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July 26, 2007

John – Bipasha and Indian Media

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Today,I had everytime to browse through news channels and get  some dose of news and current happenings in india and around the globe..

I kept on browsing channels ….finally landed on some sensational story on  John and Bipasha..

Nowadays our news channels have no other thing to show other than blowing off celebrities personal life…

They host a complete show on how the relationship was -is-would be  in the near future  among the lovely couple .Every attempt is made for adding  masala to indian idiot box ..because the notion is There is a considerable audience for such stuffs…it sells…”
There was some press conference in which Bipasha was made to reveal abt her relationship status with John Abraham..

For hell sake why should she reveal it?
What is the interest of public in such personal affairs..?

Why dont our media keep out of sensationalizing evey news at hand.Such news could very well find its place in film magazines ..why on TV, the media is begging ..asking Bips to reveal abt her relationship..Don’t they have any personal life?Atleast don’t force someone to reveal about their personal life…its none of our buisness!

Why am i feeling so frustated? Because one can only understand the pain when consider yourself in their shoes.Also its damn illlogical…

I think ..we need vigilent media for our corrupt democracy which does it part my carrying out Sting operations and similar stuffs..but at the same time ,keeping out of blowing off personal affairs.

Bips has rightly said”Its  nothing to be disclosed to the media..You can make watever stories you want to make abt me.”

This is called organised personal torture…


  1. hmm..

    If m not mistaken, there was some similar incident on Bips some weeks ago, where she was shown “kissied by Cristiano Ronaldo – Football player”. But the inside story was He was just trying to say sumthin in her ear closely.
    I dunno where exactly it happened but the entire episode is an attempt to disrupt personal life for the sake of TRP rating n Media focus.

    One of the document I read abt paparazzis long time back was they are the people who just follow celebs like a shadow and dig out their lives to the core. They make money as freelancers. Their main objective is to bring out something, a common man is looking for in celeb’s life. Just for the heck of it, they keep bothering celeb’s. Why the hell they do it man !!..

    yes its true tht film magazines are for such things, but even they dont have right to expose sumthin very personal. They fabricate personal stories just to create gossips n entertainment. But is it fair enuf to keep celeb’s personal on the line for public entertainment ?..

    Well, as far as I have read abt Celeb life. Thou as an individual, they have private life, but as far as their celeb status is concerned, according to the ‘privacy law’ of a public figure(Celeb)…..Celeb’s do have some amt of life which is for public. Am I making myself clear? Yes, thts wht I have read. It means a celeb should be in his limits when he actually appears in front of public..coz its the way it works. But diggin someone personal life is just WRONG !!..

    Media just wanna compete wid each other and they hardly care abt this TRP competition these days. In such cases, they really suck hard !!..They have zero right to carry out such acts which can harm a celeb. Right news affecting right people is what they shld concentrate on rather than just targeting someone innocent and making stories abt it.

    i have my flight to catch now…so will continue on this…But my take on this matter is…>> media sucks real hard !!


    Comment by Anoop — July 27, 2007 @ 1:27 pm

  2. This is the price you pay to be a celebrity. If a celeberity kisses somebody in public she can’t blame the media. I would personally like the media to cover serious issues but then sensationalism sells.

    Comment by pr3rna — July 28, 2007 @ 11:49 am

  3. Hii Prerna

    thanks for sharing your views…

    pardon me… are trying to generalize the issue by siting some examples which are bound to become sensational…but the case here is totally different and very personal…

    Any act done by the celebrities in the public domain can be a breakfast,lunch or dinner for the media…but not something like this…
    Just consider yourself in her place and you may even like to run a crusade against the media…

    //but then sensationalism sells.
    Maaam even sex sells…so do we show that too? there shud be a limit to sensationalizm…

    I really dont feel that media or the viewers should be interested abt anyone’s personal life…anyway who cares!!! 🙂

    Comment by nitin — July 29, 2007 @ 2:56 pm

  4. heey Nitin… absolutely the news channels are trying to create sensationalism and thereby “sell”.. if you ask that industry they will say we are going by consumerism… we did not have so many news channels those days and we got news that was just needed.. its now over flow… they can still say don’t watch.. 🙂 but news channels or anyone has no business in the personal life of any human being… that way i liked Amitabh for cutting out the entire new channels for his sons wedding (for whatever reasons).. the issue with celebrities is they are caught between wanting publicity (where they need the channels to talk a lot about them) at the same time trying to be away as far their public life is concerned.. which the news channels capitalise upon..

    Comment by Sivakumar Jayaraman — July 30, 2007 @ 3:00 pm

  5. @JAY

    Ya …i feel sorry for Amitabh Bacchan..when media tried everything to get the glimpse of their son’s wedding…
    I think its a human right issue 🙂 is there anything like RIGHT TO PRIVACY….

    Comment by nitin — August 3, 2007 @ 8:35 am

  6. RIGHT TO PRIVACY always exist but…

    Its differs for a normal person and a person who is proclaimed as a PUBLIC figure.
    And definition of a PUBLIC figure is :

    “A person who has achieved fame or notoriety or who has voluntarily become involved in a public controversy. A public figure (or public official) suing for defamation must prove that the defendant acted with actual malice”.

    Their are plenty of other definitions too.

    This makes Law of privacy full of loop holes. So, celebs are vulnerable all the time and media has all the advantages 🙂

    Who cares…..lets not get into this, discussing more.

    Anyways, celebs saale bahut maaza bhi marte hain aur paisa bhi kamate hain…atleast there shld be some disadvantage to them on their privacy side ..hehehe…

    Anup 🙂

    Comment by Anoop — August 3, 2007 @ 3:37 pm

  7. Jidhar maza hai ..udhar sazaa bhi hai…correct man..

    but kabhi kabhi taras aata hai in celebrities logo pe..


    agreed they have to pay some price..but still…getting personal info is what i dont digest..

    Comment by nitin — August 4, 2007 @ 1:06 pm

  8. Kya man. HSBC pe koi pc pe apna gtalk Id sign off karna bhool gaya tu. Some girl told me that she doesnt understand hindi and she doesnt know who Nitin is!!..

    Take care man…always sign off.

    Comment by Anoop — August 4, 2007 @ 2:12 pm

  9. Hey thanks for notifying me..but that day i was using Gtalk…and not gmail so forgot to logout ..also i was in Guest house in Hyderabad..

    Comment by nitin — August 7, 2007 @ 2:05 pm

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