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January 11, 2008

Customer Service in a pune restaurant

This Story was sometime back in pune at Koregaon park.There’s a restaurant called “Prems” known for his ambience,simple look and good tasty food.It was not my first time either ,so as usual we occupied a seat in the corner..yeah just two of us 🙂
The speciality of this place is “Candle Light Dinner”. when the sun sets in east the candles make’s the sene at Prems.We kept waiting for couple of minutes for any of waiters attention.They were dressed in nice blackie stuff from head to toe.But not to my horror ,no was noticing us or to be frank ,maybe ignoring us or else they forgot their job.Just after we occupied our seats one “John Couple”( its my way of saying “Firangis” ) made their way to tables 2 rows across ,diagonally opposite to me.
It was past 8-10 minutes..i was still waiting for atleast a glass of water if not the menu card.Also calling “waiters” by doing SSSSHHHH SSSSSHHH is not cool these days after that “Sanju’s munnabhai scene”.God damn, i was about to shout “are you got blind?”
Forget me, John’s table was still dark without a lighted candle..I considered my self lucky.But somehow I was getting restless from inside.The scene of John couple waiting for over 10 minutes without a lighted candle on their table somehow made me feel uncomfortable..kind of ashamed ..The guests from the WEST cudn’t ask for more..I could sense their frustation ,they still hiding it with a plastic smile moving neck round 360 degrees , just to get the candle lighted.

Finally , he showered mercy on me and took my order for one Chicken gravy and four Tandooori rotis all at once as we wanted to finish as soon as possible.Again , after a break of 18-19 minutes our Gravy item comes with 2 rotis.It took me just 3 minutes before I was hungry for one more roti..but our Waiter was invisible now..It was really diffcult to spot him in dimlight of soft candles..I stood up searching for him..I sit down again..Yeah ..i spotted him..I am glaring at him so that he can understand that am asking for him..some hsssing soundss..argggggggg..bastard!!!!

He was attending other customers , then again went inside kitchen..5 minutes past..again he comes out widout my rotis ,completely ignoring me and moving to next table and taking new order.
Now i barked..”Roti kab laega?”.
Waiter:”5 min”. Without any hint of regret for serving us badly.Com-mon the gravy was about to freeze in pune’schilling weather..and this guy was roaming in paris ,london and forgot India..The John finally got his table lighted up..yeah after 15 minutes that too without a glass of water.

Finally he brought the missing rotis..I ordered him for a rice plate..again same story of ignorance , of waiting for lifetime..Each minute was like an hour during that time..We felt that we are at his mercy for the food.The rice again took 10 -12 more it was the time for making bill..again 10+ more minutes,inspite of me asking to return soon…I was really pissed off..I wanted to piss at him but then thought of catching hold of some manager or his boss ..Cudn’t find anyone as it was near closing time ..The bill counter was also missing which was noticed only on that day..they got the bills cleared from the kitchen i think..  🙂 .I swore that I wud think 1000 times before visiting this place again.
But, it’s always the food which brings me back..but the service SUCKS big time..The pathetic service of this restaurant is well known now, but still the business is cool.Why?because we are not the “Ideal Customers”.

The managment or their bosses should note that their ppl are not doing good service .And not only “Prems”.. Customer service is neglected in many well known places like RiverView and Chutneys etc.Once the business is established ..they don’t bother to maintain the same level of service  forever.Even quality gets degraded as time passes..I have heard”Hotel Blue Nile ” serves some very good Non-Veg stuff..I think that was history but people still believe it and crowd the place..

Any intellectual or a logical business man should never forget this simple funda of maintaing Quality and service for retaining Customers which eventually pays in superior profits.
Coming back to Ideal customers,We need to ask for things we need.”The customer is King” is not an Indian philosophy ,it emerged in the WEST in the face of rising ,booming Consumerism Economy.We need to imbibe this concept in our brains .Customer’s too should opt to blacklist such places or raise their voices by complaining and giving sincere feedback on payment counters or personally to the attendees.Guys..common behave like a king ..wat’s the harm?

Our problem is we are too shy for saying “NO” on face.Also , we should stop paying tips when not required..i knw its kinda difficult task for regualr TIP givers,but ask the question to the Customer inside you…were you really satisfied by the serivce??.no no… not the food but the service.You have paid for the food..and tips goes for the service right? If answer is No to first question, then don’t be ashamed of leaving the bill widout a Tip..These days , I exit from the restuarant with full confidence without putting a TIP.If the waiter comes before you leave..tell him…I didn’t like your service..He may take that thing “DIL PE”.Put the seeds of competition between waiters.Lets be more harsh on Tips.If every other customer behaves like a king..I bet these guys will be on their toes..and we will get wat we need and what we need is Value for time and money.So its a demand and supply concept after all..some are intelligent enough to understand the demand and make the supply voluntarily..some are forced to the supply because of rising demands…this sounds logical to me atleast..

I want consumer India who fear no one ,ready to screw up the service providers for any lousy treatment or if  taken for granted.The same funda applies for your Quench for better administration..better democracy and to stop corruption.
Lets Raise voice !!!


  1. One mail can spark a revolution.. lol… on a serious note, u already have a patron – URS TRULY…

    Comment by Sam — January 12, 2008 @ 4:24 am

  2. was kind of going on in my mind from long..and yep that mail sparked it..

    Comment by nitin — January 12, 2008 @ 4:41 am

  3. dude,

    Service providers sometimes take customers for granted. And the waiters in the small business doesn’t even know what “Service providers/Customer satisfaction” Jargons are! If not the details, they shld be provided with an overview of what exactly is expected from ’em. US mein customers aren’t GOD, but they are treated as same coz Customers have power to “sue” any unsatisfactory service provider!

    Comment by Anoop — January 12, 2008 @ 8:24 am

  4. nitin, I’ve been to this restaurant…it’s utter shit. there is no concept of customer service in india. no point getting frustrated. you can read my recent post titled “a date with the t mobile customer service dept”. some scrap service that i received in the US! probably you’ll feel better. 🙂

    Comment by Ruhi — January 12, 2008 @ 8:53 am

  5. @anoop
    “waiters in the small business doesn’t even know what “Service providers/Customer satisfaction” Jargons are!”.. well if its so..they shud stop expecting TIPS..i think they know it better..but its our dariyadili that we put tip inspite of inferior service.


    Didn’t knew that u have been to pune..well the place does serves good food.I can’t help getting frustated..I expect india to be a better place in all terms..and it doesn’t need a rocket scientist to understand customer service.If i had my own restaurant..I would die to serve well.
    Ah..US is my dream country 🙂 and such scanty instances of bad customer service do happen.

    Comment by nitin — January 12, 2008 @ 4:05 pm

  6. well…thats why I said, they take customers as granted !

    Comment by Anoop — January 12, 2008 @ 5:24 pm

  7. Nitin,

    Yes, I was in Pune during my undergrad years for 3 years in total. Are you from Pune? Yes, the level of customer service in the US is quite high, esp. compared to India. I have hardly had a prob with the cust. service, except for the recent incident with T Mobile, which I found very hard to digest. You get used to good customer service. 😉

    Comment by Ruhi — January 12, 2008 @ 9:55 pm

  8. Like Times Food Guide, that gives the addresses n phone nums of various eateries, lets get together n publish a book called “HOTELS & WAITERS FROM HELL – Based On Real Life Incidents”… U know what this book will be all abt.. the name says it all. game?

    Comment by Sam — January 13, 2008 @ 2:38 am

  9. @Ruhi
    am basically from mumbai but working in pune.I have a special post on my life in pune…If interested pls check out.

    Thats a very innovative idea..Am sure it will be 10,000 pages edition or more? 🙂
    “HOTELS & WAITERS FROM HELL” lol.. Lets find a publisher 🙂

    Correct Anup.Unko(waiters) koi farak nahi padta agar we are unsatisified..the owner of the restaurant shud check this if he’s really worried about customer service and his business..

    Comment by nitin — January 13, 2008 @ 5:57 am

  10. i dint know i had convincing powers!!! that’ll go into my resume now…. 😉

    Comment by Sam — January 13, 2008 @ 2:33 pm

  11. nitin, forget the restaurant and what u faced there, bhabhi se kab mila raha ye baat tu..

    Comment by assemkhan — January 14, 2008 @ 5:13 am

  12. I had worse experiences. Once at a small restaurant ( Categorized under : where the waiter doesn’t accept the payment.. u have to pay it at the bill counter) in TVM, Kerala shouted at me bcoz the bill was wet (there was no tissue paper or a towel to dry my hands and the waiter handed me the bill as soon as I washed my hands).

    The next day 5 of ma friends walked in to the restaurant. Dipped all our bills in water, and gave it to the cashier.. 
    He didn’t complain this time.

    In another restaurant, I ordered for 3 chapattis and Chicken. Once I was over with it, I ordered for one more…. He served it to me.
    Once I was done with it…I was still hungry. So I ordered one more.
    He got angry with me and said “If you wanted more, you should have ordered in one go… I cant walk into the kitchen each time”

    Lol. I thought his job was to walk into the kitchen each time.

    One of my colleague in Chennai had this experience :

    He ordered for a masala dosa.. they served it in a banana leaf. He wanted one more, and ordered it and asked the waiter to change the leaf. The waiter said, “it’s one leaf per person”. He talked to the “head waiter” or the supervisor and told him that he wanted one new leaf as the one he had was filthy.
    Supervisor repeated the “one person one leaf” thing.
    So my friend got up. Paid the bill. Walked to the next table , Took a chair and ordered for a masala dosa.

    They bought him a new leaf.

    All these were at small restaurants, I know you cant expect ‘Good customer care’ at these places, but still am paying for some simple things like ‘serving food’ and good attitude and a new banana leaf for god’s sake……

    Comment by Xylene — January 14, 2008 @ 11:30 am

  13. U shd have pushed him into the cooking pot and made a curry out of him! 🙂

    Comment by aniche — January 15, 2008 @ 5:13 am

  14. @Xylene

    I think aniche has solution to this problem.. “fry the fucking bastards in their own oil”

    Comment by nitin — January 15, 2008 @ 5:23 am

  15. Im a proud girl today!!! i post some stuff in my blog and i open the floodgates!!!! WHOAAA!!!!! i just wish Aniche was with me throughout the harrowing experiences that i had in Pratap Da Dhaba n Pizza Hut..

    Comment by Sam — January 15, 2008 @ 3:20 pm

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    Comment by ITC business hotels Pune — January 16, 2008 @ 8:51 am

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