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October 28, 2008

Media vs Media

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A vibrant media is a sign of a progressing democracy.It reflects the true picture of the state and helps people identify and relate with day to day problems and progress of the state.However, it’s a sad tale for Indian media which not only blows things out of proportion, but also acts as a catalyst for spreading wide spread hatred and disturbing the peace of the nation.

Sensitive issues are made “Masala episodes”. Too much and tooo many examples can be cited for this truth and allegation 🙂 . At times, I desire to cut throat of some of these reporter’s or hang or smother the 24*7 news channel Director’s to death for their cheap language and disgusting news .  My anger and frustration is well justified and it must be the same for many others.The latest fucking point which I will narrate is related to RAJ vs Rahul episode.

This is something observed for the first time where(for me at least) Indian media gets divided on language and region.The “North Indian channels” are portraying “Raj Thackeray” as the mother of all problems and raising questions over the encounter of the so called” Innocent terrorist”. Rahul, the guy who terrified the Mumbai BEST passenger’s with his lovely country made revolver is no more alive and
political parties are battling it out for his cause of death. They  are making aggravated comments and Bihar is getting heated up.The guy wanted to have a conversation with RAJ and therefore he hijacked the BEST bus and fired 3 rounds of bullet ,  which cannot be justified on any account.The police reaction can be justified and more information will be out when CID officials will try to peek their nose in other state matters  .Mr Nitish Kumar claims that he was not terrorist and he had a clean record.I ask “where was that fucking time to go to his history ? Should the Police have waited for someone to become his victim? and any man with a gun is not a saint. This act gives strong message and  lesson to all those who create law and order problems. RR Patil has backed the Mumbai Police and therefore, there is mounting tension betweens leaders from the north and west of India.

The Story from AAj TAK..( the most hated channel): They have flashed TV screens with details of Nitish Kumar, Lalu and Paswan’s converstation with the PM of India.Inummerable questions are raised over Mumbai police’s execution of Rahul. RR Patil  has responded to the north Indian ministers with a wacky reply.But this is not shown or heard for common public on these channels.

The Story from Marathi/Mumbai channels:(Sahara TV, Zee marathi):These channels are showing the story from the Mumbai police perspective.It’s focussing on how and why Mumbai Police carried out this operation.Some MNS activist were interviewed. MNS side of the story is told and the overall look and feel is exactly opposite to the one shown on channels like NDTV,Aaj Tak.

To conclude, these channels are biased and no one is trying to show both the sides of the coin.The exact nature of truth or the real picture is missing from both these channels.They are bind by their ideologies and pressure. However , I found that AAj TAK and NDTV are the giving the wrong picture and trying to run a parallel case for Rahul’s case.They are trying to prove his innocence and targeting the Mumbai police. If Media trials becomes the fashion and it does happens, then why the fuck we need court rooms and judiciary ? . It’s time for every citizen of India to analyze the news channels and don’t go by the flow of the hour.They all have hidden agenda and dirty politics behind every news read.Trying to view the news from every angle is the job left to us. For the common man , if the news is crude like “crude oil”  it may act as a catalyst for hatred and discomfort. “Distillation” of news is the need of the hour.


  1. Khabbo..
    Good post…acchi khol ke maari hai new channels ki..

    Undoubtedly, we have 100s of news channels around. Sometimes, the news is forced on viewers instead of letting it be. Fabrication of this news has become the only way to increase the TRP and attract audience. Surely, sounds like a masala video channel. “Commisioner ka kutta mara”, “Amitabh ko thand lagi”, “Srk ne sutta mara” and quite lately – “Raj thackrey ne zehar ugla”.
    Yeh BC, Raj thackeray hamesha North ke news channel walon ke liye hi zehar ugalta hai kya? And on the top of that, this ‘Raj vs Rahul’ wala episode sounds new. I have read the news and its but obvious to shoot down a guy with a desi fully loaded revolver in hand – risking other lives. Had he shot down few people around in the bus, this fucking media would have blamed police for not taking action. Matlab, kuch karo toh panga, kuch naa karo toh bhi panga. Amidst this war between media, politicians … Police is facing all the music ! Tough job man !!…

    Coming back to ‘Aaj tak’.

    Dear Aaj Tak Editor in chief,
    I felt like writing a letter to you. Your channel is the worst channel I have ever come across. Not because it is from North India or so, but coz its utter crap. The reporters seems to have good presentation skills, but presenting shit in a best possible way, doesn’t make it a wisdom. Why don’t you take some Lessons from Doordarshan News on offering best news in fucking 15 mins????? …I am not sure how you got awards for best news channel ? Or may be that was yet another crap news you had to offer. Bahenchodon … stop this nonsense !!

    P.S: same applies to ‘India Tv’

    Comment by Aaj tak reporter — October 28, 2008 @ 3:50 pm

  2. do u knw dat Rahul guys family is getting lacks of rupees as compensation.. jisko bi cancer ya aids ho gaya ho wo Raj Thackerey ko marne niko nakli gun leke, gharwalo ko paisa to milega!! Nice way to earn without filling any life insurance.

    Another thing i want to know is why isnt Raj Thackerey hanged / gunned down / arrested, similarly Advani, Bal Thackerey & Modi.. VHP, Shiv Sena, RSS sab wat laga rahe hai but nothing happens Dawood ne kuch kiya to India ka dushman bolte hai, all r the same – TERRORISTS

    So i think SIMI ban is useless if the Govt can only target Muslim gangs & let alone others then RSS & VHP & Shiv Sena & MNS and god knows what else will kill the rest, koi farak nahi padta insaan to marne hi wale hai.

    Comment by assem — October 29, 2008 @ 11:52 pm

  3. aslmalaikom.. hi bro… please visit me here:


    Comment by Mehmod Ali — January 26, 2011 @ 11:46 pm

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