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December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto is killed

Is it shocking?

No way..she was going to get killed anyhow?dont you knw? How dare she challenge the Extreimist that too in pakistan..Bcos in pakistan, there is no value for human life.

Suicide bomber’s are available like cracker’s during Diwali.Just pickup an idiot ..give him holy lessons and he will be ready to torch himself and along wid him some 20 -25 ppl….No protection to common man as such.

She(Bhutto) felt, she writes in her book, no fear of violence — not because of the presence of the police and army, but because of the sheltering presence of the crowd itself. ‘Though I was totally exposed on the truck,’ Bhutto wrote, ‘I felt no danger. Only someone who was willing to be torn apart by the crowd could harm me. There was no threat either from the police or the army. Overwhelmed by the crowds, some of our former enemies stayed behind the locked gates of their barracks, while many others came out to join in the celebration.’

But maam ..that was 1986 when you returned like a Queen..This is 2007 are now trying to act like a free bird in Pakistan where there are big hunters with sniper’s…What you think of pakistan?A bird sanctuary?

You thought if one attempt fails..there won’t be another? Why you challenged the already challenged “Merchant of Deaths”..You were better in a good life with all those money which you made in your tenure.

“Woh kehte hain na jab gheedhad ki maut aati hain woh sahar ke tarf bhagta hain”.. May be she lost her mind.For hell sake why you wanted to be a superwomen..trying to change the face of pakistan .You insisted that the weight of whole pakistan be put on your shoulders..But you failed miserably..It’s not that I love terrorist..But understand this..Pakistan is not a a place where people live in harmony..killing ,bombing .. beheading,strike,curfew.. military goondagiri is a everyday chores .

I remember those days when everyday..there were news of ppl getting killed in the valley(Jammu)..Got used to such news and my presumption is that even Newsbroker are bored enough of reporting the same stuff about violence in that part of the country.

She was shot with a sniper with the bullet piercing through her neck, then our bomber man wanted to confirm her death and so blew himself up.Body parts were thrown across the blast site.One channel found the head of the bomber lying 70 feet from the site of the blast.
Earlier also her convoy was attacked where 180 were dead.Even now another 30-40 are queuing for Heaven/Hell without a ticket.

Does anybody care?Its too late now..A state which perpretated Terrorism is now itself on the mercy of terrorist .”What you sow is what you Reap” ain’ t it right?
US is  having nightmares because of Osama..So Mush still time is there..Join hands to curb terorism.May her soul rest in peace.. Nawaz Sharif is on the list???no-no..Musharraf is the hot target now..Lets wait and see..

I am worried about common man like you and me in that country..what’s there fault? Being a citizen of such a nation not only brings shame ..but also repercussions of a failed state.

November 24, 2007

Third Division merits a cry

The following post is not to justify reservation or start a debate again  but its kind of a counter argument and some  cynical facts ; just to share some knowledge with you guys.

Lets start with a real story.

It was around 1856 when the Madras College came into being. But, from the start, it faced a peculiar problem – the college building had come up with all other infrastructural facilities, and professors from England, but not enough students to make the college viable.
India has a big pool of historians who know every detail of the modern history, and many have mastered even the world history. What they know not, or don’t like to know, is the story of the College, and the history of modern education. They took no pains in explaining as why the College had shortage of students, and how that problem was to be resolved. They would also not tell as to when, why and for whom was Third Class considered as pass.
Till the Madras college came into being some where in 1850s, the pass marks required at Intermediate level was a minimum of 40 per cent, and First and Second were the only divisions. 
On the insistence of the Indians (read Brahmans), the pass percentage requirement was brought down to 33 per cent, and Third Division introduced. The College soon got enough students to justify its existence. By all accounts, this was the first victory the merit lobby had won in the past one millennium. We can understand, and sympathise with them.
As said by an author:

“While I have begun my research in procuring those crucial documents from archives, the Report of the Indian Universities Commission (1902) gives an idea. While discussing the results of the Matriculation examination for the year 1901, the report (page 45) says: “We were told that at Calcutta 1,400 more candidates would have failed had the standard in English been 40 percent of the marks instead of 33 per cent.” 
Many a merit theorists cite failure rate of Dalit/Adivasi students at Medical/Engineering/Management Colleges, which is often less than a percent, as a reason to scrap reservations. 
The meritorious historians however, would not tell the failure rate of their own people. According to Progress of Education in India (1922-1927), Vol. 1, Page 40, the failure rate of students in MBBS stood at 47 per cent, and in Engineering, at 34 per cent.
They would also not tell us as how during 1860s’, their ancestors were afraid of taking science and mathematics as subjects of studies, and were in fact, bribed to study sciences and medicine. Despite huge failure rates, the British government continued promoting science education amongst them.
Despite being victims of social segregation, and economic deprivation, and as the newest entrant in the world of learning, Dalit/Adivasis never demanded bringing down pass marks to, say, 20 per cent? 
Did Dalits/Adivasis demand adding a Fourth division?
Or, did Dalits/Adivasis demand any reservation in examination for getting degrees?
What all Dalits have insisted is reservation during admissions, and many of them do better than those students who had higher percentage of marks at the time of admissions.what difference it would make between 70 per cent and 90 per cent at plus two level, or similar situation in an entrance test.
Can any one say with certainty that the 70 per cent mark sheet holder is superior to the 50 per cent mark sheet holder in intelligence?  
Can any one say with certainty that those who pass with first class are necessarily better than the second class degree holders at work places?
So in short when  our grandparents(not dalits) were struggling from maths and science and were getting passed  with atleast 33 percent and they made up build the nation (note the dalits were out of sight)the britisher’s no matter wat gave them education and brought them up. So can one say why did they struggled?Bco’s if u pull out a child from slum and start teaching him maths and science ,IN GENERAL he will struggle and not score 90% or so.So u r grandparents struggled so u r comfortable now. 

November 16, 2007

Blogs are getting blocked


 This is a terrible news for me and for all those people who’s company’s internet usage policy is so damn strict that even blogs are Blocked from intranet access.

 Currently Blogspot is blocked; Wordpress Blogs are working fine thou.

Anoop, its good that you sitched to i can check your blog.Tell srini to move too.

The earlier restriction to Public-emailing sites, chatting domains, Online-gaming and Social Networking and Personal sites was considered acceptable, but bringing blogs under the scanner is really bit harsh.
No one can waste so much time in blogging or surfing if they are kept busy during officie hrs.Its only those benchers or lucky souls who inspite of being assigned to project ; those who are free can find time to browse through blogs and spread their word and why not?.

Well as of now, WordPress isn’t blocked; but soon it will also come under the microscope of the IT Security Guys here , then how will i maintain / update my blog? I dont have a connection at my room. The bandwidth available in the company is lightening fast and surely the best use of the resource allowing quick browsing thru comments and updating ourselves about the latest post from fellow bloggers/friends.

My question is why not Ban all Trading Sites too.Well its just out of frustation (even i dont want them banned)..Infact, I wud love to have access to everything..but yeah..i agree its not possible and feasible.My colleagues are heavily using the Trading sites to make profits and to keep their money growing.If spending time to manage your portfolio is OK ,then why not blogs?Bcos even PM’s(project Managers) and SPM’s(Senior Project Manager) do the same dabbling in the Market all day.
Myself, having a small blog is denied access; forget that i even make any profit out of it.Not fair huh?

Lets hope that the day is too far when eventually wordpress will get blocked.

September 27, 2007

Democracy in Pakistan not good for US and India

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We recently saw, how Ousted Pakistani Prime minister was sent back to Saudi from the Pakistan International Airport.There was one editorial in “Times of India” putting the views , how Nawaz’s return to Pakistan would help India and the Subcontinent in different ways.But, I am not of the opinion that a democracy in Pakistan will be good for India /America.

Now that Mussharaf is being held as the hot target of the terrorist,it becomes so clear that if terrorism is to end ,they need a leader like Mussharaf who can carry out the operations like “LAL MASJIDS “.(or like Indira Gandhi’s operation “Blue Star“)

Assume, Pakistan gets a democracy.What can be the future impact on India and US ?

Mussharaf is being hated for his act against terrorism in Pakistan.People are not liking him as he is dancing to US tunes.If democracy sets in Pakistan,the government will be as usual lousy and under pressure from the Pakistani People.The PAK Citizens will be against US,this will certainly impact the fight against the Bin Ladens,which in turn will be a threat not only to india ,but many asian countries.Also , a democratic government will always be in a pressure to behave softly on certain critical issues where Musharaf is daring to go a one step ahead.He is playing a Key Role with the Bush Govt to curb terrorism influenced inside Pakistan.Also, India is long suffering from the terrorism supported by Pakistan from late 90’s for Kashmir and now in the interiors of India.

The US interest will be always Keeping Mush as the President;they will help Mush in all their power to retain him as the PAK president.A new government will shake all the anti – terror agreements between Mush and Bush…  🙂  (nice rhyme).A democracy of an islamic country with large group of fundamentalist will never allow action against the hardliners.The hands of the Pakistani police will be tied under corrupt Politicians.This can’t be the best option for India as even he has given us KARGIL,but only a dictator like Mush can control Pakistan and the mayhem arnd it.

A strong , adamant and fierce leader like Mush can handle the islamic terrorist not a democratic government.

(This story is not based on any facts and figures.This is totally a story of my mind with influence from different sources.I may not be able to  justify every statement made. If you feel its a joke ,then laugh loud and if it seems like a product of an unconscious mind..then wake me up!!!)

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July 26, 2007

John – Bipasha and Indian Media

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Today,I had everytime to browse through news channels and get  some dose of news and current happenings in india and around the globe..

I kept on browsing channels ….finally landed on some sensational story on  John and Bipasha..

Nowadays our news channels have no other thing to show other than blowing off celebrities personal life…

They host a complete show on how the relationship was -is-would be  in the near future  among the lovely couple .Every attempt is made for adding  masala to indian idiot box ..because the notion is There is a considerable audience for such stuffs…it sells…”
There was some press conference in which Bipasha was made to reveal abt her relationship status with John Abraham..

For hell sake why should she reveal it?
What is the interest of public in such personal affairs..?

Why dont our media keep out of sensationalizing evey news at hand.Such news could very well find its place in film magazines ..why on TV, the media is begging ..asking Bips to reveal abt her relationship..Don’t they have any personal life?Atleast don’t force someone to reveal about their personal life…its none of our buisness!

Why am i feeling so frustated? Because one can only understand the pain when consider yourself in their shoes.Also its damn illlogical…

I think ..we need vigilent media for our corrupt democracy which does it part my carrying out Sting operations and similar stuffs..but at the same time ,keeping out of blowing off personal affairs.

Bips has rightly said”Its  nothing to be disclosed to the media..You can make watever stories you want to make abt me.”

This is called organised personal torture…

July 20, 2007

Our Railway got email.

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This title will confuse you…ya ..m not talking abt some fast trains started by Indian Railways or any record broken by Indian Railways concerned with the speed of the train.

Just go thru the mail will knw for yourself what am i talking abt.



Date: Thu, July 19, 2007 12:09 pm

To: (more)

Priority: Normal


Hi Officer,

There is a debit from ICICI account of Rs.1008.84 on 18/07/2007 even in case of failed transaction. In the railway account, I cant see the booked ticket with the transaction ID 411524 for Rs. 1008.84 on 18/07/2007 given by the ICICI people.In the screen shot below…i can see on 2 tickets have been booked.I am not aware of the transaction( ID 411524) performed for RS 1008.84 .This is very inconvenient as a customer to face a situation like this.I totally trust the Indian Railways that they will take appropriate action to solve this problem on an urgent note.Please get back to me regarding this issue as soon as possible.(Embedded image moved to file: pic22089.jpg)This is the screen shot of the ICICI account.(Embedded image moved to file: pic30690.jpg)



 This is the reply from

Dear Customer,We regret the inconvenience cause to you, in these regards. Please note while booking the ticket for PUNE to HYB that was a txn failure for your ticket was not booked, but the Amount was debited wide Txn id 0022634820.Against the same we already have given the credit instruction to the Payment Gateway. Shortly the same will be refunded to you. Please co-operate with us.


24 Hrs customer support at

011-23345500 / 23344787 / 23344773


I got another mail

Dear Customer,The refund of Rs. for the transaction tried by you under reference no.0022634820 which has failed and later found that the payment has been debited to your credit card account has been credited to your credit card account at 07/19/2007 01:18:55 PM.We suggest you to please retry the transaction, if not booked already. The booked tickets history can be checked to view the list of all tickets booked by you.

Warm regards,

 Why am i telling you guys all this email stuff.You may have understood the matter till now.First i tried to use the helpline NUMBERS given by the railways to lodge my complain.All those no.s were of Delhi. And as obvious it was not reachable.Nothing was coming to my mind ,wat to do after all i felt i got looted,duped by the Indian Railways.
The system made me a bakra. Then my software Skill paid the due.I found out their email ,this was my only hope at that hour.”An email in time saves nine”…this is my motto nowadays..

So i wrote a mail ..I used words like “Officer” to give them more respect and also showed my trust on the Indian Railways(pls refer to the mail above).To my surprise i got the reply from them within 5 minutes.First I thought that it wud be an auto generated email..but was a personally typed mail from some officer.I was delighted to see such a quick response.

A quick response to your complain from a government establishment is unimaginable in India. I had a hard time digesting it.But my joy was visible..I gathered my colleagues who were sleeping in their cubicle and all were wondering as if i had made a big acheivement.

Soon another mail followed that the disputed money got credited to my account also.

This was the biggest shock.

I will never forget what magic an email had done to me.I truly liked this new improved and zagrukh service of the Indian Railways. Guys if u land up in a similar situation ,dont give hope when you are not able to get them on phone ..just email them..

An email doesn’t work for my client, but it surely worked for Indian Railways.. 

Long live Indian Railways…


July 4, 2007

Sunita william’s Syndrome

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Me and my roomie were having a conversation one morning,just casual.Then we heard in the radio abt sunit’a safe landling and her thanking to all the indians..who were lighting candles,doing “pooja”,praying and maybe sacrificing some animal just for her safe return. 

I asked my friend “why is there so much hype arnd her”, after all she’s an American and we have no contribution in her success, we are not in any way responsible for her achievment except the fact that she is of indian origin”.

I never heard of her.I didnt knew if she existed and no one else.she has an indian name “sunita” thats it.she even has an American accent.
what have we(indians) contributed to her success?
why the news channels,media and people of indian try to grab every opportunity to show how grt we are,by showing how she was an indian .we shudn’t take her success in our belt.

The news channels had shown sunita’s home,her dog..her relatives ..what school she went ..what toothpaste she used ..and wat not..etc..why the hell??

As if she went from india …went from ISRO (Indian Space Research organisation)…gaining all the knowledge from Indian Universities..
she’s just indian by her origin.Don’t count her achievment as our achievment..We should not take any credit …bcos there is remotely any thing india has done or contributed to her success.

What have we done for our women to reach the heights acheived by sunita in America.Our 24 hrs news channels are again a pain in the ass.First they blow the thing out of proportion and again realising the mistake a debate as to why are we wooing her.Utterly shameful and stupid act by the Indian media.

Bcos of some Such news channels and some crazy indians who are blindly glorifying Sunita success story , shows how we are behave like a third grade colonised defeated people and also our inferiority complex;which is certainly not the case.

I congratulate Sunita for her marvellous feat of achievment.Still its the Americans who should take her victory as their country’s victory.America is a country where she got the opportunity to excel.America is the country where our students run’s for Higher Education.

India has and had tremendous potential and no doubts regarding that.We are what we are…regardless of what the west does or will do.We have our own achievments which doesn’t need any pat from Uncle SAM.
So we shud stop looking for our achievments outside india unless it is genuine.

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Monkeys trampling on human rights

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Chhattisgarh villagers petition SHRCUnlike in the Treta Yug when monkeys had fought pitched battles against evil forces to protect human beings, of late, the simians are becoming a threat to their lives. In fact, in Chhattisgarh’s Balauda Bazar, people have accused monkeys of violating their rights.


June 21, 2007

Dalit attacked for touching water pump in Rajasthan

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This the the shameful incident in the so called “emerzing, developing country like india.This country has so many social evils all in the names of religion and no one can eradicate this so easily…the victims are the backwards who dont even have basic living rights to survive ………A trageic Story

JAIPUR: A Dalit man approaching a community water pump would not have imagined what crime he was about to commit. But as he washed his hands, a group of people came down upon him, beat him up and also filed a police complaint against him.

Ramlal, 40, sustained three fractures in his hands on Sunday as the mob beat him up with sticks and iron rods for touching the pump, in Takholi village in Tonk district, over 100 km from here..

Read more…

Latest Tennis sensation Ana Ivanovic

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Basel, Switzerland

Date of Birth

November 6, 1987


Belgrade, Serbia


6’1 (1.86 m)


159 lbs. (72 kg)


Right-handed (two-handed backhand)


Pro (August 2003)

Career Highlights

Winner (3): 2007 – Berlin; 2006 – Montreal; 2005 – Canberra; 2004 – ITF/Mallorca 2-ESP, ITF/Gifu-JPN, ITF/Fukuoka-JPN, ITF/Fano-ITA, ITF/Batumi-GEO.
Finalist (1): 2007 – Tokyo [Pan Pacific]
Semifinalist: (4): 2007 – Amelia Island; 2005 – Warsaw, Zurich, Linz.
Quarterfinalist (13): 2007 – Gold Coast, Sydney, Antwerp
2006 – Sydney, Indian Wells, Warsaw, s’Hertogenbosch; Los Angeles; Linz, Hasselt
2005 – Miami, Roland Garros; 2004 – Luxembourg.

Seems promising isnt she???………. look for more pics hereee


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