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November 25, 2007

Life god fate and me

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Sometimes i really try to brainstorm about who we are,why are we living on this planet about re-incarnation,about soul and heaven-hell and all such stupid things.Trying to find answers of such complex questions is really the mission of life for some researchers..But trying to question everything is not the perorgative of only reasearchers.. ūüôā¬†

coming back..I really wonder about the word called “naseeb”(fate).
What is Fate?Fate of a person means that every period of life of a person is pre-decided or is going to happen in future at any cost.Fate is the order of the supreme power “god” written or decided for every human.
which means if everything is predecided then why should we worry about our future?Finally no matter wat¬†we do..Everything is going to happen as per the plan chalk out by the supreme power.Is there a chance of any modification to one’s fate?If every actions performed by us are actually been predefined by means god is running our life like a puppet.

So any action performed by us is by the will of the god like murdering,rape,bank loot,massacre…because it was bound to happen.Any murderer can claim that he is innocent ,as its not his fault or his was the will of the god.But someone can argue that if god is there then devil should also be there.But if we punish a human for his deed are we punishing the devil inside him?Because then we make third assumption about human soul as a separate entity which can¬† be controlled by both God or Devil.
So finally its our soul which bears the brunt of acts done by god/devil.

People say god is omnipresent..then why cant it stop child abuses,bombblast in its own place of worship like temples or mosques?

If we die wat happens to us?our life? our so called soul?
When some one dies we the living¬†ones can¬†presume about where¬†the deadmans¬†soul is heading for?bcos we can never have a clue about wat happens after death.But then why do we try to do things which will land us somewhere about which we dont know if anyone’s been there.Even if we assume that life exists even after death..then too how can we be sure to look back at our life after our death?

Either god has ownership of everything we see around us living or non living or it’s playing a partial role.

Assumption 1:God has ownership of everything we see around us living or non living.

why did god created 1000 of species from small micro-organisms to the Blue Whale. wat’s his purpose in providing oxygen on earth atmosphere or are we customized to breath oxygen ?
Why only earth has life …If god wants he cud have created life on more than one planet..and if we be lucky..why not our neighbouring can he control the life of all living creature on planet earth?

Assumption 2:God has a partial role to play.
If such¬†were the case then we have darwin’s and many other theories about evolution, inception of universe which can be considered credible enough to an extent.But wat if someone argues like god just created initially and then left all otherthings on themselves.Means partial support to ones life.Partial role in the universe.He doesn’t cares about the no of trees,grass,insects,animals..but only about humans.

I have talked a lot..i knw too much of stress can result in such kind of thinking..I need a break!!!

November 24, 2007

Third Division merits a cry

The following post is not to justify reservation or start a debate again  but its kind of a counter argument and some  cynical facts ; just to share some knowledge with you guys.

Lets start with a real story.

It was around 1856 when the Madras College came into being. But, from the start, it faced a peculiar problem – the college building had come up with all other infrastructural facilities, and professors from England, but not enough students to make the college viable.
India has a big pool of historians who know every detail of the modern history, and many have mastered even the world history. What they know not, or don’t like to know, is the story of the College, and the history of modern education. They took no pains in explaining as why the College had shortage of students, and how that problem was to be resolved. They would also not tell as to when, why and for whom was Third Class considered as pass.
Till the Madras college came into being some where in 1850s, the pass marks required at Intermediate level was a minimum of 40 per cent, and First and Second were the only divisions. 
On the insistence of the Indians (read Brahmans), the pass percentage requirement was brought down to 33 per cent, and Third Division introduced. The College soon got enough students to justify its existence. By all accounts, this was the first victory the merit lobby had won in the past one millennium. We can understand, and sympathise with them.
As said by an author:

“While I have begun my research in procuring those crucial documents from archives, the Report of the Indian Universities Commission (1902) gives an idea. While discussing the results of the Matriculation examination for the year 1901, the report (page 45) says: “We were told that at Calcutta 1,400 more candidates would have failed had the standard in English been 40 percent of the marks instead of 33 per cent.”¬†
Many a merit theorists cite failure rate of Dalit/Adivasi students at Medical/Engineering/Management Colleges, which is often less than a percent, as a reason to scrap reservations. 
The meritorious historians however, would not tell the failure rate of their own people. According to Progress of Education in India (1922-1927), Vol. 1, Page 40, the failure rate of students in MBBS stood at 47 per cent, and in Engineering, at 34 per cent.
They would also not tell us as how during 1860s’, their ancestors were afraid of taking science and mathematics as subjects of studies, and were in fact, bribed to study sciences and medicine. Despite huge failure rates, the British government continued promoting science education amongst them.
Despite being victims of social segregation, and economic deprivation, and as the newest entrant in the world of learning, Dalit/Adivasis never demanded bringing down pass marks to, say, 20 per cent? 
Did Dalits/Adivasis demand adding a Fourth division?
Or, did Dalits/Adivasis demand any reservation in examination for getting degrees?
What all Dalits have insisted is reservation during admissions, and many of them do better than those students who had higher percentage of marks at the time of admissions.what difference it would make between 70 per cent and 90 per cent at plus two level, or similar situation in an entrance test.
Can any one say with certainty that the 70 per cent mark sheet holder is superior to the 50 per cent mark sheet holder in intelligence?  
Can any one say with certainty that those who pass with first class are necessarily better than the second class degree holders at work places?
So in short when¬† our grandparents(not dalits) were struggling from maths and science and were getting passed¬† with atleast 33 percent and they made up build the nation (note the dalits were out of sight)the britisher’s no matter wat gave them education and brought them up. So can one say why did they struggled?Bco’s if u pull out a child from slum and start teaching him maths and science ,IN GENERAL he will struggle and not score 90% or so.So u r grandparents struggled so u r comfortable now.¬†

November 22, 2007

Modern Indian Architecture

Architecture is the barometer for Grandeur, Pride, Advancement for all civilization, countries and culture right from from the Egyptian, European, Chinese, Greek and Indus Valley Civilization.

India has some of the finest Architectural/Carving wonders as old as 500 BC.No one can question the Dome of great Taj Mahal,the ever standing pillar of Qutub Minar,the Ajanta and Ellora Carvings of Buddha,Innumerable Temples with finest pieces of carving work,natural paintings etc.

When thinking of Old India;it mesmerizes my mind thinking of the passion people had for such great human made structures.Many great palaces,monuments of worship of every religion and faith are still standing with dignity.some have wilted against the power of sun,wind and the great monsoon but other’s still standing; speaking proudly of its era..its importance at that time and showing the world of the power of kings and queens at those time,about the culture and the artisrty of its people.The magestic skills of hundreds of craftsmen working 2gether and making something possible to admire,to fall in love with, giving us some of the finest piece of arts in the whole world.
Now it is time for the Modern India which is marching forward confidently in spite of knowing its problems of a Rich-Poor divide. What the modern India needs is building’s which can raise the morale and dignity of a well developed nation¬†which is¬†technically advanced¬† and which should blend¬† with the cultural landscapes of India.

But I can see a big void out there.Can anyone count me the modern marvells of India?.All we can spot is glass clad buildings of software Industry.Infosys and Wipro has taken a stride ahead to show the world ,their power by trying to build something big and modern.Still am not satisfied with the passion people /government officials/bureaucrats/ have for modern architecture and Mega Structures.

No one wants to give India a WORLD TRADE CENTER, PERTONAS TOWER or a BURZ AL ARAB  etc needs to mention many more great pieces of work.

Check out the greats buildings of all time out here..Should we only count on our rich past and its¬† structures and style.Why can’t¬†modern India build something which shows our power and our ability to the world.If we are ahead in space , nuclear energy, automobiles then why can’t we give our people some classic ..some great Mega Structure to be proud off?.During my visit to Nashik last year..i fell in love with human made marvells made of stone and granite.Nashik has some very old and beautiful temples.I liked especially KALA RAM GORA RAM temple.Cant wait¬†to visit AJANTA AND ELLORA soon.

I am really passionate about Buildings and Mega Structures.Whenever I encounter any episode of MEGA STRUCTURES on NATGEO ..i feel why can’t India decide on making something as big ,huge and technology wise the first to implement a great piece of architecture marvell.where are our architects ? where can they show their skill?

Modern India is pathetic in terms of city planning.During british tenure we were gifted with some great buildings located at South Mumbai.The CST and Churchgate Station being  two of them to mention.During that period there was no need to build such huge Stations considering the population of mumbai ,still they(britishers) made it so large keeping foresight in consideration and now we are reaping its benefits 2day.Is there any station both in central and western railways made by Independent India as huge as them?Every Railway station in mumbai suburbs have choked platform bridges.Some so narrow that it takes 15 minutes to cross one bridge.Modern India has failed pathetically in basic Infrastructure and its quality.It cannot be ignored.This shows our degraded behaviour, our lack of liking for  quality, our meagre expectations.Finally wat we expect is wat we get.

Why should China,Malayasia,Japan,US, Europe have all the fun with skyscrapers?

November 20, 2007

I am handicapped


2day morning when i was coming to officie on my bike …. no no.. Dont think that much wild. The matter is related to my previous post.

I CANT COMMENT ON¬† WORDPRESS BLOGS!!! (pls note … am screaming)

The rule of the Block engine is such that if its finds “comments” word in the url of the browser..then that page is a hot property to be blocked.So slowly and steadily wordpress is also on the verge of getting blocked.

Is their a better word than handicapped? I can view my blog and read comments but I can’t comment on it.
So frnds.. Henceforth .I will not be as active on wordpress as I used to be. . I will try to read your blogs by GOOGLE READER.

but that too …not the full story…

This is a perfect example where i can file a PIL for “Freedom of speech” ūüôā

November 16, 2007

Blogs are getting blocked


¬†This is a terrible news for me and for all those people who’s company’s internet usage policy is so damn strict that even blogs are Blocked from¬†intranet access.

 Currently Blogspot is blocked; Wordpress Blogs are working fine thou.

Anoop, its good that you sitched to i can check your blog.Tell srini to move too.

The earlier restriction to Public-emailing sites, chatting domains, Online-gaming and Social Networking and Personal sites was considered acceptable, but bringing blogs under the scanner is really bit harsh.
No one can waste so much time in blogging or surfing if they are kept busy during officie hrs.Its only those benchers or lucky souls who inspite of being assigned to project ; those who are free can find time to browse through blogs and spread their word and why not?.

Well as of now, WordPress isn’t blocked; but soon it will also come under the microscope of the IT Security Guys here , then how will i maintain / update my blog? I dont have a connection at my room.¬†The bandwidth available in the company is¬†lightening fast and surely the best use of the resource allowing quick browsing thru¬†comments and updating ourselves about the latest post from fellow bloggers/friends.

My question is why not Ban all Trading Sites too.Well its just out of frustation (even i dont want them banned)..Infact,¬†I wud love to have access to everything..but yeah..i agree its not possible and feasible.My colleagues are heavily using the Trading sites to make profits and to keep their money growing.If spending time to manage your portfolio is¬†OK ,then why not blogs?Bcos even PM’s(project Managers)¬†and SPM’s(Senior Project Manager)¬†do the same dabbling in the Market all day.
Myself, having a small blog is denied access; forget that i even make any profit out of it.Not fair huh?

Lets hope that the day is too far when eventually wordpress will get blocked.

November 15, 2007

Break Dance video

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¬†I loved the 2nd guy…he is superb… yo yo

November 11, 2007

WordPress comments

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Fellas….am posting this well known¬†information just for those who may not be aware of this features from wordpress and therefore not using it for their advantage.

Actually I have noticed many of my post are discussed incompletely or many comments are unanswered.Isn’t it tedious to just look at your latest comments section for following up..i fear it can’t work for longer threads…

All comments made by you in wordpress and the responses to your comments can be traced with just one click.No need to hop around Indiviuals blogs of wordpress to check out the responses to your comments.

One just need to login to your acount and then¬†click the “My Dashboard” for “My Comments ” section. I¬†presume ,no one can miss this super cool feature..but then¬†, ppl are missing to follow up their comments. I¬† like commenting a lot and¬†my main problem was to track my comments; which was solved by this feature provided by wordpress.

So¬†those guys ,who are fully¬†aware can ignore this information.But plzzzzzzz¬† need to respond to comments made on your comments/posts¬† ūüėČ

More information click here


November 9, 2007

JAB WE MET – Tab I Cry

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Jab we Cry
It gives me immense pleasure to share my views or rather frustation after watching “JAB WE MEET” movie…
Third class movie hain…I swear..cant say mat dekho..bcos sabne dekhi hogi..

Iss movie ko 4 kya ,main to ek rating bhi nahi dunga…

I literally wasted my 3hrs + brks in between for brushing my teeth..taking bath..break fast.. on a Diwali day…
wat is so wrong wid everyone? wat’s so grt¬†about this movie?

There’s no grt emotional rosy romantic big drama.It doesn’t has anything to offer…its just like any other obvious love-story..

One Rich¬†boy and¬†One hyper active…they travel 2gether(PYAR TO HONA HE THA starring Ajay devgan& kajol)..end main love traingle..(KUCH KUCH HOTA HAIN..)¬†yaad nahi hain kya public ko?

And again the craze with a punjabi family..and their weddings.

In Bollywood , Directors/Producers/writers (are in love wid punjabis) can only think of a plot wid Punjabi family style..Every movie¬† is composed of only Punjabi Family..with great grandparents, and a big joint family.All healthy ,wealthy and big hearted….Is it that only punjabi families has all fun and grt marriages?

There’s no identity to Indian family on screen ¬†apart from giving¬†a punjabi¬†look and their traditional and super duper fatty marriages..?Or is this just to WOO the NRI’s in the west..Their’s a big market overseas mind you..

Karan johar ke sade hue movies waha pe kafi chalte hain..bcos woh NRI’s ko emotionally¬†leta giving them memories about the sweet punjab and their traditions..

I accept that punjabis are really different and they have¬† great culture.. NO DOUBT .But viewing the same stuffs like punjabi dances & marriages in every movie by karan Johar..and other’s are making me feel all such film monotonous widout any creativity…

Lets come to the movie..The character played by Kareena can never be¬†related wid real-life..Extra extrovert, still traditional and ready to fix up and run after an unknown stranger… ,blabbering her autobiography¬†, kissing, hugging all free of cost..widout any efforts being put by Shahid to woo her..¬†are Bhatinda girls really¬†so crazy that they hook up wid any stranger¬† in real life..(sorry am getting carried¬†away)..
Finally the plot of the two meeting up was totally undigestable.

This movie was just some ordinary love story or a bhelpuri of all other love-stories ; which we have seen 300 times…
The story is so obvious ;If she loves another guy…The third guy¬† will¬† make appearance after interval..(same thing happened wid KKHH)..then love triangle..and¬†then the¬†dilemma to go¬† with which boyfriend.idhar -udhar and finally landing up wid the hero(Shahid)…wat the crap..

The only thing i liked is Kareena Kapoor and her Patiala..she looks grt.. ūüôā

It’s sad that even critics have given this movie¬†**** .or I am the only Sucker who didn’t like this movie even for a free download…???

November 4, 2007

Men Vs Women

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How to make the other sex happy….Indian way…





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