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September 27, 2007

Democracy in Pakistan not good for US and India

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We recently saw, how Ousted Pakistani Prime minister was sent back to Saudi from the Pakistan International Airport.There was one editorial in “Times of India” putting the views , how Nawaz’s return to Pakistan would help India and the Subcontinent in different ways.But, I am not of the opinion that a democracy in Pakistan will be good for India /America.

Now that Mussharaf is being held as the hot target of the terrorist,it becomes so clear that if terrorism is to end ,they need a leader like Mussharaf who can carry out the operations like “LAL MASJIDS “.(or like Indira Gandhi’s operation “Blue Star“)

Assume, Pakistan gets a democracy.What can be the future impact on India and US ?

Mussharaf is being hated for his act against terrorism in Pakistan.People are not liking him as he is dancing to US tunes.If democracy sets in Pakistan,the government will be as usual lousy and under pressure from the Pakistani People.The PAK Citizens will be against US,this will certainly impact the fight against the Bin Ladens,which in turn will be a threat not only to india ,but many asian countries.Also , a democratic government will always be in a pressure to behave softly on certain critical issues where Musharaf is daring to go a one step ahead.He is playing a Key Role with the Bush Govt to curb terrorism influenced inside Pakistan.Also, India is long suffering from the terrorism supported by Pakistan from late 90’s for Kashmir and now in the interiors of India.

The US interest will be always Keeping Mush as the President;they will help Mush in all their power to retain him as the PAK president.A new government will shake all the anti – terror agreements between Mush and Bush…  🙂  (nice rhyme).A democracy of an islamic country with large group of fundamentalist will never allow action against the hardliners.The hands of the Pakistani police will be tied under corrupt Politicians.This can’t be the best option for India as even he has given us KARGIL,but only a dictator like Mush can control Pakistan and the mayhem arnd it.

A strong , adamant and fierce leader like Mush can handle the islamic terrorist not a democratic government.

(This story is not based on any facts and figures.This is totally a story of my mind with influence from different sources.I may not be able to  justify every statement made. If you feel its a joke ,then laugh loud and if it seems like a product of an unconscious mind..then wake me up!!!)

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September 9, 2007

Indian’s also have Taliban Culture.

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Some things are just very sad..and some deserve to be criticised as strongly as possible.Its Strange that people never see wats happening in their own backyard.I was just holding the sunday Times in my hand when i read this very brutual,harassing story about the fate of Young Couples in Haryana.I  have seen such stories on air- TV channels too.

Every news channles have their crime special episode during late night.Such programmes no matter how much they get criticized..shows the true crime color of our northern india(as most are north based channels).The crime usually emantes from domestic violence to homicides under the influence of Pride and Culture threat.

“Khap is an old system of social administration followed mainly in the north-western states of Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Not to be mistaken for elected gram panchayats, these are extra-constitutional bodies that began as clannish organisations in the tribal era but have literally transformed into kangaroo courts. In Haryana’s villages, they run a largely retrogressive and parallel law-enforcement agency. “

” In their outmoded system of beliefs, a woman falling in love with a man from the same gotra is the worst transgression and this crime translates into immediate punishment. The guilty can be ostracised, banished from the village, made to drink urine, paraded naked, beaten up or killed.”

I think such panchayats and the panchs are some kind of wise jokers/bloody murderers out there to dictate the fate of young india.This shows our double standards when we criticise the ills of Taliban like culture but fail to raise a voice against our own Sacred  Culture ..yes!!!..don’t say it’s not related to our culture..Everything which is practiced by large group of ppl following a particular religion,belonging to particular caste can be called its Culture..(its not a dicitionary meaning,its a definition as fars as i understand)

Why dont we get down on such panch’s and why dont we literate such families which in a matter of keeping false pride of “biradari” kills their own kins…its utterly backward and shameful..

When will our media,police and judiciary will come high on such incidents..Such deaths should not be dealt like individual homicide ,but these are organised crime , given the veil of culture and Pride…its almost like the fatwas (undigestable)which we severly condemn and sometimes make fun off and term it as silly.

India should be shameful that we still have such villages where in the name of culture and pride we kill.Caste Panchayats are still considered sacred and they have evil eyes for the modern Judiciary.Still in parts of UP,Bihar,Rajasthan and Haryana such caste Panchayats are playing a major role and consider this as apathy of the fellow villagers that even police and government officials keep mum and  doesn’t interfere with such panchayats verdict.

some horrific incidents to quote
“A 10-day-old baby, Ankush, was snatched from his parents Pawan and Kavita in Katlaheri village of Karnal district. Katlaheri panchayat head Rajesh Kumar justified the act, saying that the infant was separated from his parents as their marriage was illegal and against tradition”

“khap panchayat in Karora village in Kaithal district came down on Manoj and Babli. Just 23 and 19 years old, it was a tale of young love uniting in the face of opposition. But instead of living happily ever after, they ended up dead. Their decomposed bodies were fished out from a canal in Narnound town in Hisar district just two months after they tied the knot in Chandigarh. Both were kidnapped and brutally murdered, allegedly by family members, on the orders of their village khap panchayat which justified the killing on the ground that it was incest as the couple belonged to the same Banwala gotra.”

These are just some of the incidents which, due to their severity gets highlighted and come out in the media.There can be inummerable such caste panchayat’s incidents and verdicts which had come hard on ppl who are forced to follow it..And due to such injustice at the hands of their own ppl and their own caste , some gets far off..finally taking the law in to their own hands ..and then becoming “NAXALS“.I think NAXAL or NAXALITIES are people who had suffered in some way or the other by their own panchayats;injustice at the hands of upper caste or by the police and not to mention the Society or the Samaj.

One such Striking example is “Phoolan Devi“.

Any thing which is against humanity can never be part of any Civilian Culture to be pride of.  

Read the story as in the Times of India

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