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July 4, 2007

Monkeys trampling on human rights

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Chhattisgarh villagers petition SHRCUnlike in the Treta Yug when monkeys had fought pitched battles against evil forces to protect human beings, of late, the simians are becoming a threat to their lives. In fact, in Chhattisgarh’s Balauda Bazar, people have accused monkeys of violating their rights.

Interestingly, the State with a forest cover of 44 per cent is believed to be a part of the region from where the mythical monkey legion had marched towards Lanka to fight against Ravana’s forces.
But that is all history. The people of Balauda Bazar, about 120 km from Raipur, are fed up with the monkey menace. The State Human Rights Commission has received a complaint from the residents of Arang, complaining that the monkeys were violating their human rights. Their plea is that it is difficult for them to live as hordes of monkeys invade their houses and attack them.

But the simians have found support from wildlife lovers who hold humans responsible for their plight. They say the monkeys are forced to come into the villages because their traditional habitats are shrinking.

The petitioner, Amindas Manikpuri, claimed that about 50 monkeys entered the village and destroyed both food and property. The monkeys also damaged standing crops, he said in his petition.Not only this, they also damaged the outer wall of the petitioner’s and his neighbour’s house and also the roofs of many other houses.Thus, the villagers took up the issue with the Commission demanding action to save them from the menace. They are also demanding compensation for the losses.

The Commission referred the issue to the Collector of Raipur for suitable action. “The issue is very unusual and the Commission cannot take any action. So the issue was transferred to the Collector,” a source pointed out.
Wildlife experts say that monkeys move to other places in search of food and also perhaps due to lack of adequate resources in their natural environment in the forests. Also, increasing human encroachments into the forests would force them to venture out in search of food.
Group clashes among simians is also said to be one of the reasons for their exodus into other areas.

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  1. they are certainly a big nuisance….. i like the petition…who said it can be only against humans…

    Comment by nitinrohidas — July 4, 2007 @ 6:48 am

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