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June 16, 2007

Eminem rocks..

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The song has a very true and touching lyrics..Check out for the ones who never understand “RAP” and think its a “CRAP”.

These ideas are nightmares to white parents
Whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings
Like whatever they say has no bearing, it’s so scary in a house that allows
no swearing
To see him walking around with his headphones blaring
Alone in his own zone, cold and he don’t care
He’s a problem child
And what bothers him all comes out, when he talks about
His fuckin’ dad walkin’ out
Cause he just hates him so bad that he blocks him out
If he ever saw him again he’d probably knock him out
His thoughts are whacked, he’s mad so he’s talkin’ back
Talkin’ black, brainwashed from rock and rap
He sags his pants, do-rags and a stocking cap
His step-father hit him, so he socked him back, and broke his nose
His house is a broken home, there’s no control, he just let’s his emotions

{C’mon}, sing with me, {sing}, sing for the years
{Sing it}, sing for the laughter, sing for the tears, {c’mon)
Sing it with me, just for today, maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you

[Verse 2]
Entertainment is changin’, intertwinin’ with gangsta’s
In the land of the killers, a sinner’s mind is a sanctum
Holy or unholy, only have one homie
Only this gun, lonely cause don’t anyone know me
Yet everybody just feels like they can relate, I guess words are a
mothafucka they can be great
Or they can degrade, or even worse they can teach hate
It’s like these kids hang on every single statement we make
Like they worship us, plus all the stores ship us platinum
Now how the fuck did this metamorphosis happen
From standin’ on corners and porches just rappin’
To havin’ a fortune, no more kissin’ ass
But then these critics crucify you, journalists try to burn you
Fans turn on you, attorneys all want a turn at you
To get they hands on every dime you have, they want you to lose your mind
every time you mad
So they can try to make you out to look like a loose cannon
Any dispute won’t hesitate to produce handguns
That’s why these prosecutors wanna convict me, strictly just to get me off
of these streets quickly
But all they kids be listenin’ to me religiously, so i’m signin’ cd’s while
police fingerprint me
They’re for the judge’s daughter but his grudge is against me
If i’m such a fuckin’ menace, this shit doesn’t make sense Pete
It’s all political, if my music is literal, and i’m a criminal how the fuck
can I raise a little girl
I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be fit to, you’re full of shit too, Guerrera, that
was a fist that hit you…


[Verse 3]
They say music can alter moods and talk to you
Well can it load a gun up for you , and cock it too
Well if it can, then the next time you assault a dude
Just tell the judge it was my fault and i’ll get sued
See what these kids do is hear about us totin’ pistols
And they want to get one cause they think the shit’s cool
Not knowin’ we really just protectin’ ourselves, we entertainers
Of course the shit’s affectin’ our sales, you ignoramus
But music is reflection of self, we just explain it, and then we get our
checks in the mail
It’s fucked up ain’t it
How we can come from practically nothing to being able to have any fuckin’
thing that we wanted
That’s why we sing for these kids, who don’t have a thing
Except for a dream, and a fuckin’ rap magazine
Who post pin-up pictures on their walls all day long
Idolize they favorite rappers and know all they songs
Or for anyone who’s ever been through shit in their lives
Till they sit and they cry at night wishin’ they’d die
Till they throw on a rap record and they sit, and they vibe
We’re nothin’ to you but we’re the fuckin’ shit in they eyes
That’s why we seize the moment try to freeze it and own it, squeeze it and
hold it
Cause we consider these minutes golden
And maybe they’ll admit it when we’re gone
Just let our spirits live on, through our lyrics that you hear in our
songs and we can…


  1. Teenage angst and alienation isn’t new. Eminem isn’t doing anything that other musicians, artists, and writers haven’t done earlier and better.

    To pretend that he has some sort of relevance just because he’s connecting with pissed-off kids is ridiculous. Pissed-off kids have been around since the dawn of time and selling them pissed-off records has been the greatest money-making scheme of the last hundred years.

    Frankly, pissed-off kids have to grow up and become well-adjusted adults. For anyone who’s reached that point, it becomes apparent that Eminem and rap music’s culture of mindless aggression is just as stupid as heavy metal, punk rock, and slamming doors while screaming to your parents that you’re going to run away from home.

    This doesn’t make him a brilliant visionary, just another hack who is too inflated on his own false sense of self-worth and rampant narcissism to realize that he’s not that talented. He takes himself too goddamn seriously.

    Comment by D. Peace — June 17, 2007 @ 3:43 am

  2. I think you may be right..I m not a western kid..I hope u knw the things and problems wid the kids out in the west..

    To be frank what i really like is his punching RAP..the rhyme..the way he sings…i dont consider him to be a revolutionary singer..I just enjoys his songs..

    Maybe he wanna make money..
    May be he is fooling pissedup kids..
    May be even he is pissed up..
    Maybe he wants publicity..

    but i still enjoy his songs…

    Comment by nitin — June 17, 2007 @ 5:28 am

  3. When I heard Eminem for the very first time, my ears n mind cudn’t go in sync, making me difficult to decipher every a single word. I wondered wat CRAP is this shit named RAP. Only when I heard his ‘Lose yourself’, I cud actually tap my feet and let my body float with the rhythm. I am not here to Idolize Eminem. Mebbe people all over the world has differnt views on him and his compositions. I dont even know wat motive he has behind is complex lyrics. But after reading the lyrics, I can understand the amount of pain he might have gone thru. Every damn word is so wonderfully written and not even a single word sounds redundant in his whole song. It also makes me feel that writing Rap lyrics is not some kind of a cake walk and wat eminem does is just brilliant. The way he sings and the talent he has is simple unquestionable.
    His attitude is more of like a person who just wants to be life a bit complex, always fenced with controversies, triggering some amount of pain from all sides. Mebbe he has been thru everything and now he isn’t worried wat people say. The songs showcases his personal disaster by some way or the other. Some songs are too funny to make u laugh enuf. Over all I wud say, eminem is not my idol but I’m fan of his way of doing things. He sounds cool, but he has his own story. He has choosen to bring this story in the form of his raps, which is a very innovative way. RAP sometimes sounds CRAP but…if the music and lyrics go hand in hand…its simply amazing !! and I am amazed !!…For me….Eminem Rocks…more to come…ciao !!

    Comment by Anup — June 17, 2007 @ 6:32 am

  4. Today I saw some eminem video songs and some songs touched my heart. Pls spend some time to see the following videos:
    2.When I’m gone

    Here is the link:

    Mocking Bird is Eminem Story…simply amazing

    He came fresh as ever and simply made me like him more !


    Comment by Anup — June 19, 2007 @ 12:36 am

  5. HEY MAN..

    i had heard those…have u heard..GUILTY CONSCIUOS…

    thats an awesome song wth perfect beats and lyrics…

    checkout man……….

    Comment by nitin — June 19, 2007 @ 12:30 pm

  6. Dude,
    I know you have heard them, but see how amazing the videos are..


    Comment by Anup — June 19, 2007 @ 6:22 pm

  7. anup…thanks for the link..

    i checked it out…amazing man….

    Comment by nitin — June 20, 2007 @ 4:48 am

  8. dude…
    listen ‘mushrooms’ by eminem….ekdum fundoo lyrics hain…

    Comment by Anoop — February 5, 2008 @ 8:25 am

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