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December 27, 2007

Benazir Bhutto is killed

Is it shocking?

No way..she was going to get killed anyhow?dont you knw? How dare she challenge the Extreimist that too in pakistan..Bcos in pakistan, there is no value for human life.

Suicide bomber’s are available like cracker’s during Diwali.Just pickup an idiot ..give him holy lessons and he will be ready to torch himself and along wid him some 20 -25 ppl….No protection to common man as such.

She(Bhutto) felt, she writes in her book, no fear of violence — not because of the presence of the police and army, but because of the sheltering presence of the crowd itself. ‘Though I was totally exposed on the truck,’ Bhutto wrote, ‘I felt no danger. Only someone who was willing to be torn apart by the crowd could harm me. There was no threat either from the police or the army. Overwhelmed by the crowds, some of our former enemies stayed behind the locked gates of their barracks, while many others came out to join in the celebration.’

But maam ..that was 1986 when you returned like a Queen..This is 2007 are now trying to act like a free bird in Pakistan where there are big hunters with sniper’s…What you think of pakistan?A bird sanctuary?

You thought if one attempt fails..there won’t be another? Why you challenged the already challenged “Merchant of Deaths”..You were better in a good life with all those money which you made in your tenure.

“Woh kehte hain na jab gheedhad ki maut aati hain woh sahar ke tarf bhagta hain”.. May be she lost her mind.For hell sake why you wanted to be a superwomen..trying to change the face of pakistan .You insisted that the weight of whole pakistan be put on your shoulders..But you failed miserably..It’s not that I love terrorist..But understand this..Pakistan is not a a place where people live in harmony..killing ,bombing .. beheading,strike,curfew.. military goondagiri is a everyday chores .

I remember those days when everyday..there were news of ppl getting killed in the valley(Jammu)..Got used to such news and my presumption is that even Newsbroker are bored enough of reporting the same stuff about violence in that part of the country.

She was shot with a sniper with the bullet piercing through her neck, then our bomber man wanted to confirm her death and so blew himself up.Body parts were thrown across the blast site.One channel found the head of the bomber lying 70 feet from the site of the blast.
Earlier also her convoy was attacked where 180 were dead.Even now another 30-40 are queuing for Heaven/Hell without a ticket.

Does anybody care?Its too late now..A state which perpretated Terrorism is now itself on the mercy of terrorist .”What you sow is what you Reap” ain’ t it right?
US is  having nightmares because of Osama..So Mush still time is there..Join hands to curb terorism.May her soul rest in peace.. Nawaz Sharif is on the list???no-no..Musharraf is the hot target now..Lets wait and see..

I am worried about common man like you and me in that country..what’s there fault? Being a citizen of such a nation not only brings shame ..but also repercussions of a failed state.

Busy wid training

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These days, I dont feel like working that too after 4 days of long weekend …and back with a task to learn Spring am  attending a training on Spring started yesterday..

The trainer is a cool chap..and am having a good time..lots of bouncers too..
Anyway..won’t be active here till 28th Dec..Maybe i will keep updating about this training if there’s anything to share..

December 24, 2007

Weekend Masti and Shopping

Lots many things happened 2day.We friends decided to meet up at JJ Hostel from where we were supposed to pick another frnd.The count of 6 dropped to 3… Public gave big “taang” at last moment.Anyway I was excited as it was after a long time I was visiting south mumbai..maybe after 6 months or soo.

Reaching JJ Hostel:
But fate had some other plans for us.Myself and ramee boarded 11:40am slow local for CST from Mulund.I was doing my favourite then gave company to Ramee.As we were about to reach Ghatkopar, the train stopped.I thought maybe some signal problem.Waited for 15 minutes ..until ppl started grunting about a train standing right in front of our train.Disgustingly ..I went to the door..and made my space to peep outside as I wanted to be eyewitness to the incident to really believe it.Not this time mannn…!!!!..
Such problems were not new for me as I had seen such scene many a times.I presumed  some kind of  accident of person trying to cross railway lines ..After 15 more minutes… , another train was queued up behind us.We were sandwitched betwn 2 local trains now.Mumbai public as usual, in there rush to some place or the other, dropped from the train and did “Ghatkopar march“.

Still unaware of the problem,i thought this will be sorted in another 10-15 minutes or so..So we waited patiently..Later some one broke the suspense revealing that some coaches of a local derailed betwn Ghatkopar and vidhyavihar..Realising this mishap..It was understood that there cannot be any immediate measures from the Railways..which wud certainly take very long to clear the route.So finally decided to jump off the train and do “Ghatkopar March” myself.We did.I was in no mood to even think of catching a fast local from platform No.4 as it was crowded like “Kumb ka Mela”.

Mumbai is a place where we can get to any destination with somekind of transport or the other.We opted for a bus to Sandhurst Road.But we were informed that there was no direct route from Ghatkopar to CST-side.So we took 305 till Dadar TTcircle.Thereafter boarded a bus No.2 which would drop just at the start of JJ Flyover.We were the clever ones.indeed…many ppl were strangled at Ghatkopar Station..some intelligent like us made a move to the nearest bus-stop to fleee from the chaotic site.Well forgot to mention.the incident at Ghatkopar Bus stop .The scene at that bustop was also similar as many ppl were now forced to use bus.There were petty fights between ( Kartavya nisht) driver and passengers over boarding the bus from the front door.

It was really not a good choice to get in from the Packed back side door ,so i asked ramee to hop in from front like other passengers(I never break rules 😉 ).That Zealot driver  asked all the ladies who were boarding the bus from front to get out of the bus.Then our Mumbai ke public came in to action..they correctly pointed out the situation at Ghatkopar station and asked the driver to keep cool and  compromise his values during such finally ladies were allowed and the driver who ..initally stopped the engine over verbal amusement/abusement, later he started the bus and finally we sailed in glory of our victory over that stubborn driver..

Exhausted as we were ..we met the third partner..He was waiting for us from 12:30 pm onwards.we shaked hands at 3:30 pm finally.
Thus was the whole episode of reaching JJ hostel from Mulund.

Mumbai Shopping Festival:

It had been very long since i shopped for cheap items from Mumbai streets.But this day will be remembered for breaking that jinx ..which was based on the fact that “Branded is paisa Vasool and cool“.
We went loitering arnd Fashion Street..I was not looking for clothes ,but for other items..I got my self a watch , a fashionable HarlyDavidson Wallet and a funky looking wrist band.We all did shopping for something arnd 900 bucks …all investment in roadside products..

3 watches for Rupees 300.
1 Wallet for Rs 150.
2 Wrist band  for 35 and 30 each.
1  finger ring(ladies) for 10 bucks 🙂
“Freakonomics” the book for Rs 40 …good print mind you..
total 5 Shorts for 300 bucks just outside Churchgate Station.

Wallet watch and handband

We used to shop like this in Bandra,Fort,CST and sometimes Chor Bazar at 4:30 am in morning…ya believe me.. those were college days..Ah loved those days..

5 spice Ka Khana:
Finally..we had some really delicious Chinese food at 5 spice.
Its opposite to Old Reserve bank Building.The Quantity of “Prawns Rice” was sufficient for 3 of us.We had “Chicken pepper chilly” for starters.

The staff was almost wearing a chinese look..I wonder whether they were from china or from our North East region ?The  lady at reception had wore a chinese outfit which was quite pretty.
This place  is a recommendation from me as a Paisa Vasool (Value for money) for ambience, good taste,Quantity and quality.

It was the day where we roamed like hell..before we started dinning all six legs were calling for a walking strike..somehow we coaxed them and finally succumbed to their demand and landed at 5 spice.
Good food really opens up all the senses and we were feeling fresh again..

Ramee/Shirish  ..inspite of a bad start we  had a wonderful end to the day …

December 22, 2007

Relationship and Ego

Ego ..wat ego?..bullshit..hey dude, chill man..wat the heck?? cool it man..we are frnds..
Well , ppl wid cool attitude and light head will behave something like above conversation .But As we grow ..we become complicated,we start understanding  hidden meanings of talks which otherwise seems casual and funny.Lots of communication 2day is meant to be done in a way so as to “indicate” not “tell” wat the other person want/desire from you.
Slowly and steadily everyone understands the rule of the game “The unasked Question.The untold answer”.It’s a passive game played here..

You get this feeling like why shud I? why only me? Why always me?

Am talking about Ego which is utterly not in the sense as Ayn Rand describes it for his character Howard Roak.
My idea of Ego is pretty wild.Its the most evil nature of a human being, more dangerous than jealousy.It kills,destroys and the pain caused by it ,is acceptable to us if we signed a contract and we sing a song deep inside our heart

“The roof,the roof..the roof  is on fire..
We don’t need no water …let the mothaF**** burn..
Burn Motha F*****..burnnnnnnnnnnnn..

Well we have that monstor singing for us.. who appears from nowhere..that fucking EGO.
Why should I be the first one to bow my head.That too to a lady ? I donno but Men’s Ego should never be challenged by a lady..I understand that the statement is not fair as far as gender equality is considered.Still ,You better experience it and you wil fry like a fish in hot oil pan in that Ego War.

Ego-fights between opposite sexes can go pretty wild ..but the one who realizes his mistake first should make the move before the relationship deteriorates further.Still if the other person doesn’t accept the apology  triggers/challenges  the ego which will stand the blow of 10 thousand missiles.
If their exist love between 2 person in a relationship then Ego will find it difficult to overcome the power of love.Communicate and communicate more.We are not Dumb creatures..we can speak some common languages..There should not be any space for any misunderstandings.

 I remember a movie starring Amitabh and Jaya Bacchan named Abhimaan (1973) dedicated to this subject and doing full justice .Thankfully am outta it.
I feel relaxed..she called me up and now i feel like it was a war fought over no reason.I have my Ego under control but i do have it.But I can nail on it when its against friendship,closed ones.I always give myself a second chance. 🙂

December 13, 2007

Oye Ganpat Chal Daru la Rap Lyrics Remix version

 ShootOut At LokhandWala

 I never noticed the remix version of Ganpat Daru la..Its a grt compliation…and the lyrics are amazing wid a new touch of chicky..raunchy dialogues…I never believed that MIKA was behind this song and lyrics..

Dont miss this song…and better check out the lyrics..its awesomeee…especially the background score when dialogues are deilvered..


Welcome to Wadwani’s constructions…
Yourself name pls..
Breaking news main…aaj maya Dolas gang ne wadwani builder to agva kar liya..
Maine meeta mattu mumbai se..
(Diya mirza..heheee..wat a name!!)

Phone ringing..

Hello Bua..Main phattu..
Bhai bola tapkane ka nahi..
yeee.. Bhai ko bol sankai khopdi ko samjhane ka nahi..sala

Phone ringing..yeh number waist hain…thodi der baad dial kare..
Ringing ..Hello Tupling ..main chikna..yeh RC kidar hai re..
aree uski maa ki sala
“Daru zidar RC udhar”..”Daru zidar RC udhar..”
Phone ringing..
hey maya dolas hai nam hain na tera..main saudh ,kya chata hai re?

In the Mumbaii, all over Indiahaa,
we are the bhaiiis, we are the bhaiiiis

In the Mumbaii, all over Indiahaa,
we are the bhaiiis, we are the bhaiiiis

Aye ganpat chal daroo laa,
aye ganpat chal daroo laa
Ice chala soda kam thoda pani mila,
ice chala soda kam thoda pani mila
Thoda table wable saaf karrr de na yaar,
thoda table wable saaf karrr de na yaar
Aye ganpatt, ganpat, Aye ganpatt ganpat, woooo

tring tring..

Hello Maya bhai main saudh bol raha hoon bhai..
salam alekum saudh bhai , kaise phone kiya?
Salam..Bhai..yeh chota sajan ke log muje bahut dhoond rahe hain..
main bahut paresan ho gayela bhai..mereko dhundte rehte hai bhai..bhai kuch karoo..bhai..kuch
Saudh bhai aap phone karo..main abhi chota sajan se baaat karta hoon ..apna chota bhai hai
aap jaisa bolenge waise ho jaega..khuda hafiz..
ringing again….

Hello chota Sajan , bhai main maya bol raha hoon, Namaskar..
are maya ji namaskar namsakar..kaise yaaad kiya?
Bas bhai aapse chota sa kaam tha..abhi phone aaya tha saudh bhai ka, pakistan se..

Dekho muje koi lafda nahi chaiye tum dono ganga ka india main..
jo bhi karna hain plsss desh ke bahar karo..
thik hain maya jo tu kehta hain waise he hoga..

Bhai hoon mein, bhai, tu fikar na kar,
uski maa ki, uski bhen ki, jo dekhe idhar
apun ko bata de kabhi howe fantar,
sabki fattti apne naamse apun jaye jidhar
thoda coke shok to apun ke dost ko de na yaar,
thoda coke shok to apun ke dost ko de na yaar
Aye ganpatt, ganpat, aye ganpat CHAL, daroo laa..

heeyey(Sharukh ‘s  Tuttering voice) maya bhai main farrook bol raha hooon farrook..
Ha bol farook bhai bol kya baat hain..(But its actually Vivek’s Stroy)

yeeehhh Kaish(Aishwarya) apne aap ko samajti kya hain?
shooting main muje Balwan(Salman Khan) ke phone aate hai..muje dukhi karta rehta hain..
Maya bhai ..pls thik karo usko..
Are farook..tu phone rakh yaar..Kaish apni muuuuaaahh bacchi hain..tu phone rakh main baat karta hoon..


Helloji main Kaishwaryaji se baat kar sakta hoon?
who’s on the line?
Maya bol raha hoon..Maya ? who maya?(Karan Johar hehehe)
ayyee Pandu bhutiye..
Kaishwarya jiii Kaishwarya jiii apke liye kisi maya ji ka phone hain..
abhi aaya na sala line pe..salaaa nimbo…huhhelloo

Hellohuhhelloo maya..Hello kaish…this is the baap of hindi pop..
hiii r u?
yayayaya baby yeh tera farook ke saath main kya lafda hain?nahi maya..
thik hain na baby..uski phati padti hai..yeyeyeyyeeee..sambhal na usko..
sambhal na usko..sambhal na apne bacche ko…i knw maya i knw..
Bye u..
bye maya love u…

Bipasha Mallika Priyanka ya ho Kaishvarya rai,
Jaye saali jaa ke jahan marzi maraye
yash chopra, subash ghai apni picture banaye
apun ko kya lena jaise taise paise kamaye
apun ko to chahiye din mein special chai
shaam ko daroo, raat ko ladki aurrr neend aa jaye.
Aye ganpatt, aye ganpat CHAL


Maya !!dimag pe zyada zor mat dal..main DCP khan ..
bahut ho gaya tera game shame chal abhi band kar dukaan..
Do minute baat kiya to yeh mat samajna ki chod dunga main..
meri ganag main aaja khan full support dunga main..
Saale Bhadve ..2- 4 ko tapkake amitabh bacchan banta hain , chupppp
meri ek ek goli pe tera naam likha hain..

Tereko photo bheju apni …Chalega?
yehi nazar aaega last time tu jab marega..

Maya bhai zindabad..maya bhai zindabad..(chorus)

Congress samta party ya fir howe BJP
sabko sport(support) hoti only tere bhai kee
Koi sala faltoo bole to tapka dalta  mein
maar maar ke, maar maar ke, faaad dalata mein
Thoda murga-shurga murga-shurga de na yaar,
thoda murga-shurga murga-shurga de na yaar
Aye ganpatt, CHAL daroo laa,
aye ganpat, huh, challl darooo laa.

Comon comon and everybody,
comon comon and move your body,
comon comon and shake your body,
In the Mumbaii, all over Indiahaa,
we are the bhaiiis, we are the bhaiiiis

Comon comon and everybody,
comon comon and move your body,
comon comon and shake your body, yeahhh

In the Mumbaii, all over Indiahaa,
we are the bhaiiis, we are the bhaiiiis

Aye ganpatt, …. aye ganpat,….. aye ganpat
pannn ye ganpatt kaun hein…

December 9, 2007

How to use torrents to Download movies ,mp3 and other files

What is BitTorrent?
BitTorrent (often abbreviated to ‘BT’) is a protocol (a set of rules and description of how to do things) allowing you to download files quickly by allowing people downloading the file to upload (distribute) parts of it at the same time. BitTorrent is often used for distribution of very large files, very popular files and files available for free, as it is a lot cheaper, faster and more efficient to distribute files using BitTorrent than a regular download.

µTorrent is a BitTorrent client. A ‘client’ in this case is a computer program that follows the rules of a protocol. For example, HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is the protocol used to download web pages and other content – like this page – and your HTTP client (or browser) is the program you use to get those web pages. Some popular browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera. To an extent, they all work the same way because they follow the same set of rules.

Just as there are multiple HTTP clients, there are multiple BitTorrent clients, and µTorrent is one such BT client.

I have made this video..just for those people who doesnt know the power of torrents and are always in need of finding ways for downloading latest movies ,songs,ebooks and stuffs..check it out..
you need a ‘torrent file’ (often abbreviated as ‘.torrent’ or just ‘torrent’) to download content available using BitTorrent

In this example..The site used for downloading torrent is

BitTorrent client used is Utorrent 1.6 you can download it from here.
Just click the green DOWNLOAD Button..

  • Now you just need to add torrent file to your TorrentClient..
  • Follow the video for detail steps..its really very very simple

Top 5 Torrent’s downloading  site..

1. Torrentz

2. Mininova

3. ThePirateBay

4. Torrentspy

5. Isohunt

December 5, 2007

A Rat Knocking on my Door

Rats are the most intelligent animals I have seen but not read.This impression is not the result of the HollyWood flick “Ratatoullie”.Sanjay dutt had a Major saab visting him everynight at sharp 12:30 or 1 am in his 10*10 ka flat.The Major knew the inmate ,the various entry,exit and all the konakopcha of his terriotry ;also never missed its duty to make rounds every midnight.

I occupy a falt on 3rd floor of a 40 -50 yr’ s old building built by the CentralGovernment of India.The place is clean on 3 sides baring the west side of the building facing railway station which has some good filth surrounding it.On a perfect night sharp at 1:30 am ..we have a major from the westzone visiting us.I never thought that he was capable of climbing Everest.The bastard is an uninvited guest breaking to my home when the whole world sleeps.He was a casual visitor until his fingerprints was noticed by my Mom.My computer cable was churned like a bubblegum.The last possible target was the rice bag which was untouched as he was well behaved and gave us that much privacy to keep away from my bedroom.

Does he has a timex watch and a direction compass gifted by Jack Sparrow?
The little bastard has won my faith surely that he is clever than my class five teacher.
The approximate distance to climb 3rd floor will be arnd 20 meters or so..Also our windows are all protected by old net grill fashion.But the ventilator were always open.He exactly new the place ,the window and the time for arrival and departure.
Day before yest ,my dad blocked the ventilator with a woodden board also the opening in the kitchen next to the exhaust fan.That night i was awake and  was desperatley waiting for my Major Saab.Exactly at 1:30am he knocked the now blocked ventilator board.He wasn’t aware that …i was waiting for him,but as a casual observer.”Main kanoon ko apne haath main nahi leta” .
And yes..I fear rats.they are so quick and dirty,difficult to trace and blackish.My sis almost had an eyelock wid him once and she screamed even when no one was at home.Coming back..He kept knocking as if i will welcome him in.Later he desperately tried the entry from the kitchen which was again in vain.I kept marvelling at his judgement about directions of all entry and exits.We offered him poison inside wheat floor but again he was not a local havaldar..he was after all a well trained Major.He could smell and reject the tasteless ball.

So much for the him ,that we informed other residents about the adventure of Majorsaab and how we succeeded in  making him helpless to cross the laxman rekha.
Is there nothing to eat out there on indian roads that these scum are approaching the terrace floor?What wud be the condition of our grnd floor families.?
That day i felt like buying a sniper and making a kill out of all those underground goons.Even cats fear them as i dont see them making a move in their area.We have some stray dogs who are good for nothing.I wish they some how evolve to eat rats.
I will wait 2night for Majorsaab again .Lets see how many days he keeps on trying to break in my apartment.(2day is the 3rd day)

He should understand that getting a visa for my apartment is not a cake walk.Am not sure wether he will give up.He is a true fighter thou.We need such people with same determination and accuracy to run our nation.Anyway..ppl running the nation are also Rats.They eat eat eat till they die.They reproduce,reproduce and churn the legs of every table standing.A politician is a bigger rat who fears no one.One can close all the ventilators but he can still smother you.we are like cockroaches for them.Ample in size and quantity.Ready to eat like 2 minute noodles.We make a healthy diet and we choose them after all.That rat and this rat.Rats everywhere!!!

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