombers. can they find out so easily?Do they have a magic lamp?…The media should ask from where did the bombers got the weapons or explosives..?? thats the real question thats needs attention..If someone implants a bomb in a bag in a  crowded mumbai local how the fuck can any one can find the installer so easily..its so easy to plant a bomb in a city with so much chaos and so less survelliance cameras..

One cannot stop blast activity if RDX and Timer bombs finds its way in to the country and then inside the cities..The real problem is curbing the entry of such harmful explosives in to the country.
We saw how in 1993 blast, RDX was brought inside india from Raigad coastal area..Some corrupt NAVY and police officials had given a helping hand in this act.If we check our borders and our coast for entry of AK 56,RDX,gelatin and timer bombs..we can say that the chances of malice explosion will be less.

We never try to figure out the root cause of the problem.We rather try to find out the culprits..and then arrest someone..and speculate the hand of the terrorist organization behind the attack.What will that do ? we can finally punish or sentence the accussed,but does that stop future more blasts??

Its our luck that India is blessed with highly inaccessible mountain terrains in the north and coastal border towards the cape.But still, we are not able to protect our borders. Kargil,1971..enroachments during china war…also the state of  POK…all these results are evidence of India as a state which has recurringly failed to protect its borders.

Its our luck that the natural borders of mountains and water has helped us till date…otherwise there wud have been a small India swallowed by every other neighbouring nation now..

 We Still have illegal Bangladeshi immigrants entering India.Sab india  ko noch noch ke kha rahe hain…

Its high time now that we shud freeze our border to such as extent that  even a migrant bird shud find it difficult to sway her wings over Indian land.
All bomblast raw materials are brought from the neighbouring nations ..if we can’t control in checking them on borders..we can never avoid bomblasts,attack on innocent civilians.
I blame the Indian Army,Navy and also the city police for their inability to maintain a check for such stuffs,which they can certainly do…which is their main job..rather they are more interested in doing post-mortem of an attack finding out who carried out the blast …which shud come per my thinking.

One of my friend told why their is no blast in Bangalore? I think Bangalore police are working on checking such stuffs entering the city by keeping an eye on every check post,check nakas…every entry and exit of the city.(just my guess)..any way Bangalore will be a hot target..but still its untouched..

why can’t every state-police beef up secuirty on their city limits…if the army and coast guard are sleeping.(i knw am harsh)
Alarm should be ringing for all those who are still not doing their job seriously…
“wake up INDIA

September 27, 2007

Democracy in Pakistan not good for US and India

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We recently saw, how Ousted Pakistani Prime minister was sent back to Saudi from the Pakistan International Airport.There was one editorial in “Times of India” putting the views , how Nawaz’s return to Pakistan would help India and the Subcontinent in different ways.But, I am not of the opinion that a democracy in Pakistan will be good for India /America.

Now that Mussharaf is being held as the hot target of the terrorist,it becomes so clear that if terrorism is to end ,they need a leader like Mussharaf who can carry out the operations like “LAL MASJIDS “.(or like Indira Gandhi’s operation “Blue Star“)

Assume, Pakistan gets a democracy.What can be the future impact on India and US ?

Mussharaf is being hated for his act against terrorism in Pakistan.People are not liking him as he is dancing to US tunes.If democracy sets in Pakistan,the government will be as usual lousy and under pressure from the Pakistani People.The PAK Citizens will be against US,this will certainly impact the fight against the Bin Ladens,which in turn will be a threat not only to india ,but many asian countries.Also , a democratic government will always be in a pressure to behave softly on certain critical issues where Musharaf is daring to go a one step ahead.He is playing a Key Role with the Bush Govt to curb terrorism influenced inside Pakistan.Also, India is long suffering from the terrorism supported by Pakistan from late 90’s for Kashmir and now in the interiors of India.

The US interest will be always Keeping Mush as the President;they will help Mush in all their power to retain him as the PAK president.A new government will shake all the anti – terror agreements between Mush and Bush…  🙂  (nice rhyme).A democracy of an islamic country with large group of fundamentalist will never allow action against the hardliners.The hands of the Pakistani police will be tied under corrupt Politicians.This can’t be the best option for India as even he has given us KARGIL,but only a dictator like Mush can control Pakistan and the mayhem arnd it.

A strong , adamant and fierce leader like Mush can handle the islamic terrorist not a democratic government.

(This story is not based on any facts and figures.This is totally a story of my mind with influence from different sources.I may not be able to  justify every statement made. If you feel its a joke ,then laugh loud and if it seems like a product of an unconscious mind..then wake me up!!!)

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September 9, 2007

Indian’s also have Taliban Culture.

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Some things are just very sad..and some deserve to be criticised as strongly as possible.Its Strange that people never see wats happening in their own backyard.I was just holding the sunday Times in my hand when i read this very brutual,harassing story about the fate of Young Couples in Haryana.I  have seen such stories on air- TV channels too.

Every news channles have their crime special episode during late night.Such programmes no matter how much they get criticized..shows the true crime color of our northern india(as most are north based channels).The crime usually emantes from domestic violence to homicides under the influence of Pride and Culture threat.

“Khap is an old system of social administration followed mainly in the north-western states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Not to be mistaken for elected gram panchayats, these are extra-constitutional bodies that began as clannish organisations in the tribal era but have literally transformed into kangaroo courts. In Haryana’s villages, they run a largely retrogressive and parallel law-enforcement agency. “

” In their outmoded system of beliefs, a woman falling in love with a man from the same gotra is the worst transgression and this crime translates into immediate punishment. The guilty can be ostracised, banished from the village, made to drink urine, paraded naked, beaten up or killed.”

I think such panchayats and the panchs are some kind of wise jokers/bloody murderers out there to dictate the fate of young india.This shows our double standards when we criticise the ills of Taliban like culture but fail to raise a voice against our own Sacred  Culture ..yes!!!..don’t say it’s not related to our culture..Everything which is practiced by large group of ppl following a particular religion,belonging to particular caste can be called its Culture..(its not a dicitionary meaning,its a definition as fars as i understand)

Why dont we get down on such panch’s and why dont we literate such families which in a matter of keeping false pride of “biradari” kills their own kins…its utterly backward and shameful..

When will our media,police and judiciary will come high on such incidents..Such deaths should not be dealt like individual homicide ,but these are organised crime , given the veil of culture and Pride…its almost like the fatwas (undigestable)which we severly condemn and sometimes make fun off and term it as silly.

India should be shameful that we still have such villages where in the name of culture and pride we kill.Caste Panchayats are still considered sacred and they have evil eyes for the modern Judiciary.Still in parts of UP,Bihar,Rajasthan and Haryana such caste Panchayats are playing a major role and consider this as apathy of the fellow villagers that even police and government officials keep mum and  doesn’t interfere with such panchayats verdict.

some horrific incidents to quote
“A 10-day-old baby, Ankush, was snatched from his parents Pawan and Kavita in Katlaheri village of Karnal district. Katlaheri panchayat head Rajesh Kumar justified the act, saying that the infant was separated from his parents as their marriage was illegal and against tradition”

“khap panchayat in Karora village in Kaithal district came down on Manoj and Babli. Just 23 and 19 years old, it was a tale of young love uniting in the face of opposition. But instead of living happily ever after, they ended up dead. Their decomposed bodies were fished out from a canal in Narnound town in Hisar district just two months after they tied the knot in Chandigarh. Both were kidnapped and brutally murdered, allegedly by family members, on the orders of their village khap panchayat which justified the killing on the ground that it was incest as the couple belonged to the same Banwala gotra.”

These are just some of the incidents which, due to their severity gets highlighted and come out in the media.There can be inummerable such caste panchayat’s incidents and verdicts which had come hard on ppl who are forced to follow it..And due to such injustice at the hands of their own ppl and their own caste , some gets far off..finally taking the law in to their own hands ..and then becoming “NAXALS“.I think NAXAL or NAXALITIES are people who had suffered in some way or the other by their own panchayats;injustice at the hands of upper caste or by the police and not to mention the Society or the Samaj.

One such Striking example is “Phoolan Devi“.

Any thing which is against humanity can never be part of any Civilian Culture to be pride of.  

Read the story as in the Times of India

June 26, 2007

American Idol / Indian Idol and Bloody SMS Voting

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A very handy way to communicate cheaply thru cell phones.But no one ever thought that one day it wud decide the fate of some singer to be an American Idol or an Indian idol.Recently SMSvoting/web voting is being used to list the top Seven Wonders of the World)

So what u think..does it really look that simple to you..Not to me ..I just cant digest so many things which bother me when lot of money ,TRP gets involved in this voting Concept.

1)First point: Judging by ppl vote is not a very good option when it comes to certain competition’s.(why don’t we have voting system for picking up the best architect,best surgeon..)Then why in case of singing we leave it for the ppl to decide? is music so easy to understand…?then why do we need judges(3 monkeys)?
To justify i wud say..that the SMS voting system itself is flawed.Take a case where a contestant if gets 100 votes wins a show.If 95 persons vote for him u dont think that he will be the winner..bcos some 5 guys have more money to spend and they can easily send 200 smse’s within hrs to make the other guy win.Wat the bleep!!!

2) Why TV channels host such shows…i think they somehow play us emotionally and earn a Big Buck out of it..

Consider a scenario..
There are 5 like a guy who comes from a small town..u sympathize with him ,even he sings well…now the host will say..

“If u want “Mr X” to remain in the show pls vote for him”…Now u will definetly vote for him..not bcos he’s the perfect singer(u are not a judge who knws each and every note and the technical details of voice ,pitch ,high ,low)but bcos u like him .and its your got bonded wid him from day one…The TV channel’s  is showing something which doesn’t bother them..The channel’s is least bothered to pick the Best singer for the country….its ok for them if the public makes some one the Winner.The channel will place emotional scenes in the show to raise the TRP.The no. of votes which goes in crores..multiply with 5 rupees/SMS or 3 rupess/SMS is worth taking a note..(why not keep it free)

The Cell operator and the channel both are happy..
We being an emotional fool voted for some guy..he didn’t win…u voted..u got emotional…no one cared if he was worth a singer/winner..and the contestants are not shortlisted bcos of judge’s remarks/feedback..but by the no. of votes they receive.
your side of the argument “i listened to judge’s comment and then made my choice whom to Vote.”

Then my  friend why not ask the judges themselves to decide who shud win,why shud we vote?

Bcos they are the experts in the respective field ,they knws the pitch,soor ,tal etc minor ideally speaking the voting gimmick is just for filling pockets,earnings for TV channels, cellular operator…

Its the channels show.Let them decide by their picked up judges,let them pick up the best in the country.let there be no voting..let it be based on pure MERIT and not on piggy smse’s.It wont happen…bcos then its not a buisness..

Just think u are getting entertained in the process but is it worth? bcos the motive is not just entertainment but only  the money..billions, i wud say..

3)Making money on exit polls or opinion polls.

who cares at the end of the day that how many persons think X or Y..if india has 1 crore population..assume(10 lac has mobile phn to vote).only 10 k have voted.Would u give credit to such an opinion poll? is this surely the voice of india? a Big No…”8888 pe sms kijiye”(smses on 8888) this is the funny line for any silly opinion poll on 24/7 news channels these days.Really pisses me off….

I even doubt the system which is not transparent either…the recent opinion polls abt UP elections show the biggest flaw in the opinion polls syndrome.The opinion was not taken at the grass root level..ppl from villages who actually voted…were never questioned..the result?

Mayawati’s (Bahujan samaj Party) won by the Majority,which is so shocking as the biggest state in india witnessed a single party victory..which the opinino poll never predicted.

I wud say where it really matter’ during the General Elections..not sitting in your couch by SMSing ….

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