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June 12, 2008

Language no bar

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Guys.. its been years am not blogging.. but yeah even now am not ready to be back..

am posting today my friend GADE’s  experience of his interview for a MBA seat…

Here it goes as told by him in his own words..

Hey Folks !!
Actually have nothing to do,even the markets have become Volatile and am loosing interest in them too,so getting back to my old habit of writing and flooding ur Inbox.I know ur first reaction would be—we don’t give a shit abt u,but Pls bear with these for few days.

Got a admit frm Symbiosis college- Bangalore,but i m not that keen on spending my hard earned money(7-8 lacs) on my MBA,so i m showing them the middle finger.Am going to write abt my GD Experience,now u will wonder whats there to write something abt a GD,u will surely come to know in a moment.

My centre was  MIT college,Kothrud ,Pune.
Firstly I would like to Thanks Anup for giving me free pick and drop facility everywhere in pune .
I entered the hall 15 minutes earlier,with no pen in my pocket,so i got to borrow a pen frm the supervisor who lectured me for almost 2minutes for being careless.and then he persisted that i return the pen as he has only one pen,i mean thats first dose of meeting a Punekar.i just felt that i got a miserable day ahead,and I was really happy that there was no girl in my batch,bcos if these girls start talking they wont  stop ,but my happiness was short lived at the last moment she entered and I said ALLAH ,Yeh Na-INsaafi Kyun .
Well ,we 8 ppl entered the GD room to face the panel of 3 oldies,i mean they were really old.the panel gave us 2 topics to choose from
1.Gr8 deeds r done by ordinary PPl
2.Mistakes r the stepping stone to success,but Repeating the same mistake is a crime.
I raised my hand for the first topic along with other  three and remaining  4 were in favour  of the second one.but the girl convinced the guy sitting next to her and soon we were in minority.i say these boys fall prey to chikni chupdi talks of girls and get their fingers burnt,but still dont learn the against my will,i have to discuss the second topic.i mean there’s not much content to i thought of speaking first.

I started the discussion ,with anexample of bicycle riding,how the child learns after falling and all that sooner i finished than the girl started talking,i just kept looking at her,Not that she Was Beautiful but she actually started talking in MARATHI—-“Chuka karoon manoos shikto,navin goshti shikayla miltat,aatmavishwas vadhto and some hi-fi Marathi words that only Pradeep can Understand.I looked at the panel,  instead of objecting they were enjoying wat she was saying.I Mean How caN U TALK in MARATHI In GD.???
I never heard that RAJ THACKERAY made GD compulsory in MARATHI.Following  her footsteps another guy started in HINDI.i can understand that we r discussing a idiot topic,but it doesn’t mean that we should discuss it in our MoTHER TONGUE.if thats the case I should have discussed in my VATREN  language,and i am damn sure that no body would have understood a single word.

It was a no language barrier discussion.putting that behind,i decided to move guy started talking abt corruption,politics and jaipur bomb blast,i mean howz that topic  by any means related to MISTAKES.On top of that i cant get over my habit of pulling peoples leg even if its a professional environment.i just raised my hand and said “HEY GRP,we R Straying away Frm our Topic and This is a MISTAKE,so lets stick to our topic of discussion and never repeat the MISTAKE  again”.after this even the panel started laughing.

I mean the girl was sure an Raj Thackeray fan she was just playing with words,now she makes an entry again and discusses the same point again but this time she uses Self Confidence instead of ATMAVISHWAS and Emotional Disturbance  instead of Mansik thats really SMART u put the same point again one time in MARATHI and second time in ENGLISH.Thats Typical  SMART  PUNERI GIRL.

Now this is really FUNNY,one guy spoke very little,so the panel  asked him to put forth his point of view so he starts——“NOT  ONLY  HUMAN  BEINGs  MAKE  Mistakes But  Politicians  Also Make Mistakes “—LOL–I am not going to comment on this,just laugh.
After this the panel asked everyone to conclude and said FO !!
My Interview went OK,the panel  asked me on college life, MY Girl friend,sports,and Why i want to do MBA ?
This is the most hilarious discussion i had, i just wanted it to share this with u all so u could also have ur share of laughter.


January 28, 2008

Hope John likes it ;-)

                        My dear laad friend will be going to UK for onsiteWork.A noble thought germinated in the compost.The idea was to gift his Ko-league 😉 who was a JOHN .Would that reciprocate in a Client appreciation mail?Well as i said , the thought was noble , so just stop such vile beliefs grow in ya mind 👿 .
But the choice was difficult.There was no clue about his habits , hobby and taste.The two were like configured machines who seldom veered to topics other than Deployment related issues,PDF generation and greece language support. We planned to pick the gift from MG road pune.It has 2 Jaipuri shops with some traditional stuffs.

Now the search for the right gift started…lets wind it up fast.
(pointing to a flower vase)
Me :Yeh wala Sahi hain.
She : “Utna nahi”… uska color utna kuch nahi hain.

Me :He will like this ASH Tray ,Suttebaaj hoga.
She :I don’t know if he smokes.
Me :What the hell.??.Being a John and that too in sure he smokes. 8) (No changes)

.(lots of Deep Thinking from both side)

Alladin ka chirag?

Me :Now this is something pretty cool.Wat ya say?
Shopkeeper :Sir , its the best we have.
She :Ismain ek size bade hain?No-No a bit smaller than that…. Something in betwn these two.?
Shopkeeper :Madam, iske beech wala to nahi hain.
She : They don’t have proper sizes.
Me: Kya yaar 😦 … aap ke paas correct sizes nahi hain, nahi to yeh wala uthane wale the..

We moved to next shop which is in the same lane and owned by the same owner(which was realised later).The Sales man was a hyper active middle aged man , I loved his service.
We saw a couple of John’s wandering for some antique in the same shop.An 💡 popped in my mind (why not catch these whites..they may help in selecting the best choice).

Me :Hello sir…..(and our story .blah blah…..)
John :” Am not English..”(So wat? you are white) ..”Germans have a different taste.Is he he/she?”(he).

After a long thought and explanation…He suggested that anything which has good handwork and sophisticated design and carvings will amaze any John.
Again the search started with new Keywords.This time it was rigorous with more details to be noted resulting in easy rejection and filterations.My choice didn’t materialise as we were from 2 different planets.(Mars &Venus).The hyperactive salesman who was earlier busy wid other customers saw us confused and rushed for our help.

He started bragging about his experience in this business,Wat John likes,picks etc…pointing to every object on display and making amazing facial experiences to show the intricate details of the work.We thought he would solve our problem but finally it ended up in more confusion.20 + items where spread before us like a buffet dinner but each item was only 80% appealling.I was wondering where to bring that 20% from or rather 30% for her?
With lots of Dhaachegiri ..the plan was to see some other shop .But it was too late and this task was supposed to be finished before EOD.Plan changed.We moved back to the earlier shop.This is called how you retain a customer.

At the sight of we entering the shop again, the sales man with more energy than before showed us what he was hiding from us earlier.He opened the fresh stocks.Yeah.And there we found something,something she was looking for.

We settled for this Elephant carved from a single piece of wood with her/his siblings.The attraction was the perfect shape and balance of the Piece.It was big enough and not tiny either and not much bulky .I instantly realized from her expression that She found her missing 30% 🙂 in this one.Celebrations,joys and excitement ruled my mind.(earlier i was pissed off,tired and after looking at so many items I felt like anything is good option. 😡 ).

Indian Elephant

But dear readers..if you still reading this shit..then hold on.The one thing we indians never forget is bargaining.Other’s were trying it too.
So with all my strength I started the bargaining show.

Shopkeeper: Sir 20% is off.

Me:Common yaar.. I am always ready to pay reasonable amount.Please make it 25%.
She:But we are taking 2 pieces…(Murmuring to me and kicking my leg to settle for much more discount.)
Shopkeeper :Sir..its all i can go to any shop and ask.
Me :I know you own all shops prices will be same (  😆 )
Shopkeeper : smiling.. “Sir , aap bhi kya mazak karte hain..”

Ok ok…ha ha thik hain thik hain..yes yes…bas kya …No Noo..chalna.. chod yaar..lelo yaar ..smiles..

Finally HandShake.. 😀

The deal was over.
Rs 2700 for 2 pieces of our Elephant.Everyone was contended and happy about the deal.I hope John likes the stuff too.He will surely, because if you give any gift with all the right feelings , it will be acceptable to every wise human being.So why you think am telling you this experience..??
Need to say more 😛 ?

January 26, 2008


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I wish to blog on something..something which is exciting and not boring as my usual stuff.My doka(bheja) is too lazy, she is too lousy,her grey cells are on a holy holiday on unpaid leaves, and they don’t care ,if they are needed at all .Maybe even she needs her bones to rest.After all how can she bear 10 rounds of Pune RTO, verbal abuses, ugly faces , soul-less masses , violent wishes and finally a tiny win of an underdog.

Lets Veer to my hairs.I don’t trust my hairs anymore.They can leave me any time, like a how Kareena left Shahid,well don’t you(hairs) understand am better than Shahid and you are more beautiful than kareena.I really fear to even touch and play wid you.I want you back as you where earlier;dense,black,thick and so polite .Thanks for the contribution made by 21st century and the PMC..!! Having said that, please don’t consider me as bald.
I have more hairs than Salman Khan.

My last yr stint in gym for 3 months seems like history.Those where the days when i got glare from damsels.I was in good shape and mind.It’s a fact , that you may lose every muscle of our body , but not the fat around your tummy.Who cares , I don’t remember the last time when i woke up for a jog.Let me not bore myself with my anatomy more.
Am making a noise unnecessarily.32 still fits me below my waist. 🙂

Radgaaaabuuuoo poinshooooo chikmukhle..pongaaaapandittt aaaaabudbudiyachudchudiya..zakarmarasakarlaparfaker

I wish to kick someone’s ass and slap someone in public. Wish some drops of pain in my drinking water or pain rays from my monitor “Pain rays” (Dukhi karne wali kirne)hahahaa bull shit!.Either a feeling of Happiness or sadness,but planting a void feeling is disaster as it kills the life within you.Life is too boring with this shitful project’s , meetings & blabberring and schedules and promises.Or Do i need a change?.Maybe that can make me feel good.

Got Some not so good news , I hold a valid Canadian visa for six months.Not much excited thou.I donno why? when my PM will show the green signal.Already feeling homesick, being in my home.Sounds kiddish?

To hell wid wat others think.I miss my loved ones and may even cry sometimes just to feel more closer to them.There’s is no age bar for crying.Or to be more precise ,its not uncool to cry.When did you last cried?? I hope it was not when you were in your diapers.

Saala Dimag ka Dahi ho gayla hain..An idle mind is devil workshop.The devil is rising.There’s only one superhero to save me.Its me.

I remember this song featuring “Dev Anand ji”,”Dev Anand Saheb” or for me “Dev Anand Re”

main zindagii kaa saath nibhaataa chalaa gayaa
har fikr ko dhue.main…UuuuDaataa chalaa gayaa

(I am following the way life is treating me
forgetting every  trouble/tension with every puff of smoke)

barabaadiyon kaa soG manaanaa fizuul thaa – 2
barabaadiyon kaa jashn manaataa chalaa gayaa
main zindagii…

(Its a waste to crib about the wrongs or disasters which happened
I infact started celebrating the disasters or pitfalls of my life)

jo mil gayaa usii ko muqaddar samajh liyaa – 2
jo kho gayaa main usiko bhulaataa chalaa gayaa
main zindagii…

(What i got i considered it as my fate
What i lost, am trying to forget about it)

Gam aur khushii me.n fark na mahasuus ho jahaaN – 2
main dil ko us muqaam pe laataa chalaa gayaa
main zindagii…

(A state where one cannot differ betwn happiness and sadness
I have brought my heart to that state now)

Some songs are just suits your state of mind.Right now I wear this song.Hope Canada gives me a different Blanket..(i will mess with you ..Englishhhhh, translation is difficult)

January 13, 2008

Trip to Alibaug , Kashid beach and Murud Zanjira

Its our traditional practice to spend 31st night in some far place from the hustling and bustling of the city.2007 was welcomed in the land of coconuts and fishes ..any guess?GOA a big NO.. Its was our beautiful  Coastal region of Konkan and we almost travelled 12-1300 kms round trip , upto Malvan,Sindhudurg and its virgin beaches.The beaches were quite clean and it was  worth spending a time there.Specially Vengrula Beach.
This time it was a spot pretty near to mumbai and it was Alibaug where we celebrated our New Year.
Lot’s of action and masti unrolled right from meeting up of the gang , start of the journey from Kalyan till we dropped to our home back.It was 2 nights and 3 days of fun , excitement , Dhammal Masti and 1000 volts josh .We only survived on small fish,big fish and only fish and only bottled water .Oh Fish!! 🙂

You may be wondering what we did in a small place like Alibaug.Well Alibaug really doesn’t have anything great either ,all it offers is some dirty beaches and strangely some good eating places.Varsoli beach was the only one decent enough  which was our first spot.Just 25 kms from Alibaug down south is Kashid Beach and another 50 kms you will find Murud Janzira beach and fort.
So we had a good plan of checking out all these places and we had ample time too in our hand.

Alibaug beach is really not the recommended beach .Its like our Juhu chowpathy ; Dirty .The water smells of chemicals and froth confirming of all those waste released from the Ispath Industries lining the western coast  of Alibaug,Uran and JNPT .
Kashid beach is relatively far more better but not quite up to mark.This beach has almost all the right ingredients offered by nature like white sand , large part of beach is dry and less polluted water .The  place can be a hotspot for tourist,but sadly and for me “disgustingly” the place lacks good restaurants, comfortable changing rooms and Cleanliness .I saw women climbing mountains for toilets and men easily doing spring water irrigation all over the place.We Indians are master’s in making a place filthy/dirty.This beach is a complete ignorance from the eyes of people who can sense potential tourism in the region,to be truthful no one cares for this beach , not even the locals and forget the government.All focus is on Goa it seems.

Murud Zanjira is another messy place, still a one time visit.Another blunder of ignorance for a place of such a historic importance and a potent tourism destination.If we Indians feels the place to be dirty , what wud be the kind of image in the minds of foreign tourist?
Worst part is no decent eating place nearby.Still the journey to the fort in the boat and the adventure of stepping out on the steps of the Gigantic Fort from the shaking boat is really exciting and dangerous.Its really slippery out there.
The Guide will utter the same crap like for other forts, if you have an  experience.Some dates, some names ….some hidden tunnels and finally some idiotic jokes,but still do make it a part of your package. 🙂

For anyone visting Alibaug  do visit a simple,decent restaurant named “Sukh sagar”,its near Alibaug ST depot.The food if not authentic KonKani , still satisfies your hunger with wide variety of sea foods.And don’t miss the drink named “soll Kadi”.Its like buttermilk ,but made with cocunut juice and some Kokam in it.Its as refreshing like a chilled beer.We liked it so much that when leaving for mumbai we parcelled 24 packets just for our return journey.

The 30th night was a night of friends who where high,drunk,in control and who got emotional, grave’s were dug out just to make the past pleasant and to fix all  the pending bugs.We sat in the cold ,rounded ,poking jokes ,belching smoke  .. blabbering , followed by discussion’s on past,broken hearts , opening the unsolved mysteries of friendship and betrayal,.allegations ..justifications, tears .. tears on smiles but  finally burying the hatchets.

Special moments were caught on mobiles ,recording’s of the converstation were made unknowingly by some moron.Hey you did a great job.  :-)The sight was captured digitally.Someday our brain may wither away the pleasant memories , but we have  harnessed the technology and frozen the golden moments in sound files ,digital pics and offcourse this blog which will remain close to the heart and which will make us nostalgic by remembering the good old days.

Next year the target is NorthIndia…and we are coming to rock it…yoyooyo

I booked the accomodation quite late without considering the RUSH and Demand during the year end.I called up 20 odd places from below list and finally got lucky in a place in varsoli.He charged 1500/- for 1 day.This price is tripled during 31st celebration time.The actual cost is 500 Bucks  during off season.The room was OK kind wid a TV.
Details taken from

                         Alibag Hotels/Restaurants/Resorts

Name Phone Number Address
Hotel Anand Vihar 22281 Opp Post Office, Alibag
Hotel Darshan 38481 Vayshet
Hotel Fulora 23473 Near S.T.Stand,Alibag
Hotel black Park 38474/38481 Near R.C.F.Factory, Vayshet
Hotel Karishma 22409 Zilha Parishad Building, Alibag
Hotel Lilak 25011 Shreebag, Alibag
Hotel Patang NA Alibag-Revdanda road, Alibag
Hotel Sanman 22314 Israil Ali, Alibag
Hotel Saraswat 26838 Opp.R.C.F.Colony,Mumbai Road, Alibag
Hotel Tulsi 24686 Near S.T.Stand, Alibag
Hotel Tushar 23393 Nagdongari, Alibag
Hotel Vaibhav 24865 Vidya Nagar Revas Road, Alibag
Hotel Vanrai 38504 Near Kataget, Thal
Moghe Khanaval 22297 Near Alibag Nagarpalika, Alibag
Hotel Meera-Madhav 25279/25280/81/82 Opp.S.T.Stand, Alibag

Hotels/Resorts/Lodging/Boarding in   Alibag

Name Phone Number Address
Abhiruchi Lodge 25047 Chendhare, Alibag
Asara Lodge 22183 Maruti Naka, Alibag
Darya Sarang Holiday Home(Under M.T.D.C.’s Scheme) 22952 Ramnath, Alibag
Guruji Holiday Resort 22266/22285 Sea-Beach, Alibag
SunGlow Resort 21072/73/74 Sea-Beach, Alibag
Hotel Aamrai NA Court Road, Alibag
Hotel Big Splash 26803 to 08 Near Mahesh Talkies, Alibag
Hotel High-Way-View 24167 Pimpalbhat, Alibag
Hotel Meera Madhav 25280/81/82 Opp.Alibag S.T.Stand, Alibag
Hotel Nilima 22577 Chendhare, Alibag
Hotel Prajakta 22313 Near S.T.Stand, Alibag
Hotel Preetam NA Opp. R.C.F. Colony, Mumbai Road, Alibag
Hotel Ravikiran 22459/22460 Vidyanagar, Alibag
Hotel Ruchi-Tarang 22481/22650 Near Raigad Bazar,Alibag
Hotel Sea-View 22605/24062 Sea-Beach, Alibag
Panchwati Holiday Home 25009 Near Marathi School, Beach Road, Varsoli
Parnakuti 22724/26652 Varsoli, Alibag
Pushpak Lodge 22354/27100 Shreebag No.3, Alibag
Rajanigandha Holiday Home 22390/22697 Court Road, Alibag
Sagar Lodge 22520 Karve Road,Alibag
Shreyas Lodge 24320 Near Maruti Naka, Alibag
Swapnil Guest House 22184 Shreebag, Alibag
Upkar Lodge 22136/24756 Opp.Alibag Urban Bank, Alibag

Hotels/Resorts/Lodging at Revdanda

Name Phone Number Address
Prafulla Lodging 40096 Aagar Koat,Revdanda
Sea Star Lodging 40081 Aagar Koat,Revdanda
Shiv-Parvati Guest House 40202 Opp.S.R.T.High School, Revdanda
Uday Holiday Home 40146/40400 Agar Ali, Revdanda

Hotels/Resorts/Lodging at Nagaon

Name Phone Number Address
VirangulaSince last 10 Years, In the heart of Coconut and beetlenut trees, 2 attached rooms, 4 non-attached rooms, 1 Big Hall (can accomodate 50 people), Bamboo House, they serve delicious food. 952141-45050 , 952141-45530 Nikhil Oak, Nagaon
Sagar(Under M.T.D.C.’s Scheme) NA Nagaon
Yashaprada Holiday Home(Under M.T.D.C.’s Scheme) 45644 Nagaon

Hotels/Resorts/Lodging at Chorande

Name Phone Number Address
Hill-View Resort 45558 Palav Phata, Nagaon
Wind Mill 39191 Chorande

Hotels/Resorts/Lodging atChondhi/Kihim

Name Phone Number Address
Hotel Sai-Inn 38102 Chondhi
M.T.D.C.’s Holiday Home(Tent) 38253 Kihim
Sanidhya 32077, 32202 Kihim

January 11, 2008

Customer Service in a pune restaurant

This Story was sometime back in pune at Koregaon park.There’s a restaurant called “Prems” known for his ambience,simple look and good tasty food.It was not my first time either ,so as usual we occupied a seat in the corner..yeah just two of us 🙂
The speciality of this place is “Candle Light Dinner”. when the sun sets in east the candles make’s the sene at Prems.We kept waiting for couple of minutes for any of waiters attention.They were dressed in nice blackie stuff from head to toe.But not to my horror ,no was noticing us or to be frank ,maybe ignoring us or else they forgot their job.Just after we occupied our seats one “John Couple”( its my way of saying “Firangis” ) made their way to tables 2 rows across ,diagonally opposite to me.
It was past 8-10 minutes..i was still waiting for atleast a glass of water if not the menu card.Also calling “waiters” by doing SSSSHHHH SSSSSHHH is not cool these days after that “Sanju’s munnabhai scene”.God damn, i was about to shout “are you got blind?”
Forget me, John’s table was still dark without a lighted candle..I considered my self lucky.But somehow I was getting restless from inside.The scene of John couple waiting for over 10 minutes without a lighted candle on their table somehow made me feel uncomfortable..kind of ashamed ..The guests from the WEST cudn’t ask for more..I could sense their frustation ,they still hiding it with a plastic smile moving neck round 360 degrees , just to get the candle lighted.

Finally , he showered mercy on me and took my order for one Chicken gravy and four Tandooori rotis all at once as we wanted to finish as soon as possible.Again , after a break of 18-19 minutes our Gravy item comes with 2 rotis.It took me just 3 minutes before I was hungry for one more roti..but our Waiter was invisible now..It was really diffcult to spot him in dimlight of soft candles..I stood up searching for him..I sit down again..Yeah ..i spotted him..I am glaring at him so that he can understand that am asking for him..some hsssing soundss..argggggggg..bastard!!!!

He was attending other customers , then again went inside kitchen..5 minutes past..again he comes out widout my rotis ,completely ignoring me and moving to next table and taking new order.
Now i barked..”Roti kab laega?”.
Waiter:”5 min”. Without any hint of regret for serving us badly.Com-mon the gravy was about to freeze in pune’schilling weather..and this guy was roaming in paris ,london and forgot India..The John finally got his table lighted up..yeah after 15 minutes that too without a glass of water.

Finally he brought the missing rotis..I ordered him for a rice plate..again same story of ignorance , of waiting for lifetime..Each minute was like an hour during that time..We felt that we are at his mercy for the food.The rice again took 10 -12 more it was the time for making bill..again 10+ more minutes,inspite of me asking to return soon…I was really pissed off..I wanted to piss at him but then thought of catching hold of some manager or his boss ..Cudn’t find anyone as it was near closing time ..The bill counter was also missing which was noticed only on that day..they got the bills cleared from the kitchen i think..  🙂 .I swore that I wud think 1000 times before visiting this place again.
But, it’s always the food which brings me back..but the service SUCKS big time..The pathetic service of this restaurant is well known now, but still the business is cool.Why?because we are not the “Ideal Customers”.

The managment or their bosses should note that their ppl are not doing good service .And not only “Prems”.. Customer service is neglected in many well known places like RiverView and Chutneys etc.Once the business is established ..they don’t bother to maintain the same level of service  forever.Even quality gets degraded as time passes..I have heard”Hotel Blue Nile ” serves some very good Non-Veg stuff..I think that was history but people still believe it and crowd the place..

Any intellectual or a logical business man should never forget this simple funda of maintaing Quality and service for retaining Customers which eventually pays in superior profits.
Coming back to Ideal customers,We need to ask for things we need.”The customer is King” is not an Indian philosophy ,it emerged in the WEST in the face of rising ,booming Consumerism Economy.We need to imbibe this concept in our brains .Customer’s too should opt to blacklist such places or raise their voices by complaining and giving sincere feedback on payment counters or personally to the attendees.Guys..common behave like a king ..wat’s the harm?

Our problem is we are too shy for saying “NO” on face.Also , we should stop paying tips when not required..i knw its kinda difficult task for regualr TIP givers,but ask the question to the Customer inside you…were you really satisfied by the serivce??.no no… not the food but the service.You have paid for the food..and tips goes for the service right? If answer is No to first question, then don’t be ashamed of leaving the bill widout a Tip..These days , I exit from the restuarant with full confidence without putting a TIP.If the waiter comes before you leave..tell him…I didn’t like your service..He may take that thing “DIL PE”.Put the seeds of competition between waiters.Lets be more harsh on Tips.If every other customer behaves like a king..I bet these guys will be on their toes..and we will get wat we need and what we need is Value for time and money.So its a demand and supply concept after all..some are intelligent enough to understand the demand and make the supply voluntarily..some are forced to the supply because of rising demands…this sounds logical to me atleast..

I want consumer India who fear no one ,ready to screw up the service providers for any lousy treatment or if  taken for granted.The same funda applies for your Quench for better administration..better democracy and to stop corruption.
Lets Raise voice !!!

December 22, 2007

Relationship and Ego

Ego ..wat ego?..bullshit..hey dude, chill man..wat the heck?? cool it man..we are frnds..
Well , ppl wid cool attitude and light head will behave something like above conversation .But As we grow ..we become complicated,we start understanding  hidden meanings of talks which otherwise seems casual and funny.Lots of communication 2day is meant to be done in a way so as to “indicate” not “tell” wat the other person want/desire from you.
Slowly and steadily everyone understands the rule of the game “The unasked Question.The untold answer”.It’s a passive game played here..

You get this feeling like why shud I? why only me? Why always me?

Am talking about Ego which is utterly not in the sense as Ayn Rand describes it for his character Howard Roak.
My idea of Ego is pretty wild.Its the most evil nature of a human being, more dangerous than jealousy.It kills,destroys and the pain caused by it ,is acceptable to us if we signed a contract and we sing a song deep inside our heart

“The roof,the roof..the roof  is on fire..
We don’t need no water …let the mothaF**** burn..
Burn Motha F*****..burnnnnnnnnnnnn..

Well we have that monstor singing for us.. who appears from nowhere..that fucking EGO.
Why should I be the first one to bow my head.That too to a lady ? I donno but Men’s Ego should never be challenged by a lady..I understand that the statement is not fair as far as gender equality is considered.Still ,You better experience it and you wil fry like a fish in hot oil pan in that Ego War.

Ego-fights between opposite sexes can go pretty wild ..but the one who realizes his mistake first should make the move before the relationship deteriorates further.Still if the other person doesn’t accept the apology  triggers/challenges  the ego which will stand the blow of 10 thousand missiles.
If their exist love between 2 person in a relationship then Ego will find it difficult to overcome the power of love.Communicate and communicate more.We are not Dumb creatures..we can speak some common languages..There should not be any space for any misunderstandings.

 I remember a movie starring Amitabh and Jaya Bacchan named Abhimaan (1973) dedicated to this subject and doing full justice .Thankfully am outta it.
I feel relaxed..she called me up and now i feel like it was a war fought over no reason.I have my Ego under control but i do have it.But I can nail on it when its against friendship,closed ones.I always give myself a second chance. 🙂

December 5, 2007

A Rat Knocking on my Door

Rats are the most intelligent animals I have seen but not read.This impression is not the result of the HollyWood flick “Ratatoullie”.Sanjay dutt had a Major saab visting him everynight at sharp 12:30 or 1 am in his 10*10 ka flat.The Major knew the inmate ,the various entry,exit and all the konakopcha of his terriotry ;also never missed its duty to make rounds every midnight.

I occupy a falt on 3rd floor of a 40 -50 yr’ s old building built by the CentralGovernment of India.The place is clean on 3 sides baring the west side of the building facing railway station which has some good filth surrounding it.On a perfect night sharp at 1:30 am ..we have a major from the westzone visiting us.I never thought that he was capable of climbing Everest.The bastard is an uninvited guest breaking to my home when the whole world sleeps.He was a casual visitor until his fingerprints was noticed by my Mom.My computer cable was churned like a bubblegum.The last possible target was the rice bag which was untouched as he was well behaved and gave us that much privacy to keep away from my bedroom.

Does he has a timex watch and a direction compass gifted by Jack Sparrow?
The little bastard has won my faith surely that he is clever than my class five teacher.
The approximate distance to climb 3rd floor will be arnd 20 meters or so..Also our windows are all protected by old net grill fashion.But the ventilator were always open.He exactly new the place ,the window and the time for arrival and departure.
Day before yest ,my dad blocked the ventilator with a woodden board also the opening in the kitchen next to the exhaust fan.That night i was awake and  was desperatley waiting for my Major Saab.Exactly at 1:30am he knocked the now blocked ventilator board.He wasn’t aware that …i was waiting for him,but as a casual observer.”Main kanoon ko apne haath main nahi leta” .
And yes..I fear rats.they are so quick and dirty,difficult to trace and blackish.My sis almost had an eyelock wid him once and she screamed even when no one was at home.Coming back..He kept knocking as if i will welcome him in.Later he desperately tried the entry from the kitchen which was again in vain.I kept marvelling at his judgement about directions of all entry and exits.We offered him poison inside wheat floor but again he was not a local havaldar..he was after all a well trained Major.He could smell and reject the tasteless ball.

So much for the him ,that we informed other residents about the adventure of Majorsaab and how we succeeded in  making him helpless to cross the laxman rekha.
Is there nothing to eat out there on indian roads that these scum are approaching the terrace floor?What wud be the condition of our grnd floor families.?
That day i felt like buying a sniper and making a kill out of all those underground goons.Even cats fear them as i dont see them making a move in their area.We have some stray dogs who are good for nothing.I wish they some how evolve to eat rats.
I will wait 2night for Majorsaab again .Lets see how many days he keeps on trying to break in my apartment.(2day is the 3rd day)

He should understand that getting a visa for my apartment is not a cake walk.Am not sure wether he will give up.He is a true fighter thou.We need such people with same determination and accuracy to run our nation.Anyway..ppl running the nation are also Rats.They eat eat eat till they die.They reproduce,reproduce and churn the legs of every table standing.A politician is a bigger rat who fears no one.One can close all the ventilators but he can still smother you.we are like cockroaches for them.Ample in size and quantity.Ready to eat like 2 minute noodles.We make a healthy diet and we choose them after all.That rat and this rat.Rats everywhere!!!

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November 20, 2007

I am handicapped


2day morning when i was coming to officie on my bike …. no no.. Dont think that much wild. The matter is related to my previous post.

I CANT COMMENT ON  WORDPRESS BLOGS!!! (pls note … am screaming)

The rule of the Block engine is such that if its finds “comments” word in the url of the browser..then that page is a hot property to be blocked.So slowly and steadily wordpress is also on the verge of getting blocked.

Is their a better word than handicapped? I can view my blog and read comments but I can’t comment on it.
So frnds.. Henceforth .I will not be as active on wordpress as I used to be. . I will try to read your blogs by GOOGLE READER.

but that too …not the full story…

This is a perfect example where i can file a PIL for “Freedom of speech” 🙂

October 26, 2007

Break up ke side effects ……..

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Aaj ghar pe kuch kaam Dhanda nahi tha…i saw some Eng movies..then took a brk…found PKSE CD lying in a dusted condition…wiped it carefully..and there it goes in my DVD ROM..(i had only 2nd part…1st part CD is broken in two symmetric pieces….)

I love this movie so much.For me ,its  the craziest and most special movie  ..its an ever green movie;more evergreen than Dev-Anand matter how many times I watch it..i still feels the freshness of the dialogues .. am not going to give a lecture/review…I only remember few  break up ke side effects..and wanna share wid you(they are so damn cool)…
And who say’s Mallika only has figure…I think she’s better than most of the Hindi heroines out there….fatka hai woh…!!!

Breakup Ke Side effect no.1
AApko bahut rona padega…ya jitna rooenge utna breakup se bahar aaenge..i knw hame rona nahi aata…but then..we have to listen to sad songs…

Breakup Ka Side effect no.2
Ex girlfriend ko bhulne ke liye bhaut sari shopping karni really helps..maine 15 hazar ki ghadi lee hai aur 25 hazar ke speaker’s…Offcourse on installments..but i feel AWESOME!!!

Breakup Ka  Side effect no.3
Brkup ke baad aap har raat apne dosto ke saath ..ghumne, peene aur party karne jaaoge…as for me, Freedom!!!!…AM BACK

Breakup Ka Side effect no.4
AApko suddenyl doosri ladkiyo main zaada interest aane lagega..and why not ?Loha he Lohe ko kaata hain.. hehehe

Breakup Ka Side effect no.5
AApko sari anniversaries yaad rehti hai..
Rahul“AAj trish ka bday hain aur muje pehle baar yaad hain.”

I really like how the movie shapes with some short scenes revolving arnd the side effects.. whenever their’s a mention of CoFFee  in offcie..i dig out the scene from PKSE..and we have a good laugh…(Coffee with Baby Girl vol. 3)

Also my hatsoff to Nanu(Ranvir Sheorey) he was a total freak man…(the dance in the pub…”we are the robots”) I have such crazy friends..but to see someone on the screen like him….thats good cinema…he’s totally different from the typical comedians in Hindi movies..

All in all a must watch for those who must have missed this one..some ppl like me watch it the 9th time.widout getting bored.It gets more happening everytime…yaaaahhooo

Pyar Ke Side Effects’ is directed by Saket Chaudhary.Where is he?? we need him for more such flicks ….

August 20, 2007

A New City in my Life

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This post is for my experienceof a new city…A city which has a twin ,its named after software terminology..and yes the city of ROCKSSS…yeah its Hyderabad/Cyberabad/Secunderabad…Am here for some Short term assignment i.e 2 months.I had heard quiet a lot abt this city…Heard all the good things…and yeah some silly things also…Currently i am based in HiTech City..Its like a grandma of all IT Parks..All biggies have monstrous Glass-clad buildings in this locality…You name the company and its Hi Tech City..

My First Impression of the City was its ROADs…I always love wide ,clean and green roads..The city has beautiful roads with gardening on its sides.Mostly 3 Lanes..which we can hardly find in any other city…To my surprise ,it was not proper Hyderabad…the Place is called Secundarabad.(All day i was wondering how cud a place so old like hyderabad have such beautiful roads..)Begumpet was the stop were my first journey begun on the Rickshaws of Hyderabad..A guy dragged me to the nearest rickshaw even before i was about to get out of the Railway Station.I thought ‘wat a service with no cost’.As soon as i put my bags in ,the driver said”20 Rupee meter ke uper lagenge”.I smiled…anyway i decided to be extra smart after that incident.

On the way to Hitech City..the city was shining clean and well maintained..areas like panjagutta..Jublee Hills..Banjara Hills with some grt Bungalows.and parks.and then Madhapur which resembles a crowded place close to Hitech City…

The following Week we visited RAMOJI FILM CITY….It was a nice experience…not a delight..but still a good one.The next week we broke in to Golconda Fort,Charminar then Birla Temple, followed by Hussain Sagar Lake.

Apart from Exploring the Tourist Spots I started exploring the places like…Kondapur ..KukatPally..SomajiGuda….Got used to the Share Autos where 8 persons get fixed up in an auto including the Driver.

Also the Traffic Police is so strict here.I was finding them in almost every Chowk,with their uniform and white Helmet like cap..keeping an eye on any one widout a helmet.

One thing i found very bad and disturbing was the enroachments in to the Rocky Landscapes of Hyderabad. Its so beautiful with all those bigs ..spherical..monstrous rocks appearing betwn green bushes..Its such places which was cut off and digged to make a place like HiTech City and even Secunderabad.
The Rock cuts Debris is always an unpleasant sight.

Still many places are left out to explore.Still looking out for a delicious biryani.People have Suggested a place called “Paradise”.Its far from Hi Tech…but its sure on my Wishlist…I wanted to write more…This post is like the last day of the Last Test Match…All my travel to the tourist  places deserved an individual post but blame it on me..i had no time and by now my excitment is also low..which wud do no justice if i start posting about my experiences now…

If there’s any thing new and exciting stuff happening now..will try to scribble it then and for all…

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