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June 30, 2007

Google after 20 years

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Google after 20 years

Funny answers from Kids on Marriage & Dates

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WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO ON A DATE?Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listenlong enough. — Lynnette, age 8 (isn’t she a treasure)

On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date. — Martin,

age 10



Evolution – From Egg to Chicken – Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

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egg        egg

This is really interesting…life taking form from an egg.Check out the remaining pics..


June 26, 2007

American Idol / Indian Idol and Bloody SMS Voting

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A very handy way to communicate cheaply thru cell phones.But no one ever thought that one day it wud decide the fate of some singer to be an American Idol or an Indian idol.Recently SMSvoting/web voting is being used to list the top Seven Wonders of the World)

So what u think..does it really look that simple to you..Not to me ..I just cant digest so many things which bother me when lot of money ,TRP gets involved in this voting Concept.

1)First point: Judging by ppl vote is not a very good option when it comes to certain competition’s.(why don’t we have voting system for picking up the best architect,best surgeon..)Then why in case of singing we leave it for the ppl to decide? is music so easy to understand…?then why do we need judges(3 monkeys)?
To justify i wud say..that the SMS voting system itself is flawed.Take a case where a contestant if gets 100 votes wins a show.If 95 persons vote for him u dont think that he will be the winner..bcos some 5 guys have more money to spend and they can easily send 200 smse’s within hrs to make the other guy win.Wat the bleep!!!

2) Why TV channels host such shows…i think they somehow play us emotionally and earn a Big Buck out of it..

Consider a scenario..
There are 5 like a guy who comes from a small town..u sympathize with him ,even he sings well…now the host will say..

“If u want “Mr X” to remain in the show pls vote for him”…Now u will definetly vote for him..not bcos he’s the perfect singer(u are not a judge who knws each and every note and the technical details of voice ,pitch ,high ,low)but bcos u like him .and its your got bonded wid him from day one…The TV channel’s  is showing something which doesn’t bother them..The channel’s is least bothered to pick the Best singer for the country….its ok for them if the public makes some one the Winner.The channel will place emotional scenes in the show to raise the TRP.The no. of votes which goes in crores..multiply with 5 rupees/SMS or 3 rupess/SMS is worth taking a note..(why not keep it free)

The Cell operator and the channel both are happy..
We being an emotional fool voted for some guy..he didn’t win…u voted..u got emotional…no one cared if he was worth a singer/winner..and the contestants are not shortlisted bcos of judge’s remarks/feedback..but by the no. of votes they receive.
your side of the argument “i listened to judge’s comment and then made my choice whom to Vote.”

Then my  friend why not ask the judges themselves to decide who shud win,why shud we vote?

Bcos they are the experts in the respective field ,they knws the pitch,soor ,tal etc minor ideally speaking the voting gimmick is just for filling pockets,earnings for TV channels, cellular operator…

Its the channels show.Let them decide by their picked up judges,let them pick up the best in the country.let there be no voting..let it be based on pure MERIT and not on piggy smse’s.It wont happen…bcos then its not a buisness..

Just think u are getting entertained in the process but is it worth? bcos the motive is not just entertainment but only  the money..billions, i wud say..

3)Making money on exit polls or opinion polls.

who cares at the end of the day that how many persons think X or Y..if india has 1 crore population..assume(10 lac has mobile phn to vote).only 10 k have voted.Would u give credit to such an opinion poll? is this surely the voice of india? a Big No…”8888 pe sms kijiye”(smses on 8888) this is the funny line for any silly opinion poll on 24/7 news channels these days.Really pisses me off….

I even doubt the system which is not transparent either…the recent opinion polls abt UP elections show the biggest flaw in the opinion polls syndrome.The opinion was not taken at the grass root level..ppl from villages who actually voted…were never questioned..the result?

Mayawati’s (Bahujan samaj Party) won by the Majority,which is so shocking as the biggest state in india witnessed a single party victory..which the opinino poll never predicted.

I wud say where it really matter’ during the General Elections..not sitting in your couch by SMSing ….

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June 22, 2007

Shivaji “A watching Experience”

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Hey folks,

Just saw the buzzing movie from the south “Sivaji”.The superstar named RajniKanth is like god to many fans in the south.I will share my experience abt watching the movie.

It was 9:30 pm show.I booked the ticket early to steal the premier show as it was bound to be houseful.NO No..m not watching the movie in some southern state..its pune Inox.To be surprised the ticket was exhorbitantly charged Rs 190 per ticket.This is called real money made by absolute demand.”If u want to watch just pay else dont watch”.well i succumbed to this ..i never watched a indian movie by paying so heftly.But then the media,newspaper had made such a big hoopla ,hype that even i cudn’t resist it.

The theatre scene:
The pune public is usually calm,not hyper like the ppl gets in to the screen they calmly occupy there seats wait for some advertisment ,have popcorns and get seated.But the scene was haywire at INOX pune.The excitment was highlighted when our southie fans made slogans similar to “jay rajni”, half of the things i didn’t understood as “i am not a south Indian”.

The screen was showing some ads like”please switch off the cell phone”.Look at the impatient excitent.. someone started whistling..they thought Rajni is making the request…Then wat, ..the screen was turned in to a whistle ground…too many wishtle even before the movie started.There was a large group may be 20 odd…who were  making there presence felt.(will tell later wat they did..)

Finally the movie started…Up goes the crowd..I experienced that i am in a cricket stadium and sachin has came on the pitch after ganguly ‘s depature..such was the welcome to Rajni on his entry.

Now the superstar famous for his contagious moves ,styles made me wonder how on earth he could think such stunts or styles..Cheers Rajni…i definetly liked u r style…

Abt the grp..each time rajni spoke his punch lines..there was some loudest voices ,cheers,slogans similar to the roars warrior’s makes on the battlefield.(Braveheart style,300)

About the movie..I won’t comment much..but i can say..its not that exceptional movie..the story seems obvious,have u watched “NAYAK”..???same stuff dudes .One guy trying to change the system.The actress was too hot.She shud be…she’s starring against Rajniafter all.But It was rajni who pulled the was him not the story,the music director,the “best director” who made me  to buy the ticket.

Am really surprised to see   “Rajni” as a god like icon..having a mass crazy fan following even in a city like pune.The likes of Amitabh ,shahrukh cud never ever match him.After all he  is “THE BOSS“.

And the most Strange part:Rajni looked like he is at his 30’s .Don’t believe me ..see below.

June 21, 2007

Dalit attacked for touching water pump in Rajasthan

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This the the shameful incident in the so called “emerzing, developing country like india.This country has so many social evils all in the names of religion and no one can eradicate this so easily…the victims are the backwards who dont even have basic living rights to survive ………A trageic Story

JAIPUR: A Dalit man approaching a community water pump would not have imagined what crime he was about to commit. But as he washed his hands, a group of people came down upon him, beat him up and also filed a police complaint against him.

Ramlal, 40, sustained three fractures in his hands on Sunday as the mob beat him up with sticks and iron rods for touching the pump, in Takholi village in Tonk district, over 100 km from here..

Read more…

Latest Tennis sensation Ana Ivanovic

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Basel, Switzerland

Date of Birth

November 6, 1987


Belgrade, Serbia


6’1 (1.86 m)


159 lbs. (72 kg)


Right-handed (two-handed backhand)


Pro (August 2003)

Career Highlights

Winner (3): 2007 – Berlin; 2006 – Montreal; 2005 – Canberra; 2004 – ITF/Mallorca 2-ESP, ITF/Gifu-JPN, ITF/Fukuoka-JPN, ITF/Fano-ITA, ITF/Batumi-GEO.
Finalist (1): 2007 – Tokyo [Pan Pacific]
Semifinalist: (4): 2007 – Amelia Island; 2005 – Warsaw, Zurich, Linz.
Quarterfinalist (13): 2007 – Gold Coast, Sydney, Antwerp
2006 – Sydney, Indian Wells, Warsaw, s’Hertogenbosch; Los Angeles; Linz, Hasselt
2005 – Miami, Roland Garros; 2004 – Luxembourg.

Seems promising isnt she???………. look for more pics hereee


June 20, 2007

Bollywood queen Rani Mukherjee gets engaged to Aditya Chopra

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After the much-hyped shaadi of Ash-Abhi, it’s time for another celeb wedding — Rani Mukherjee and Aditya Chopra. The duo had a hush-hush engagement on Monday and is planning to tie the knot soon.

According to a source close to the family, “The roka took place at the same Chopra bungalow where Chandni was shot. Around 60 people (family and friends) attended the ceremony that included Rani’s parents Ram and Krishna Mukherjee, brother Raja and his wife. Present from the Chopra clan were brother Uday, dad Yash Chopra and mum Pamela Chopra.”

I think rani could have got better guy than Aditya Chopra.He is nobody in the Bollywood Industry.

Europe Vs Italy video

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Check this out..I dont knw how much truth this video has..but i can surely assure you that this video could be renamed  as Europe VS India..Dont miss this…

Here it isssssssss

June 17, 2007

Mumbai Navigator

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This could be so useful to all of us…

 Mumbai ,considering a big city with so many places and so many ways to reach from one point to other..As a newcomer to the city…you can be finding yourself difficult to know how mumbai works and how to take a route to reach your destination..

This one, a Site by IIT excellent..

Check it out

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