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July 26, 2007

John – Bipasha and Indian Media

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Today,I had everytime to browse through news channels and get  some dose of news and current happenings in india and around the globe..

I kept on browsing channels ….finally landed on some sensational story on  John and Bipasha..

Nowadays our news channels have no other thing to show other than blowing off celebrities personal life…

They host a complete show on how the relationship was -is-would be  in the near future  among the lovely couple .Every attempt is made for adding  masala to indian idiot box ..because the notion is There is a considerable audience for such stuffs…it sells…”
There was some press conference in which Bipasha was made to reveal abt her relationship status with John Abraham..

For hell sake why should she reveal it?
What is the interest of public in such personal affairs..?

Why dont our media keep out of sensationalizing evey news at hand.Such news could very well find its place in film magazines ..why on TV, the media is begging ..asking Bips to reveal abt her relationship..Don’t they have any personal life?Atleast don’t force someone to reveal about their personal life…its none of our buisness!

Why am i feeling so frustated? Because one can only understand the pain when consider yourself in their shoes.Also its damn illlogical…

I think ..we need vigilent media for our corrupt democracy which does it part my carrying out Sting operations and similar stuffs..but at the same time ,keeping out of blowing off personal affairs.

Bips has rightly said”Its  nothing to be disclosed to the media..You can make watever stories you want to make abt me.”

This is called organised personal torture…

July 21, 2007

A City changes life… Mumbai to Pune

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 This post is a toast to my struggle to adjust in a new city like pune.After living in mumbai for 22 yrs becomes difficult to cope with a new city…here’s a  small tale of  my past and present..

I got a job in pune after my graduation(B.E)..So decided to move to explore the Oxford of the east,with hopes and excitment abt the happening place called pune.

As per the was 1 Aug 2005( rem the 26th July floods..ya i faced that too like many others…) ..i am a hardcore mumbaikar..I mean, i loved  mumbai and its life.Anyway…the first thing i shud tell abt pune is  the climate.Yeah…the climate is cool and not at all humid like the mumbai .But problems started..with the new city soon…

The city was like a quiet place with only limited options to hangout and enjoy…(if u r not a party animal and dont like to spend each nights at pubs)
Three roads are the heart and soul of this city(considered)
1)MG Road
2)FC Road
3)JM Road
…but i tell u…u can find such places even in mumbai suburbs..take mulund, ghatkopar , chembur…i mean Mumbai and pune shudn’t be compared..

PUNE GIRLS..They are notoriously famous for their hip – hop lifestyle,mostly hailing from northern states…(As a student ,living away from family gives them extra wings to fly…and they are flying high…very high  😉

As soon as i landed in this city ,i noticed girls had scarf on their face; hiding their face completely…I had wondered why they dressed like a sucide bomber?

My friend’s comment:
“They think they are so beautiful that ppl will keep on staring they hide themselves.we have better girls in mumbai than such bank robbers..”

Even i passed similar comments…felt like the city is taking away the most  valuable thing; we heard it has got to offer…girlssss

Getting in to the root of the problem..we learned following reasons…

“The atmosphere is very polluted affecting hairloss and skin complexion”.

“Too hot to face the sun burn”.

“pollution again”

“no one can make out if I roam on bikes (pillion rider) or smoke”

This gave him some satisfaction ,poor soul still cursing them for their veil…


I found the RICKSHAW wala’s to be the center of attraction in pune..I almost like to knock them out for their kind of helpful behaviour.

They like to lay on grass,play cards,chitchat but not work and earn.Comparing the Autowala from mumbai ,i must say they dont even knw the city well and the places…They charge extra for nothing extra.Yeah..I have succumbed to such events where i was ready  to pay fare widout looking at the  METER.And if such is the treatment to a mumbaikar (who is street smart) then wat abt the Goras…Ya (rajnis’s followers frm outside india)they are the No. 1 bakras (scapegoat).
Ideal scene is the monday morning at pune station.Commuter’s who spend a lovely weekend in mumbai are back to pune to reach office by the  morning train .But wat they get outside pune station……..?

People are in running  to catch a Rickshaw but the “landlords“(i really feel so) dont bother to budge from their place..They will go to places of their own choice and many commuters are strangled to catch an AUTO.Suddenly mumbai comes in front of my eyes..Imagine a  smilar scene in mumbai and you could be in an AUTO,BUS or a CAB within no time,feeling like a king.But in pune..u become a beggar asking each Auto Wala, are they ready to drop you to you are destination…I felt like cursing this city for wat i was getting from it…

The shops shutter goes down as early as 8:45 or 9 pm.The people are well knw for their misery and cost cutting.You take a pani puri shop in old pune..he will use only a pinch of “ragda“(bolied pulses) for the puri ….i can really smell “chingoosi“.

The beauty of roads is also at par..u will find many small “crater’s”  formed on pune roads.They some how managed to fill it up this summer..big acheivement for a punekar…


After facing many such small problems ,i finally got accustomed to pune’s life style..Life is so slow here..I get up late..sleep late..break signals..

I got a bike…so that i dont need to face the “kings“(auto Drivers)..

Monday morning is still the same as change…I wish if i could get a pickup from my company bus…

The climate is very well suited to me…I enjoy the winter..can’t enjoy winter in mumbai(unlucky fellas)…The chilling nights and roaming on bike…you will be smoking  without a cigarette…its awesome…

Finally I stopped grunting on things which i don’t find done in a mumbai way..

Even Mumbai has so many problems which only got highlighted in my head as i was getting imbibed to pune’s lifestyle..
The stink starting from the Mumbai train LOCAL RUSH…the beads of sweat rolling down to unreachable places ,the rush during office hour,the crowds fitting in trains like match-sticks in a matchbox…the floods,the heat..the killing humidity..the bombblast’s.I tell you..if u have survived in mumbai…its a marathon won..

Pune…. A grt place to spend your bachelor life..easy daily problems…sometimes traffic bcoms headache ,but if u have experience of  travelling from Borivali to Mulund ..u will understand wat traffic is!!!! Especially near the Powai area.

I learnt one thing thou…The human brain..never welcome’s changes and also conversly it has an uncanny adaptation abilities.A surviver is the one who adapts to the changes quickly.
I can’t be a pakka punekar ..mumbai is in my blood it seems…i haven’t changed my mumbai frnds often tease me  on that 🙂 …but I will never change it..thats my identity and that’s my style….

Still loads of things to write…but i need a brk now…wooo…it got so big,No matter how hard i try to keep it small…..

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July 20, 2007

Our Railway got email.

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This title will confuse you…ya ..m not talking abt some fast trains started by Indian Railways or any record broken by Indian Railways concerned with the speed of the train.

Just go thru the mail will knw for yourself what am i talking abt.



Date: Thu, July 19, 2007 12:09 pm

To: (more)

Priority: Normal


Hi Officer,

There is a debit from ICICI account of Rs.1008.84 on 18/07/2007 even in case of failed transaction. In the railway account, I cant see the booked ticket with the transaction ID 411524 for Rs. 1008.84 on 18/07/2007 given by the ICICI people.In the screen shot below…i can see on 2 tickets have been booked.I am not aware of the transaction( ID 411524) performed for RS 1008.84 .This is very inconvenient as a customer to face a situation like this.I totally trust the Indian Railways that they will take appropriate action to solve this problem on an urgent note.Please get back to me regarding this issue as soon as possible.(Embedded image moved to file: pic22089.jpg)This is the screen shot of the ICICI account.(Embedded image moved to file: pic30690.jpg)



 This is the reply from

Dear Customer,We regret the inconvenience cause to you, in these regards. Please note while booking the ticket for PUNE to HYB that was a txn failure for your ticket was not booked, but the Amount was debited wide Txn id 0022634820.Against the same we already have given the credit instruction to the Payment Gateway. Shortly the same will be refunded to you. Please co-operate with us.


24 Hrs customer support at

011-23345500 / 23344787 / 23344773


I got another mail

Dear Customer,The refund of Rs. for the transaction tried by you under reference no.0022634820 which has failed and later found that the payment has been debited to your credit card account has been credited to your credit card account at 07/19/2007 01:18:55 PM.We suggest you to please retry the transaction, if not booked already. The booked tickets history can be checked to view the list of all tickets booked by you.

Warm regards,

 Why am i telling you guys all this email stuff.You may have understood the matter till now.First i tried to use the helpline NUMBERS given by the railways to lodge my complain.All those no.s were of Delhi. And as obvious it was not reachable.Nothing was coming to my mind ,wat to do after all i felt i got looted,duped by the Indian Railways.
The system made me a bakra. Then my software Skill paid the due.I found out their email ,this was my only hope at that hour.”An email in time saves nine”…this is my motto nowadays..

So i wrote a mail ..I used words like “Officer” to give them more respect and also showed my trust on the Indian Railways(pls refer to the mail above).To my surprise i got the reply from them within 5 minutes.First I thought that it wud be an auto generated email..but was a personally typed mail from some officer.I was delighted to see such a quick response.

A quick response to your complain from a government establishment is unimaginable in India. I had a hard time digesting it.But my joy was visible..I gathered my colleagues who were sleeping in their cubicle and all were wondering as if i had made a big acheivement.

Soon another mail followed that the disputed money got credited to my account also.

This was the biggest shock.

I will never forget what magic an email had done to me.I truly liked this new improved and zagrukh service of the Indian Railways. Guys if u land up in a similar situation ,dont give hope when you are not able to get them on phone ..just email them..

An email doesn’t work for my client, but it surely worked for Indian Railways.. 

Long live Indian Railways…


July 17, 2007

Global Warming

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wow…nice pic huh…but under the funny note there is a big harsh truth.

Global warming is a very familiar word in todays media and newspaper.
Western nations have pulled up their socks to combat this burning issue which can eliminate humanity from the face of the earth, if not tackled soon.

But i always wonder what can a normal citizen like me or someone else can do to avoid Global Warming?

What i want from all our media and newspaper is not some discussion abt Global Warming but ways to curb it.
Should i stop using my bike which emits CO2?
should i stop ppl from smoking? 🙂
Shud we stop using anything which emits CO2?

What the hell am i supposed to do, to help reduce Global Warming?

As per my current understanding,an individual can hardly contribute to stop global warming.Its the big industries like  coal, power plants and cars which emits sizable CO2.
Its the government job to impose strict rules and  regulations to check on such industries  to use some alternative fuel for their consumption.

In the Western world, the idea of human influence on climate and efforts to combat, it has gained wider acceptance in Europe than in the United States.But in the newly-developed economies, like India and China the awareness may be in place but the steps in that direction is not yet taken seriously.

China has contended that it has less obligation to reduce emissions, since its emissions per capita are about one-fifth those of the U.S.; the U.S. contends that if they must bear the costs of reducing emissions, so should China.”

I dont think India is anywhere close to doing anything to stop Global Warming.But we are surely getting affected.Like the floods like situation in mumbai from past 3 yrs ,floods in Rajasthan (which is a surprise in a  desert like region)..and in many parts of maharashtra and other parts of india.Also the rise in temperature in the north during summer.Past 3 yrs ,we have witnessed some extreme climate behaviour.

But no one knws how to control it.How to stop it.We can just keep fighting with the immediate problems(like clearing gutters..making dams) but to tackle Global warming a united effort from all the countries both developed and developing nations is necessary.

July 16, 2007


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Guys…..This is a beautiful short story i came across . Very simple straight and worth taking a look.
Please Share your views on this .I almost believe in this stuff…do you have any other opinion??

A long time ago, before the world was created and
humans set foot on it,God had put all the human
“qualities” in a separate room. Since all the
qualities were bored they decided to play hide &
seek.”Madness” was one of the qualities and he
shouted: “I want to count, I want to count!”
And since nobody was crazy enough to want to seek
“Madness”, all the other qualities agreed.So “Madness”
leaned against a tree and started to count:

“One, two,three…” As “Madness” counted, the
qualities went hiding.
“Treason” hid in a pile of garbage..
“Lie ” said that it would hide under a stone, but hid
at the bottom of the lake. And Madness continued to
count “… seventy nine, eighty, eighty one…”

By this time, all the qualities were already
hidden-except “Love “. For stupid as “Love ” is, he
could not decide where to hide.
And this should not surprise us, because we all know
how difficult it is to hide “Love”.

“Madness”: “…ninety five, ninety six, ninety
seven…” Just when “Madness” got to one
hundred………”Love” jumped into a rose bush where
he hid.

And Madness turned around and shouted: “I’m coming,
I’m coming!” As Madness turned around, “Laziness” was
the first to be found, because “Laziness” was too lazy
to hide. “Madness ” searched madly and found “Lie” at
the bottom of the lake. One by one, Madness found
them all – except Love. Madness was getting desperate,
unable to find Love.
Envious of Love, “Envy” whispered to “Madness “: “You
only need to find Love, and Love is hiding in the rose

“Madness” Jumped on the rose bush and he heard loud
cry . The thorns in the bush had pierced “Loves” eyes.

Hearing the commotion God came into the room and saw
what had happened.
He got very angry and cursed “Madness” and said since
“Love” has become blind because of u…
…u shall always be with him”
And so it came about that from that day on,
Love is blind and is always accompanied by Madness.

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July 11, 2007

Aatif Aslam is “THE MAN”

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    aatif aslam


DJ: WBCN who’s this?

Nitin: Hey this is Nitin (this is Nitin this is)

DJ: Now uh who’s your favorite artist, who

do you want to hear?

Nitin: Well m my favorite artist right now is

Aatif Aslam, that guy kicks ass.

DJ: How tremendous is Aatif Aslam?

Nitin: The band of the 07’s, if you want to call

it a band because it’s a one man name.

DJ: Wow…Aatif, and you want to hear that

new aaaatif song?

Nitin: Absolutely.

DJ: Which one?

Nitin: Doorieeee Doorie …..

DJ: Sing it, I don’t know which one.

Nitin: Doorieeee Doorieeeeee  ,sahi jaye naaaaa aaahh
sahi jaye naaaaa.

Those who must have heard “The Funk soul brother ” by FatboySlim wud laugh at me(they will understand the relation to the  above conversation which plays at the end of this song)..But yeah..this one is a real dude..and so am I..  🙂

Some singers come in, glow dazzle and disappear. Others get complacent, stagnate vocally and go into professional avroha. Finally there are those for whom evolution is a continuous process, like Atif Aslam, the latest singing sensation from Pakistan.
Just listen to his songs and u will  knw that this guy has a fantastic voice,his voice will experience us pain,grief and nirvana.He is exceptionlly talented and what more to say..his songs speaks for himselfvery LOUD and CLEAR .

In a short span he has stormed into Hindi film industry with three super duper hits

  • Woh Lamhe…… song in Zeher
  • Aadat… in Kalyug and
  • Tere Bin…. in Bas Ek Pal

When Kalyug’s music got released ,I was in Nagpur ,my home town.Whereever i went like in bday’s party,social party,bar,wedding and even funeral ;his number “Ab to Adat se hai mujko” was being played back to back…certainly a big hit and so was TereBin..mindblowing again.

His Album Doorie is exceptional….

Usually when ever a pop solo singer releases his album,there wud be 1 or max 2 hits.But this guy has all hits numbers under his belt as far as Doorie is concerned.(KK’s PAL was also my favourite as i liked other tracks of his album, but the ppl dumped them except for PAL and YAARO DOSTI).

Heard of the song “Ham kis gali ja rahe hai“?To dare sing the song in that  voice and still make it rocking to hear is a big achievement.The rock genre feel which I get by his shouting,crying and guitar makes me relate to him and his songs much more easily than by any other(hindi song) singer.

His melody is sharp,soothing and crisp to its place and the guitar is perfect for the tune(like the one in “Main ek Fard hoon-Doorie“).He is definietly a “Lambi race ka ghoda” (winner in a long race).

I hope he keeps on giving such rocking hits one after the other..
Finally, he is  “THE MAN” and i am “HIS FAN” 😉 .

July 10, 2007

Shadow Dancers amazing video !!!

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July 7, 2007

Pune – mumbai train Journey in monsoon.

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I am a mumbai resident working in pune for past 2 yrs.I go every alternate weekends to mumbai and everytime i used to leave early from office to catch 6:30pm train to mumbai on friday itself,so that i can reach home by 10 pm and can enjoy homemade food and a sound sleep.

But this time,i got stuck wid some work.So i had no other option than to waste my friday night in pune and  to take an early morning train frm pune to mumbai.I woke up at 5 am to catch the 6:05 singhgad express.My roomie dropped me to station as the rickshaw walas are the kings(i have a good  story on them) and they dont like being disturbed at an early hour.

The rail route is thru konkan railways which is a remarkable engineering feat acheived by indian railways appreciated over the world.The rail tracks passes through some highly inaccessible mountain terrains of the sahyadris range(approx height 550 m above sea level).There are innumerable tunnels on the way.

I got a window seat  for which i was blessed bcos i was going to experience something
very beautiful and fresh .Mountains covered with blanket of green grasses kept passing thru my unblinkable eyes.The Fog near Lonavala and khandala station was so dense ,it was almost impossible to view the landscape hardly 2 meters away from me.The sight of clouds getting so low as if touching the feet of the mountains,the fresh and refeshing air filled with a typical smell of happiness,the narrow whitesh veins flowing thru the mountains and finally converging to give the sight of a waterfall,the small
huts and cattles grazing over the green pastures.The whole surounding and climate was so chiling and exotic,i wished if i could just get down at some station and forget abt going back home.

I was feeling nostagic abt all those moments where ,during every monsoon we used to make a trek to some fort or a single day trip to some waterfall,which are plenty arnd pune and karjat area.

This moonsoon is bit unlucky for me ,as still am not able to reach,feel and touch the beautiful picture painted by our monsoon by my own hands,feets;to get wet for a good reason.Nature and its beauty is at its peak during this season.

I tried capturing some snaps/video thru my SonyEricsson W810i and dont forget to check the video too…..

Why not make the most of our life by taking a day out frm our busy schedule and to be with our mother nature.This could be the best stress buster considering our mechanical life with no brakes to the daily routine of office and work.

Am not going to loose this monsooon either,coming weekends, i will definetly try to be at some place called heaven,which is not up there  next to hell..but down here in our own land ,in our own country.

July 4, 2007

Sunita william’s Syndrome

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Me and my roomie were having a conversation one morning,just casual.Then we heard in the radio abt sunit’a safe landling and her thanking to all the indians..who were lighting candles,doing “pooja”,praying and maybe sacrificing some animal just for her safe return. 

I asked my friend “why is there so much hype arnd her”, after all she’s an American and we have no contribution in her success, we are not in any way responsible for her achievment except the fact that she is of indian origin”.

I never heard of her.I didnt knew if she existed and no one else.she has an indian name “sunita” thats it.she even has an American accent.
what have we(indians) contributed to her success?
why the news channels,media and people of indian try to grab every opportunity to show how grt we are,by showing how she was an indian .we shudn’t take her success in our belt.

The news channels had shown sunita’s home,her dog..her relatives ..what school she went ..what toothpaste she used ..and wat not..etc..why the hell??

As if she went from india …went from ISRO (Indian Space Research organisation)…gaining all the knowledge from Indian Universities..
she’s just indian by her origin.Don’t count her achievment as our achievment..We should not take any credit …bcos there is remotely any thing india has done or contributed to her success.

What have we done for our women to reach the heights acheived by sunita in America.Our 24 hrs news channels are again a pain in the ass.First they blow the thing out of proportion and again realising the mistake a debate as to why are we wooing her.Utterly shameful and stupid act by the Indian media.

Bcos of some Such news channels and some crazy indians who are blindly glorifying Sunita success story , shows how we are behave like a third grade colonised defeated people and also our inferiority complex;which is certainly not the case.

I congratulate Sunita for her marvellous feat of achievment.Still its the Americans who should take her victory as their country’s victory.America is a country where she got the opportunity to excel.America is the country where our students run’s for Higher Education.

India has and had tremendous potential and no doubts regarding that.We are what we are…regardless of what the west does or will do.We have our own achievments which doesn’t need any pat from Uncle SAM.
So we shud stop looking for our achievments outside india unless it is genuine.

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Monkeys trampling on human rights

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Chhattisgarh villagers petition SHRCUnlike in the Treta Yug when monkeys had fought pitched battles against evil forces to protect human beings, of late, the simians are becoming a threat to their lives. In fact, in Chhattisgarh’s Balauda Bazar, people have accused monkeys of violating their rights.


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