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December 24, 2007

Weekend Masti and Shopping

Lots many things happened 2day.We friends decided to meet up at JJ Hostel from where we were supposed to pick another frnd.The count of 6 dropped to 3… Public gave big “taang” at last moment.Anyway I was excited as it was after a long time I was visiting south mumbai..maybe after 6 months or soo.

Reaching JJ Hostel:
But fate had some other plans for us.Myself and ramee boarded 11:40am slow local for CST from Mulund.I was doing my favourite then gave company to Ramee.As we were about to reach Ghatkopar, the train stopped.I thought maybe some signal problem.Waited for 15 minutes ..until ppl started grunting about a train standing right in front of our train.Disgustingly ..I went to the door..and made my space to peep outside as I wanted to be eyewitness to the incident to really believe it.Not this time mannn…!!!!..
Such problems were not new for me as I had seen such scene many a times.I presumed  some kind of  accident of person trying to cross railway lines ..After 15 more minutes… , another train was queued up behind us.We were sandwitched betwn 2 local trains now.Mumbai public as usual, in there rush to some place or the other, dropped from the train and did “Ghatkopar march“.

Still unaware of the problem,i thought this will be sorted in another 10-15 minutes or so..So we waited patiently..Later some one broke the suspense revealing that some coaches of a local derailed betwn Ghatkopar and vidhyavihar..Realising this mishap..It was understood that there cannot be any immediate measures from the Railways..which wud certainly take very long to clear the route.So finally decided to jump off the train and do “Ghatkopar March” myself.We did.I was in no mood to even think of catching a fast local from platform No.4 as it was crowded like “Kumb ka Mela”.

Mumbai is a place where we can get to any destination with somekind of transport or the other.We opted for a bus to Sandhurst Road.But we were informed that there was no direct route from Ghatkopar to CST-side.So we took 305 till Dadar TTcircle.Thereafter boarded a bus No.2 which would drop just at the start of JJ Flyover.We were the clever ones.indeed…many ppl were strangled at Ghatkopar Station..some intelligent like us made a move to the nearest bus-stop to fleee from the chaotic site.Well forgot to mention.the incident at Ghatkopar Bus stop .The scene at that bustop was also similar as many ppl were now forced to use bus.There were petty fights between ( Kartavya nisht) driver and passengers over boarding the bus from the front door.

It was really not a good choice to get in from the Packed back side door ,so i asked ramee to hop in from front like other passengers(I never break rules 😉 ).That Zealot driver  asked all the ladies who were boarding the bus from front to get out of the bus.Then our Mumbai ke public came in to action..they correctly pointed out the situation at Ghatkopar station and asked the driver to keep cool and  compromise his values during such finally ladies were allowed and the driver who ..initally stopped the engine over verbal amusement/abusement, later he started the bus and finally we sailed in glory of our victory over that stubborn driver..

Exhausted as we were ..we met the third partner..He was waiting for us from 12:30 pm onwards.we shaked hands at 3:30 pm finally.
Thus was the whole episode of reaching JJ hostel from Mulund.

Mumbai Shopping Festival:

It had been very long since i shopped for cheap items from Mumbai streets.But this day will be remembered for breaking that jinx ..which was based on the fact that “Branded is paisa Vasool and cool“.
We went loitering arnd Fashion Street..I was not looking for clothes ,but for other items..I got my self a watch , a fashionable HarlyDavidson Wallet and a funky looking wrist band.We all did shopping for something arnd 900 bucks …all investment in roadside products..

3 watches for Rupees 300.
1 Wallet for Rs 150.
2 Wrist band  for 35 and 30 each.
1  finger ring(ladies) for 10 bucks 🙂
“Freakonomics” the book for Rs 40 …good print mind you..
total 5 Shorts for 300 bucks just outside Churchgate Station.

Wallet watch and handband

We used to shop like this in Bandra,Fort,CST and sometimes Chor Bazar at 4:30 am in morning…ya believe me.. those were college days..Ah loved those days..

5 spice Ka Khana:
Finally..we had some really delicious Chinese food at 5 spice.
Its opposite to Old Reserve bank Building.The Quantity of “Prawns Rice” was sufficient for 3 of us.We had “Chicken pepper chilly” for starters.

The staff was almost wearing a chinese look..I wonder whether they were from china or from our North East region ?The  lady at reception had wore a chinese outfit which was quite pretty.
This place  is a recommendation from me as a Paisa Vasool (Value for money) for ambience, good taste,Quantity and quality.

It was the day where we roamed like hell..before we started dinning all six legs were calling for a walking strike..somehow we coaxed them and finally succumbed to their demand and landed at 5 spice.
Good food really opens up all the senses and we were feeling fresh again..

Ramee/Shirish  ..inspite of a bad start we  had a wonderful end to the day …


  1. u spent like 4 hrs to reach yr destination (that 2 in bmbay climate) & u call this masti???

    Doctor ke paas ja checkup kar i think u are not well.

    Comment by assemkhan — December 26, 2007 @ 11:46 am

  2. Abe ..mumbai ke lafde..zhagde main involve hone pe masti ka mood banjata hain..Woh driver ka sahi maza aaya tha..and it was a good experience..Pune wale ko kya malum.. ?
    MG road,FC road aur JM road..road pe he sado..

    Comment by nitin — December 26, 2007 @ 1:32 pm

  3. the wallet looks kinda….weird…like an SnM accessory…scary..

    Comment by aniche — December 27, 2007 @ 4:23 am

  4. Ya man.. Yesterday i took it out in front of my collegues..they were staring as if i took out a chopper or ghoda..
    I like this scary stuff…

    Comment by nitin — December 27, 2007 @ 5:32 am

  5. i liked the wallet dude!

    Comment by assemkhan — December 27, 2007 @ 8:27 am

  6. oye…. i like bombay too… but Pune ko gali nahi deneka!

    Comment by Aalok Pandit — December 30, 2007 @ 5:52 pm

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