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November 22, 2007

Modern Indian Architecture

Architecture is the barometer for Grandeur, Pride, Advancement for all civilization, countries and culture right from from the Egyptian, European, Chinese, Greek and Indus Valley Civilization.

India has some of the finest Architectural/Carving wonders as old as 500 BC.No one can question the Dome of great Taj Mahal,the ever standing pillar of Qutub Minar,the Ajanta and Ellora Carvings of Buddha,Innumerable Temples with finest pieces of carving work,natural paintings etc.

When thinking of Old India;it mesmerizes my mind thinking of the passion people had for such great human made structures.Many great palaces,monuments of worship of every religion and faith are still standing with dignity.some have wilted against the power of sun,wind and the great monsoon but other’s still standing; speaking proudly of its era..its importance at that time and showing the world of the power of kings and queens at those time,about the culture and the artisrty of its people.The magestic skills of hundreds of craftsmen working 2gether and making something possible to admire,to fall in love with, giving us some of the finest piece of arts in the whole world.
Now it is time for the Modern India which is marching forward confidently in spite of knowing its problems of a Rich-Poor divide. What the modern India needs is building’s which can raise the morale and dignity of a well developed nation which is technically advanced  and which should blend  with the cultural landscapes of India.

But I can see a big void out there.Can anyone count me the modern marvells of India?.All we can spot is glass clad buildings of software Industry.Infosys and Wipro has taken a stride ahead to show the world ,their power by trying to build something big and modern.Still am not satisfied with the passion people /government officials/bureaucrats/ have for modern architecture and Mega Structures.

No one wants to give India a WORLD TRADE CENTER, PERTONAS TOWER or a BURZ AL ARAB  etc needs to mention many more great pieces of work.

Check out the greats buildings of all time out here..Should we only count on our rich past and its  structures and style.Why can’t modern India build something which shows our power and our ability to the world.If we are ahead in space , nuclear energy, automobiles then why can’t we give our people some classic ..some great Mega Structure to be proud off?.During my visit to Nashik last year..i fell in love with human made marvells made of stone and granite.Nashik has some very old and beautiful temples.I liked especially KALA RAM GORA RAM temple.Cant wait to visit AJANTA AND ELLORA soon.

I am really passionate about Buildings and Mega Structures.Whenever I encounter any episode of MEGA STRUCTURES on NATGEO ..i feel why can’t India decide on making something as big ,huge and technology wise the first to implement a great piece of architecture marvell.where are our architects ? where can they show their skill?

Modern India is pathetic in terms of city planning.During british tenure we were gifted with some great buildings located at South Mumbai.The CST and Churchgate Station being  two of them to mention.During that period there was no need to build such huge Stations considering the population of mumbai ,still they(britishers) made it so large keeping foresight in consideration and now we are reaping its benefits 2day.Is there any station both in central and western railways made by Independent India as huge as them?Every Railway station in mumbai suburbs have choked platform bridges.Some so narrow that it takes 15 minutes to cross one bridge.Modern India has failed pathetically in basic Infrastructure and its quality.It cannot be ignored.This shows our degraded behaviour, our lack of liking for  quality, our meagre expectations.Finally wat we expect is wat we get.

Why should China,Malayasia,Japan,US, Europe have all the fun with skyscrapers?


  1. Most of the grand buildings were made during the Mughal Rule and then, the Rajputs. Nothing that’s been made in the 20th century is even worth mentioning. Whatever we have is also in a deplorable condition.

    Comment by ruhi — November 23, 2007 @ 12:06 am

  2. I love the Mughal architecture, also the Gothic work by the britishers is awsome. If we were under the british raj, we would have had much better monuments today. So the solution to building good structures is to sacrifice our independence (how are we making any use of it anyway)

    Comment by assemkhan — November 23, 2007 @ 8:58 am

  3. what about the cholas of the south and the northern kings like Ashoka?

    Muslim / Christian rulers sadly burnt many magnificent structures down, else time took its toll.

    have u ever seen the kailasa temple at verul?

    Comment by prax — November 24, 2007 @ 7:56 pm

  4. @ruhi.
    agreed agreed and double agreed 🙂

    I will take your joke in a constructive way..yeah..we haven’t done much for the nation after independence..Gothic ,Mughal & Hindu style all are awesome..everyone having typical style and beauty..

    your comment’s based on aseem ‘s reply?
    Well i just love hindu temples and as i have said in the post i wud like to go to ajanta and ellora .Also have just seen pics of Kailasa temple…i know its wonderful..sab zagah dekhna hain muje..

    Also ..your are right that people of other faith have destroyed Hindu temples which is really

    Comment by nitin — November 25, 2007 @ 10:31 am

  5. i think there is a whole breed of yound indian architects doing superb work. i saw som in ahmedabad , in my recent trip, a large public space for events, it was truly a remarkable work. i know from friends of a few firms in ahmebada, and some in mumbai, also bangalore, who are doing very good work, just that its not well known. and in any case, in a democracy, one cant build the way that feudal systems did.

    Comment by ajay joshi — December 16, 2007 @ 7:08 pm

  6. Hi Ajay
    welcome here ..
    Well maybe some structures are coming India but no one notices them..bcos they are just like anyother buildings..but can we call them 21st Century marvell?Also..U said “In democracy,One cant build the way that feudal systems did”…
    Not quite agreed on this.US and many European Democracies have big structres under no feuadal influence.The structure they make is both viable in terms of Economic(useful not just a show piece) and as a pillar of pride.

    Comment by nitin — December 17, 2007 @ 9:55 am

  7. I want to say that i agree with all your points,our modern indian architecture is pathetic as it isnt worth admiring.People live in buildings in mumbai yet those buildings are nothing compared to past architectural marvels like chittor fort or golconda fort.Democracy sucks cause here the politicians loot the people,purposely keep them poor so thier votes can be gained by distributing money in elections and our democracy isnt producing any constructive work.

    Comment by amit — December 28, 2007 @ 2:45 pm

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